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  1. Aren't you trying to 'educate' everyone here on how evil woke ideology is?
  2. Thank you for providing this fine example of a strawman argument.
  3. I just see a very clear indication that Republicans are solely interested in amassing power and have very little interest in doing anything for the good of the US. It is no mistake Trump has found such kinship in the GOP, since their overarching life question is the same: "What is in it for me?".
  4. Right, he made a broad statement about his dislike with laypeople saying they do research, cause as a scientist research has a very specific meaning. In other words, he was generalizing about how he dislikes people not being specific and thorough. I enjoyed the irony.
  5. Why? I doubt a chef gets upset when a non-chef says they've prepared a nice dinner. I am not a scientist, but I can still do my own research. Which would include finding out what the research done by scientists has shown.
  6. It has taken more than 60 years to get from 4% approval to 94% approval....more than 60 years. Goes to show that for some of these things to change, you do need a generation to pass.
  7. Honestly, I thought it had to be fake when I first saw it. Turns out Trump really can sink that low.
  8. Trump's Statement on the passing of Colin Powel.
  9. Good to see you have been reduced to the equivalent of a meme.
  10. This whole post can be summed up by one word: Darwin.
  11. Trump, Trump will be the republican ticket for President and Vice President. And they will be elected.
  12. Not entirely true. Some of the big banks, health industries, utilities and other large companies announced vaccine mandates prior to provincial and federal mandates.
  13. That is 2 to 3 per million. On the high end that accounts for about 855 people of the vaccine eligible population in the US. Odds are when you speak to somebody who isn't vaccinated, it has nothing to do with allergies.
  14. No I didn't. No. I doubt you have enough money to pay a doctor to tell you everything about medicine you don't know.