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  1. Funny - I was just starting to think about shutting the site down since most of the manufacturers are hosting the manuals directly anymore and its been a long time since I have done any updates to it. I'm going to look at moving it to a cheaper (might be slower) hosting platform in the future since I've spent about $1000 on the site over the last 6-7 years and I am not doing enough rigging anymore to cover its costs. I'll update everyone as my plans come together on it.
  2. Locations like this are used frequently by the movie/TV industry. If you need a desert background than its better to go here than it is to go to Elsinore or Perris and see the lake and homes everywhere.
  3. Flight Concepts used to make flags for some of the demo teams out of F111/ZP.
  4. Any further posts that are just talking about other posters and not the topic at hand will find the poster on a temporary ban from the site. Any posts that are just reposting of the same pictures that were linked to in the last few posts will also find their accounts on a temporary ban. This thread was reopened to have a civil discussion on the topic - not to allow posters to throw insults at each other or spam the forum with the same photos time after time.
  5. I believe that the manual trim can only be done below certain airspeed, above it the forces are too high to allow for manual inputs since you are fighting against the forces on the tail.
  6. All mods now have privileges for every forum under the new design - they are no longer just monitoring a subset anymore. Even easier than sending a message is using the new "Report" feature, when this happens it automatically sends a notification to every moderator that a post needs looked at and we can do a one click option to mark the poster as a spammer and it removes all their posts and prevents them from posting anymore. Filters can be looked to to prevent certain types of posts - for example anything with the phrase "WhatsApp"' might be safe to filter since not a lot of posters use that in a normal post but lots of spammers do.
  7. Correct - basically you prewire the lights and their transformers and can use something like the 1/2 plywood sheet to put them up for the working phase but when you are ready to drywall all you have to do is unplug the light, slap up drywall and then use a circle cutter to create a hole. Reach into the hole, plug the light back in and snap it into the hole you just cut out and its finished. No more having to hold the sheet up while trying to mark out the can in the ceiling, taking it down to cut it and then finding out you were off by 1/2 inch and now you hope to hide it all under the trim. I have been there and done that one before and it sucks. For the workshop area drywall the ceiling there too. It prevents dust from settling up in the joists and just finishes easier. Only reason not to do it is if you are going to need full access to those areas all the time in which a cheap drop ceiling will be ideal or if you are working with oily materials that will stain the walls and ceilings (machine shop setup) Also these are direct wire - no junction boxes needed usually.
  8. As Bill said if you are using the can fixture and are just going to install the screw in bulbs (any type LED or incandescent) you have to consider each fixture at roughly 100W. The better option is to get a sealed LED fixture like this to use instead. With this you then get to count the fixtures at 13w each and can put your 30 on a single circuit. Also keep in mind any outlets need to count at 100 watts at least. Issue is you need drywall ceilings to mount the lights into - wire first and then cut the hole and they snap into it.
  9. Just a final reminder that this thread is not to be used to post political, racial or anything dealing with pedophilia jokes at all. All such posts will be removed and we will ban the posters.
  10. I'd file a complaint with the local medical board for notice that they can inquire more into the situation.
  11. The Max10 is already in its certification process and it is expected to have all these issues plus a few more. So my guess is that Boeing will wind down production of the Max8, push forward the new certification of the Max10 with these issues resolved and have a few differences in there too and then will as a show of goodwill will toss in the upgrades and optional items to trick the planes out with everything for any of the existing Max8 orders that want to convert.
  12. One day I was figuring how much I had spent skydiving, training and traveling for skydiving over 18 years. It turns out it was around the same amount as a really nice new car. Math was showing I was at 50k in 9 years so I just quit counting since it was going to be more than I cared to know at that point. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I enjoyed every dollar spent but you need to know your limits going in. Don't have a spare 3k laying around for a rig and another 5k for the A license up front then you need to know you will probably be on rental gear for a while and you might have more failures on the student jumps since it takes muscle memory and more frequent jumping helps that. Renting puts the cost per jump around $50-60 usually after getting licensed so you might only be able to 50-60 jumps a year instead of a 100+. That also means you need to go slower and do smaller jumps than the people that are cranking out 300 jumps a year. I've haven't jumped for 2 years and so has my wife. Kids and other things are now a better use of my time. Do i miss it? Some but my weekend balance is now way better. Stats used to be only like 10% of tandems students will do a second jump, and only like 20% of those will get a license and only about 25% of that ground will get more than 200 jumps and only a small portion of that will still be jumping 10 years later, (Basically about <1% will be around in 10 years out of everyone that makes more than 2 jumps) not sure if thats still the case. Have fun while you are doing it since its a blast and you will meet some great people!
  13. The CMS that runs the back end controls everything including how its seen on the front end. Think of it like a car - you can't take the body panels off a Corolla and put them on a F150 with out so much work that its just not cost effective and even if you could there would be huge issues in taking it to the shop (developers) to get an update for it. Dropzone (and Basejumper) used a platform that was really outdated and was full of holes. It failed to implement a lot of new coding standards and had no flexibility to it. Once again think of a webpage that was originally designed for Internet Explorer 4 and then compare it to a site designed to run on the latest version of Chrome - massive difference in what the site can do and the functionality needed to make it work. When the last version of DZ was built Javascript was still new and being used everywhere - now days its all HTML5 and other new standards and if you do Javascript its just a recipe for the site to be hacked. The Highlight "Quote" feature could never be done under the old framework as an example. Compared to a lot of other forums this is still slightly behind but is a massive catch up to where forum design is going.
  14. This type of quoting only works when you use a threaded model instead of a flat posting model like the new forums use. In this case all the posts are in a single thread and not branching off each other to form 30 separate branches off the starting post.
  15. When I hit Quote it copied everything in your post - what is it not getting from yours when you quote? Also have you tried the highlight quote yet? Select the text and it pops up and lets you selectively quote with out needing to do a copy/paste.