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  1. alexey

    Slider Swapping

    What we found, when we conduct heavy droptesting for military - bigger (slider) not always better. Bigger distance between grommets on slider allow canopy to spread more, and because of that - catch more air initialy, and that speed up opening, instead of slowing it down. Big plus that tolerance there (slider, stabs, stops, ets) are so big, so, usially - that trend not so direct. Like, any +- 1 in. usially give just a minor difference. But, when there is a big difference in proportion, like slider much bigger (or smaller) in one dirertion only - there can be a problem Found that a hard way - digging a dummy from a hole about a 2 feets deep
  2. alexey

    Strong NOPO?

    Any news? Anyone find a manual?
  3. alexey

    Riser design & toggle fires

    SWS do pin-type risers
  4. Looking for any info about Aeroconical Type 1000 Mk2 made by Irvin GQ. Used in ejection seats. Packing manual, technical description, ets.
  5. alexey

    Communication with NZ Aero

    I'm using: so, unlikelly they are all out... Lexa
  6. alexey

    Communication with NZ Aero

    Is there any secret way communicate with NZ Aero? I've try'd e-mails, FB messenger, online form at their web-site and chat. Nothing works... I've made a payment for my ("must be ready now") canopy in the end of Jan. Its middle of March now, no canopy, no explanation, no info, nothing. I've receiving "Shipping will connect with you" - and nothing happening. Or no reply at all. May be there is other way to communicate? Phone is difficult because 13 hours time difference, is there any other way? Lexa
  7. alexey

    CURV vs Vector 3

    Not Skyhook for sure :) Lexa
  8. alexey

    CURV vs Vector 3

    Avalon switched to Pin-type MARD (LES\Boost\Ace...) Looking at fresh Avalon dom 09.17 now. Lexa
  9. alexey

    New canopies coming soon?

    As per manufacturer + 15% packing volume Lexa
  10. alexey

    Droptest offer

    SkyWideSystems (SWS) company offer droptest for parachute equipment testing. Aircrafts: Cessna 182, An2, An26, IL-76, Mi-8\14 helicopters Weight: 0 to 1000 kg Deployment speed: 0 (Mi8) to 400 km\h (IL-76). Deployment can be direct, static-line or AAD activated We have a soft (sand dummy 30 kg to 120 kg), rigid (metall 35kg to 185 kg), monoweight from 30 to 1000 kg. Each deployment filmed from AC, from ground, and sometimes from dummy. GPS log (5 Hz) for each drop if needed. Connect for more info Lexa
  11. alexey

    Metall from Bourdon Force

    I wrote a letter to BF with photos. And they answered that: So - they dont have any other plating for their metall. I didnt know that Bourdon Forge considered as "cheap" or "substandard" :) Lexa
  12. alexey

    Metall from Bourdon Force

    Recently I've ordered a bunch of hardware from them, and was shocked with finishing. Metall seems rought, like after sandblasting. Look on the photo, ring on the left On the right - ring that I can order from DJ, Para-Gear or about any reseller of the world. It is nice and smooth, and very different then ring on the left (BF) What do you think about that? Lexa
  13. Actually, high end servo have more torgue, then clutch motors. I just finished convertion of all machines at the factory (35+) to servo motors. For low-time sewer servo is easier for quality and precise work. For expirienced sewer servo simply faster for the same work. Either way is good for me. Lexa
  14. Just put (any) servo motor on it Lexa
  15. alexey

    coil lock

    It is good to follow manual. It is better to know why (in the manual) used that way. Lexa