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  1. Not quite ... this workaround is only good for recognizing when there are new posts, not just new threads.
  2. Probably right in front of my nose here ... but how do I tell by looking at a forum title if there are brand new threads posted? I follow the Incidents forum and on the old site you could tell if there was a new thread (without having to browse into the forum itself).
  3. Has anyone tried the Tunnel Rat or Chutingstar brands of tackified gloves?
  4. A number of us who live in Colorado and have MHS as our home DZ made several comments during the trial that derogatory comments about Kim, people threatening fly by's, etc. on were not helping our case. This latest rant is about "bullies" threatening these sorts of things, false claims of it happening, etc. These sorts of comments are counter productive and feed right into her story. For those of us who live in Colorado, please refrain from these sorts of statements. First amendment aside, such comments do more harm than good.
  5. Am I correct that the Paraclete tunnel is the only 16' diameter tunnel in the continental US? Any others under construction of that size? Thanks
  6. I have two rigs and pull the handles before every repack. I think it's a good idea for any level.
  7. Anyone else having a problem with certain forum links being grayed out? I've tried two computers and my iPhone, same problem. Trying to get to Incidents. Clicking on a link contained in an email from a watch thread also doesn't work. I emailed, but no response.
  8. USPA Intermediate dive pool. 5'8"; 5'10"; 5'10.5"; 5'9"
  9. I am new to 4-way and thus far my new team has only done 2-way and 3-way drills, but soon we will be stuffing all four of us in a tunnel. We have access to a quality recirculating 12' tunnel. Is it worth the expenditures to travel to a location with a 14' tunnel to practice blocks? I wasn't sure how big a difference 2' makes. Ditto - worth the cost to travel to the 16' tunnel in North Carolina? Or would we be better off putting the travel funds towards more time in a local 12' tunnel? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  10. Agreed - downplayed the risks substantially. IMO the sport is inherently dangerous, but with all of our fanatical attention to safety and detail skydivers have done a good job minimizing fatalities and injuries. This guy makes it sound like skydiving is up there with roller coaster rides. PS Gypsy Moths, great movie!
  11. Cookie G3 Roller Mount I hardly ever wear my camera though.
  12. Start going to the tunnel a whole bunch and she will think skydiving is affordable. In my case I made a lot more money the last couple of years and tried to use various arguments like ... well if I made $X - cost of skydiving = $Y and didn't jump would you be happy with me? So what's the difference? YOLO. I'm old, the men die young in my family from natural causes. I earn the money. Now if I cut out tunnel and travel, it's not too bad in my book $5K-$8K per year is 200-300 jumps and repacks. I can't hardly take my wife and kids anywhere for a week being reasonably frugal for that amount. Now time is the other one. Still figuring out to deal with that one.
  13. I have some hearing loss in the high frequencies. I use two Optima II's set the same at level 10.
  14.!/~/product/id=37711064 Also, when I got my own gear I videotaped a rigger packing it as a more equipment specific reference.