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  1. You will be missed Mark. That's actually him docking in the 12:00 position in my avatar. Seriously though, Mark was just plain fun to be around. He was like a kid always looking to get in trouble.
  2. I think he truly believes there was fraud.
  3. I am disappointed with the election outcome. I have no reason to suspect vote tampering. I'm following the posts here closely. Simply waiting for January 20th.
  4. I can remember not so long ago when we had the same problem with Japan.
  5. airdvr


    Facebook friend sent pics of her vacation in Key West. Large crowds...very few masks. All those folks will be hopping on an airplane.
  6. You guys on the left thinking trump will be charged are as funny as the right thinking he has a chance to overturn the election.
  7. Hardly a playground in here...but I see what you did. Quiet...yes. Hoping Trump transitions power nicely...yes.
  8. I'm sorry you don't like my explanation. And Bill...the list of things you say Trump does, you can just about put any politician in Washington into the same description. The only difference is they hide it better than he did.
  9. I've never expected Trump to be my moral guidepost. I don't need him for that nor do I pretend that every other asshat in DC is some sort of Mother Theresa. Sorry you think my explanation is lazy.
  10. Trump vs. just another Washington insider. Not that difficult actually.
  11. What's to gain? How about reunification with the children inside the border. Or perhaps having the children become US citizens. But I'm certain it must be something far more sinister with the Trump administration.
  12. Not so fast there .... From the DHS... In the current litigation, for example, out of the parents of 485 children whom Plaintiffs’ counsel has been able to contact, they've yet to identify a single family that wants their child reunited with them in their country of origin.” Asked about the report, White House spokesperson Brian Morgenstern said, that many of the parents “have declined to accept their children back...It's not for lack of effort on the administration’s part."
  13. And yet there has been no looting and very little violence by the side that lost. I like you Wendy but don't paint with such a broad brush. You always get some on you.
  14. Again, somehow we need to be able to have a victor on election night. I didn't realize Trump did that. I'd have to look hard at the court that allowed that argument to stand.