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  1. If you want to know the vote of the people you should cut out the middleman.
  2. Interesting point of view. Or as Trump would say, "People told me, so somebody should take a look at it"
  3. Actually, you have to run the poll by the electoral college before you can see the true result.
  4. I really envy you for your POTUS. Who else, than this philosopher turned genius, could have found the best words to comment this supreme court decision. "But they’ve ruled and we live with their decision."
  5. So, if being anti fascist makes you a terrorist in the eyes of the president, does being a fascist make you a loyal citizen than?
  6. One really has to admire the double standards when it comes to testing. Continous or even daily testing in the White House. Testing for the common folks is overrated.
  7. From the outside it feels like the call should be "LIBERATE THE USA"
  8. They should just perform their duty in a way that pleases the president and everything is fine. Just like the Governors last week who understood to please him according to Trump.
  9. Sounds to me like you are describing the U.S.Senate.
  10. Weather forecasters should adopt the Trump style. "The weather for tomorrow. It might rain or maybe not, I have a hunch what it'll be, but, we'll see." 100% right everytime.
  11. Listening to Trump it sounds like you can scratch the U out of USA unless you praise the dear Leader.
  12. How come that, from the outside, the New York governor looks a lot more presidential than the incumbent?
  13. Well, you better adjust your tolerance levels, otherwise it will get really frustrating for you.
  14. Hi Jerry, thanks for clarifying the point I was trying to make. And while we still have some problems with modern day nazis, I want to correct that the sad killings of american soldiers in the 70's where commited by a leftist terrorist group called the RAF. Who were actually supported by the east german government, what we found out after the wall fell in 89.
  15. As the impeachment process is finally over, everybody can decide for himself what a ***** job the American Senate has done. (***** insert any adjective according to your personal belief) Now let‘s try and find the bright side of the current situation. Technically, we can claim a big increase of democratic nations in the world. Every banana republic can meet the standards set by the (self proclaimed) greatest democratic nation in the world. And on the historical side, especially as german, one always has the question how could our grandparents let the events between ‘33 and ‘45 happen. Now we can witness first hand what one guy and a power grabbing party can do to a nation. Caution: The above text may include traces of sarcasm and truth and may be an alternative fact for good measure.
  16. So, it looks like your little wannabe dictator can continue to mess up the world and reallowing american landmines is just one more little step in that direction.
  17. Thought from the sideline: Since so often you call yourself the greatest nation of the world, maybe, just maybe, you should start putting up the greatest persons for election as president.
  18. While we are watching the impeachment show unfold, I have a question. What are the values the USA are standing for today. I don‘t mean the values of a proud, honorable citizen but those set and used by your government. By the american president, making american policy in the name of the american people. Especially since America is often inclined to tell other countries how to run their governments. Playing the devils advocat I would give the following list: Caution: slight exaggeration from here on and insert the word “allegedly” where legally required. - cheat - lie - steal - bend the rules to your liking - killing bad guys without adhering to your own laws
  19. US of A, "Leader of the free world" or "Leading Banana Republic" which route will you choose?
  20. Watching from across the Atlantic, it looks like that the impeachment process finally arrived at the doors of the kangaroo court. The verdict, according to Mitch Mcconnell, is already written. Do you guys think you still have a functioning system or are we seeing the republicans and the president exploiting all the flaws and limitations?
  21. Once upon a time (around 1933) we also had a guy, - who surprisingly became the leader of the nation - who knew all the big words - who knew all the answers to all the problems - who knew which people were the root of many problems - who had his supporters cheer on his rallies - who denounced his political opponents - who didn‘t give a damn about treaties Oh, by the way, it didn‘t end too well…...
  22. Not fascinating but frightening!!!
  23. So, do I understand that correctly.... The republicans have the best and greatest plan for a healthcaresystem but they will not reveal it unless Trump gets reelected and they win the majority in both house????
  24. So, does that mean the russians got all the chaos basically for free? They just needed a little messing aound on social media and than wait for the outcome......
  25. Now I understand why Trump doesn't mind shutting down the government. Why pay for intelligence or environmental agencies if you have one guy in the White House that has all the correct answers and knows more about that stuff than anybody else, especially the so called experts.