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  1. That is because the GOP is slowly turning into the Fascist Party of the US.
  2. This is why taking a knee during the anthem is such a disgrace.
  3. How much are they offering in compensation?
  4. And the opposite when it comes to responsibility for other people. If you think that as a society we should try and help those less fortunate, then you are a liberal. if you think those less fortunate are just lazy and they need to work harder, then you are a conservative.
  5. Weird you think that, since trickle down fantasy also assumes tax cuts to the rich will be offset by increased taxation revenue overall. So, I guess you don't really support trickle down and just want tax cuts for yourself.
  6. The opposite of not giving a tax break is NOT a massive tax increase. Sounds like no economic incentive was required then. So why give a tax break to the rich and run up the deficit and debt even further?
  7. Somebody smart enough to extrapolate from those facts.
  8. The interesting part is that you seem to think the issue is the benefits and ot the compensation offered to work and that the solution is to make people more miserable so they go to work for wages below poverty levels. Of the more than 250,000 jobs listed in Tennessee, only about 3% offer a wage above $20,000 per year. I don't blame people for not wanting to work for that.
  9. The economy grew faster and more jobs were created pre tax-cut than post tax-cut. Trump slowed the economy down by giving lost of money to already rich people.
  10. Ironic how the GOP argues the constitution is sacred and really should not be changed.....when it comes to guns.....but then supports restricting the 1st Amendment.
  11. And yet you were a big supporter of tax reductions and argue they trickle down.
  12. Giving money to middle to lower class people hurts the economy, but providing money to the richest part of the population helps the economy.
  13. Regardless the economy shrank in 2020. I think you celebrating that makes it pretty clear who the fool is.
  14. From that article: US economy is growing at its fastest rate since the early 1980s. Sure sounds like Biden is beating Trump on the economy so far. Data shows the US economy grew 6.4% annualized in the first Quarter of 2021, but still not back to 2019 levels. That sure sounds like Trump really fucked up 2020, but thankfully Biden is now leading the fastest growing economy since the 80s. I can see why you are hunkering for Trump. You prefer showmanship and headlines over actual results. Fact is 2020 is one of the rare years the economy contracted. Trump's refusal or inability to deal with the COVID pandemic resulted in thousands of extra deaths and a shrinking economy. Your constant desire to applaud that performance shows you either constantly put politics over substance, or you are simply trolling.
  15. Those index numbers are pretty shitty compared to the previous D president. Actually the market tends to perform better under a D president. You forgot to mention how in Q2 2020 the economy shrank by 31.4%. Did you know that when you shrink something by 31.4% and then increase it by 33.4% you are overall declining? We already had this discussion. That is when you found out how percentages worked. If you don't remember, you really should consult a doctor.