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  1. Electric aircraft can also have something like regenerative braking for cars, and recover some energy on the descent, reducing the recharge needed between lifts and reducing total fuel cost even further. Regular engines can't do that. The charging time is still a problem for quick turnarounds common in skydiving, but battery tech is improving quickly.
  2. aonsquared

    Freefall Speed

    Actually, a Flysight would probably be even better, as it uses GPS and is not dependent on barometric pressure.
  3. aonsquared

    Ares II or Viso II+

    AON2 X2 For how much the AresII is, you might as well get GPS and a colour screen (disclaimer: yes I do work for AON2!)
  4. aonsquared

    Smart Altimeter

    One thing that might help is creating a Bode plot of the filters you're using - if you put them one after the other, you can calculate a transfer function, pass band, and the phase difference (lag). As for the vertical speed, the derivative of a noisy signal will have the noise amplitude multiplied by the noise frequency, so the noise is greatly magnified and makes it quite a challenge
  5. aonsquared

    Smart Altimeter

    Fair enough. Why are you doing such heavy 3-stage filtering then? A simple low pass filter would suffice to eliminate barometer noise at the cost of bandwidth. In fact many of the MEMS barometers now have built-in low pass filters available. Do you know what's your end bandwidth after all the filtering?
  6. aonsquared

    Smart Altimeter

    A lot of the noise in the pressure readings in skydiving have nothing to do with the internal sensor noise, but rather from turbulence, motions of the skydiver, or things like opening the aircraft door. Since they do not originate from the sensor (more or less fixed time intervals) you'll want to filter them out anyway, and in the end you'll find out that no matter what barometer sampling rate you start with (well, at least beyond 10Hz), you'll end up with the more or less the same frequency response.
  7. aonsquared

    Audible Altimeter

    Both your replacements are now on the way. We're quite sorry to landersohn but he emailed us at 3:52am and 4:02am this morning, then an hour later started the time we woke up there was this post and a 1-star review...we need to sleep too if there are any issues please don't hesitate to contact us at
  8. aonsquared

    Digital altimeter ALTER

    When I started skydiving I noticed that "modern" altimeters were nowhere near modern, which is the main reason why we started building our own
  9. Hi Artur, That's an interesting idea, but as LeeroyJenkins said people in CRW already use bluetooth headsets. However, for freefall and windtunnel, better noise cancellation would probably be neccessary and you seem to have the resume for that! We at AON2 will be watching your project with interest
  10. aonsquared

    Dekunu One vs AON2 X2+

    Yes it will for the X2. However Galileo is only expected to reach Full Operational Capability (FOC) in 2019.
  11. aonsquared

    Dekunu One vs AON2 X2+

    Technically, the GPS module in X2 can have an update frequency of up to 18 Hz too, but I see little benefit in using the maximum frequency. What would have been nice is L5-band GPS, but the signal has just been made available and there aren't any chips out for that yet
  12. aonsquared

    Dekunu One vs AON2 X2+

    The X2 can support up to 10Hz GPS update frequency, but it will dynamically change the update frequency to optimise battery life. Most of the time it will use 1Hz update frequency. And agreed, we're quite glad there's a lot of competition in the market - the main winner will be the skydiving consumer! And I'm not sure what the features of the new Flysight will be but it looks like Bluetooth will be a core feature.
  13. aonsquared

    Dekunu One vs AON2 X2+

    Although X2 will be extremely versatile, it will be more like a swiss army knife designed to do a lot of things, but there is an advantage to doing only one thing and doing it well. So X2 will be able to do basic swoop analysis, but a dedicated device like the Flysight will have higher sampling rates and better accuracy. In fact, we at AON2 have been coordinating with Flysight on the development of the X2 and the Flysight 2 with the aim of making them compatible