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  1. Hi kleggo, What's your IPD? We're trying to make it as accessible as possible.
  2. Although AON2 is not a member of the PIA at the moment, we have stopped doing business with companies and individuals in Russia since the 23rd of February. Slava Ukraini!
  3. The location of the shock absorber could be moved from the riser to the attachment to the largest of the 3 rings or the main lift web of the container, which might be easier from an engineering perspective. Agreed about the point above about stitching - over time it would grow weaker, and "trip" at a much lower load, like a normal opening.
  4. I did not realise you were making this about private vs nationalised healthcare. In any case, how will doctors choose in the US when they run out of hospital beds and ventilators? Who's covered and who's not? Is that "orders of magnitude better"?
  5. You do know that private insurance also exists in Italy right?
  6. I couldn't find the reviews you're talking about, could you post a link? There was not much about it in the CDC page you posted.
  7. Well, for at least one study, chloroquine was NOT game-changing at all: TL;DR: 1 group was given 400mg chloroquine per day, control group no chloroquine. Of the chloroquine group, 13.3% proceeded to test positive for covid-19, one case developing into a serious case. Of the control group, 6.7% of the group went on to test positive for covid-19. No cases were serious. More studies are probably needed, but this seems to be a bit of a setback.
  8. I think you're being confused between China and South Korea. You can absolutely distrust China. But South Korea is a democratic, capitalist country, and most of all a staunch ally of the US. Remember the Korean war? China and South Korea are NOT the same country!!! South Korea did a LOT more testing (more than quarter of a million tests) so if the numbers are's that the US numbers are underestimated. For their cases: For the USA:
  9. It was 3.8 the day before yesterday, and 4.9 yesterday. I hope you see where this is going...
  10. I was comparing South Korea (9,137) vs USA (55,081). I also don't trust China. But there are indications that the outbreak has been contained there, due to the fact that they are weeks and weeks ahead and if it wasn't contained, with the exponential projections it would be around 100,000 deaths a day. That would be impossible to hide even for them. Stolen from another forum:
  11. 10 days behind, but you already have 5.5 times the number of infected. Isn't that an even worse statistic? They got it under control as it reached about 9,000 cases. The US now has 55,081 and no signs of slowing down. In fact it's still accelerating.
  12. Nope, as much as I respect John Hopkins, those ratings mean as much as "bookie odds" on which particlar horse will win a race. Sure there are favourites to win, but they actually have to race to find the winner. South Korea has flattened their curve, Singapore has flattened their curve. Sure the US was the favourite to perform best, but as we speak cases are increasing about 10,000 a day.
  13. Knowing what's to come - what preparation can the US do to avoid getting the healthcare system overwhelmed? Manufacture more PPEs, ventilators, etc? Yes this could be done Train more doctors and nurses? Takes years and years. Build 10x hospital bed capacity? China built a hospital in 10 days. Granted, quality was probably pretty bad, but it would be interesting to see the US match this. So the US can probably address the equipment shortage (1) quickly. But (2) and (3) will be challenging to address. There is of course, (4): reducing the number of infected via lockdowns. Which authoritarian China was structurally more oriented at doing. Good luck, you'll need it.
  14. China was at least 4 weeks ahead of the exponential growth curve that Italy was on. If they continued on the 5-day doubling rate they would have more than 100 million cases by now. If 2% of those die, that's 2 million people and would completely overwhelm their healthcare system. A body count like that would be difficult to hide even for them. Italy has one of the oldest populations (in terms of average age) in Europe. Go ahead and make fun of their overwhelmed healthcare system, because US-style healthcare is the best right? It's about to be tested like never before...I hope for your sake it's up to the challenge.