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  1. I've got myself down to the Flanders Boogie. This is my pre-second time I've gone. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to stay and any advice as what to expect other than 100% industrial grade awesomeness.
  2. Always worth checking the rated all-up weight on the Electra. I believe PdF rated their canopies quite low so one to look out for if you're looking at loading it up.
  3. adamUK

    More Lift Headdown

    Just turn up the wind speed! We fly 85% for 4 way and about 83% for 2 way/solo. There's a bigger pressure drop across a 4 way team than a 2 way team which has to be put back in by the fans.
  4. adamUK

    VFS team performance/analysis software or techniques

    Possibly have a chat with intime scoring as you can run through the video and score your own times very much in the same way as rounds are judged. I don't know if their system does time markers but it'd be good to understand the time between each point. The big skill though is how each block or random is engineered and unfortnately you're going to need to get some coaching. There's some really nifty tricks to rack up those scores more quicky. Have a look at the Axis flight school.
  5. adamUK

    Reaching Forward Head Up

    Fly more using your back so lean back a bit but also use your shins/legs to counter the forward movement that this will generate. Your back has a huge surface area so you can get a lot of lift from it. Also maybe think about cranking the wind up a bit. Sounds like you might be flying on your arms as well as your legs to get lift. As a drill try flying with your hands on your head and concentrate on using all other body parts for lift.
  6. adamUK

    32 foot (9.75 m) tunnel coming to Abu Dhabi?

    iFly had some photos up a while ago of it in construction but they've rejigged their site and removed them. It looked huge. Topped out I reckon it'd use about 6MW of power (about 8000 horsepower). You'd need deep pockets for solo flying but you could probably do 16 way dynamic flying in there.
  7. A traumatic injury is just a physical injury. It doesn't mean it's severe. I'm assuming if the casualty was well enough to refuse medical attention it wasn't that serious.
  8. adamUK

    16' diameter tunnels in the US?

    Have a look here. also contains announced tunnels and ones under construction:
  9. adamUK

    How To Tube: Managing Sessions and Understanding Rotation

    I'd add that, especially for teams, make sure that everyone is out and the door clear for the next flyer before your time is up. Belly teams seem to be the worst at this as they feel they need to fly the exit. It's really bad form to be leaving the next guy consistently 10 seconds down. Especially if they're getting 1:1 time + coaching.
  10. adamUK

    iFly's European Patent / ISG

    Ifly have the monopoly and will do it's damnedest to ensure it retains it. Don't expect cost effective tunnels (to quote their press release) in the US any time soon. (typing this from the hurricane factory at $460/hr including taxes)
  11. adamUK

    Ensuring rig is "Free-fly Friendly"

    Also I see a lot of rigs that, in sit, move off the back so it makes controlling sit fly (particularly forward movement) difficult. If this is the case it's possible to buy belly bands to prevent this.
  12. adamUK

    Aerodyne - anyone there???

    Got a demo canopy sorted. Cheers guys!
  13. adamUK

    Aerodyne - anyone there???

    Do you have the ZP, zpx or ultra LPV version? What's your wing loading and how does it open in both wingsuit and nonwingsuiting disciplines? Your feedback is appreciated.
  14. adamUK

    Aerodyne - anyone there???

    Thanks, that's great