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  1. Hello. My name is Oleksiy Sharadkin, I am the owner of SkyWideSystems company, and I have been a SOF operator since February 24. As you might know, on February 24 Russia attacked our country. Due to the differences in size, economies and human resources foreign military experts gave us a week ( the ruscists planned to hold a parade in Kyiv on the 4th day), but we have already been fighting for 4 month. We repulsed the offensive and drove the enemy back to the border in the Kiev, Chernigov and Sumy regions. You will find more information about the war on my FB page The situation is not so bad in a military sense thanks to the military assistance of the allies. We are no longer talking about the conquest of Ukraine. We are fighting in the east and in the south, reclaiming our land. The only one problem is that there are a lot of Russians, and elimination of them takes a lot of time. During this time they can cause irreparable harm to civilians in the occupied territories. You might have seen photos from Bucha. They are awful. The worst thing is that this is happening in all the territories that have been occupied. My subdivision liberated villages in the north of Ukraine - and I personally saw a raped and hanged 10-11 years old girl. In order to decrease the time of occupation, we need help. Not only the military (the situation here is not that bad, thank you), but also the economic one. I am asking the entire skydiving industry to stop all business with Russia. I am asking material manufacturers to stop selling any materials to Russia, and FOR Russia. Military equipment takes more than 80% of the turnover of Russian parachute manufacturers now! And given that the parachute industry is so small, it will be obvious to any rigger where these materials come from. You don't want to be considered suppliers of the Russian army, do you? I am also asking parachute equipment manufacturers to stop any sales of parachute equipment to Russia and FOR Russia. I am asking you to do this in order to cause the maximum possible damage to the Russian economy. The sale of parachute equipment is a high-margin business. It includes dropzones, shops, dealers, riggers. This is the money turnover and taxes, that help to finance Russian army and the genocide of Ukrainians. This is definitely not the vital kind of business. I'm asking you to do this because the skydive fraternity talks are not working any more. 76% of Russians support the war in Ukraine. It is more than it was in Nazi Germany! Given the size of Russia, and the amount of military equipment left after the Cold War, they will be destroying peaceful Ukrainians in the occupied territories for a very long time before we kill all of them. Therefore, I am asking you to strike at the Russian economy, to make them think about the food for their families, but not about the rape. To make them return to their home and leave Ukraine. You may ask: "what does the sale of one parachute mean for the economy"? Perhaps, nothing, or, perhaps, it might matter a lot. Such kind of letters are now written to all businesses operating in Russia. Those letters are already working against the Russian economy and are destroying it. Of course, one parachute sold will not destroy the Russian economy,but it will show your attitude towards the genocide in Ukraine. There are still some corporations that are trying to do business as usual with Russia or looking for workarounds. You can see them suffer reputational losses,because of that. Even one sold parachute will be noticed by the skydiving community in such a small industry The skydiving community will appreciate the side you took. Please choose the correct side. Help us defeat ruscism!
  2. Navigator calls Student when ordered as per their "Student program". You can have it with additional discount, if you can live with stock (sil\wht\org) pattern. And there is a discount for reserve, if you ordering it too.
  3. What we found, when we conduct heavy droptesting for military - bigger (slider) not always better. Bigger distance between grommets on slider allow canopy to spread more, and because of that - catch more air initialy, and that speed up opening, instead of slowing it down. Big plus that tolerance there (slider, stabs, stops, ets) are so big, so, usially - that trend not so direct. Like, any +- 1 in. usially give just a minor difference. But, when there is a big difference in proportion, like slider much bigger (or smaller) in one dirertion only - there can be a problem Found that a hard way - digging a dummy from a hole about a 2 feets deep
  4. Any news? Anyone find a manual?
  5. Looking for any info about Aeroconical Type 1000 Mk2 made by Irvin GQ. Used in ejection seats. Packing manual, technical description, ets.
  6. Is there any secret way communicate with NZ Aero? I've try'd e-mails, FB messenger, online form at their web-site and chat. Nothing works... I've made a payment for my ("must be ready now") canopy in the end of Jan. Its middle of March now, no canopy, no explanation, no info, nothing. I've receiving "Shipping will connect with you" - and nothing happening. Or no reply at all. May be there is other way to communicate? Phone is difficult because 13 hours time difference, is there any other way? Lexa
  7. Not Skyhook for sure :) Lexa
  8. Avalon switched to Pin-type MARD (LES\Boost\Ace...) Looking at fresh Avalon dom 09.17 now. Lexa
  9. As per manufacturer + 15% packing volume Lexa
  10. SkyWideSystems (SWS) company offer droptest for parachute equipment testing. Aircrafts: Cessna 182, An2, An26, IL-76, Mi-8\14 helicopters Weight: 0 to 1000 kg Deployment speed: 0 (Mi8) to 400 km\h (IL-76). Deployment can be direct, static-line or AAD activated We have a soft (sand dummy 30 kg to 120 kg), rigid (metall 35kg to 185 kg), monoweight from 30 to 1000 kg. Each deployment filmed from AC, from ground, and sometimes from dummy. GPS log (5 Hz) for each drop if needed. Connect [email protected] for more info Lexa
  11. I wrote a letter to BF with photos. And they answered that: So - they dont have any other plating for their metall. I didnt know that Bourdon Forge considered as "cheap" or "substandard" :) Lexa
  12. Recently I've ordered a bunch of hardware from them, and was shocked with finishing. Metall seems rought, like after sandblasting. Look on the photo, ring on the left On the right - ring that I can order from DJ, Para-Gear or about any reseller of the world. It is nice and smooth, and very different then ring on the left (BF) What do you think about that? Lexa
  13. Actually, high end servo have more torgue, then clutch motors. I just finished convertion of all machines at the factory (35+) to servo motors. For low-time sewer servo is easier for quality and precise work. For expirienced sewer servo simply faster for the same work. Either way is good for me. Lexa