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  1. Sorry I was aware that you didn't mean not to tandem for everyone and you were talking about personal experience I didn't respond very well. I apologise for that. I replied because you are the first person out of any that had a experience that static line was better and I just wanted a little but more of your opinion as to why. Thanks for the response though
  2. Thanks for the reply. I haven't really been looking at it from a financial point of view. It's interesting to hear someone say they wouldn't recommend a tandem. Can I ask what you found overwhelming about a tandem in comparison to a static line if that's not too intrusive?
  3. I will definitely do this in the future when we are allowed to again, I'm not sure what the rules are at the minute with covid lockdowns in place. Especially with my nearest dz being in the highest level of lockdown. Thanks for the response though
  4. Hi, thanks for a great reply, you've actually cleared alot of my questions up. I think what you've said about 'carnival ride tandem' is what was making me look at the static line course. It's good to know you can actually learn from them, I thought they were just so people could jump from a plane without doing any learning or work. My local dz offers both course and I wasn't really looking at it from a financial stand point, I have until atleast spring to save the money. I guess what I'm getting from both responses is that it depends mostly on the dz way of doing thing, i will contact them closer to the time to chat with them about it. Thanks again for a great response
  5. Hi thanks for the response, I think I will look into a tandem then for my first jump, I wasn't sure what the rules was regarding fly and canopy control during a tandem that's why I looked at static line. I am really excited at the possibly of actually being able to do this now, is amazing how much more energy and enthusiasm I have for stuff now Thanks for the response
  6. hello. i was wondering what everyones first jump was? ill add abit of a story to this question, i have always said i wanted to skydive but havent been able to due to being too heavy. i have been working hard for the last 6 months and am starting to get close to my target and can actually see myself being under the weight limit for the first time since i was 16. now i am getting close i am starting to research into the idea actually being able to skydive. I am predicting spring is when i will be at my target weight and so thats when i plan on doing ny first skydive. this also adds another target to achieve i was wondering what you would recommend doing as a first skydive now as a more experienced skydiver if you could go back and do it again? i was looking at a stagic line as my local center has what i think is a good price on a first jump static line course. i wanted do do a jump to make sure i like it before committing the money to possibly do the aff course? or do i need to do a tandem first? sorry of this is a stupid question or had been asked before, i did search for a similar tgread but coukdnt find one, and thanks for any advive in advance thanks Alex