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  1. Thanks to everyone for their great input here. I good some very good opinions even a few in the inbox...awesome!! In the end I decided to place an order for the Pilot and I am positive that I will be happy with it for the next few 100 jumps. :) After reading lots and lots of other threads on this topic, I was already 60/50 for the Pilot. Mainly due to the overall opinion that the Pilot is just a little more responsive and has better flare (I know the Pulse has different line trims...but if I get a new canopy, I don't wont to worry about getting different Lines). Thanks to everyone again. Blue skies, Patrick
  2. Thanks for you opinion! You didn't feel, like most opinions go, that the Pulse has less flair but therefore a flatter glide ratio? But if you say that you didn't feel much difference at WL1.2, I guess it will be even less of a difference for me at WL 1.05
  3. I am loading the 190 with 1.05 so nothing really to worry about...but I am quite fixed on the Pilot or Pulse as both have a very good resell price
  4. Hey everyone!! I know this question has been asked before and I have gone through pretty much all of them, but I figured maybe there are new opinions on this Topic so why not ask again. I am a beginner with about 50 jumps and I am now looking into putting my very first own rig together. For reasons of further downsizing I am looking for a 190ish low bulk. I pretty much got stuck between the Pulse and the Pilot ZPX. Both are very similar in terms of consistence openings, landings and glide ratio...or am I wrong here? First I wanted the Pulse as it will get you back from an long spot easy, but I think this can also be done rather easy with the Pilot if you know how to fly it. Or?? I would like to have a canopy that will not get boring so soon. I want to have fun for the next 100-150 jumps on it and be able to start flying more aggressively once I am skilled enough to do so. I already jumped an "old" Pilot in the Student rig and I liked it. Ok, the openings were all off heading which was annoying, but I guess that was more due to my body position and the age of the system. Does the ZPX fly the same as the regular Pilot??? I can't demo the Pulse as I live in Germany where getting a demo is hard and coz I am away most of the year due to my job. So I would need some good advice here as I will buy them "blind". Thanks for your help guys!!!! Patrick