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  1. hi i need information aboaut line trim xaos 27 108
  2. Hi i'm using full RDS on my JVX, and there are starting to appear small line burns, i stow the excess on a pocket that my pod has. My question is what do you or how do you stow your excess to avoid that? If you have photos will me great. Thanks
  3. Hi recently i've lost the POD of my atom 000, so i need the specs to do another one. If Anyone hace them... Thanks!
  4. hi i recently buy an FTP and i have a t2i and a cx150, how should i put it together? t2i on the right and cx on the left? can anyone post pictures with similar setups? thanks
  5. hi does anyone use this camera for shooting still?any reviews? i'm going to use it mostly for tandem and some 4way any advice ? thanks
  6. hi do you have their email? because i'm from argentina and i can't call them
  7. hai does anyone have the foil 282 line trim thanks
  8. hi today i wanted to turn on my neptune 2 and it doesn't turn on I tried changing the batery but nothing happends does anyone what could it be? thanks
  9. hi, yesterday while i was climbing out i slip from the step and i broke my neptune 2 screen .I tried to contact with they but i didn't had any response so i was wondering if any have another way to contact they b/c i really need it again asap
  10. in my neptune 2 i move across the log book with maintaining pressed up or down button
  11. that's exactly what i want to know, i' mean nothing serious just being curious
  12. hi i start jumping a xaos 21 and i discover that only have 3/4 of xbrace in the front inner cells, and i was wondering why it don't have xbrace all long the canopy just like many others like xaos 27, vx ,etc
  13. our condelences for the family and for all Strong Enterprises We will miss you Ted...