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  1. adamUK

    VFS team performance/analysis software or techniques

    Possibly have a chat with intime scoring as you can run through the video and score your own times very much in the same way as rounds are judged. I don't know if their system does time markers but it'd be good to understand the time between each point. The big skill though is how each block or random is engineered and unfortnately you're going to need to get some coaching. There's some really nifty tricks to rack up those scores more quicky. Have a look at the Axis flight school.
  2. adamUK

    32 foot (9.75 m) tunnel coming to Abu Dhabi?

    iFly had some photos up a while ago of it in construction but they've rejigged their site and removed them. It looked huge. Topped out I reckon it'd use about 6MW of power (about 8000 horsepower). You'd need deep pockets for solo flying but you could probably do 16 way dynamic flying in there.
  3. A traumatic injury is just a physical injury. It doesn't mean it's severe. I'm assuming if the casualty was well enough to refuse medical attention it wasn't that serious.
  4. adamUK

    How To Tube: Managing Sessions and Understanding Rotation

    I'd add that, especially for teams, make sure that everyone is out and the door clear for the next flyer before your time is up. Belly teams seem to be the worst at this as they feel they need to fly the exit. It's really bad form to be leaving the next guy consistently 10 seconds down. Especially if they're getting 1:1 time + coaching.
  5. adamUK

    How to Tube: Buying and Using Time

    If you Europe then there's some amazing tunnel deals to be had. Coupled with budget airlines a weekend away is a great way to fly cheaply
  6. adamUK

    Small or big Freezone tunnel in Moscow?

    Go for the bigger tunnel. If you make mistakes you have a little more time to correct them before hitting the tunnel wall. If I was doing static stuff (e.g. sit, head down) then either would do.
  7. adamUK

    Starting FF

    I guess you're from the UK if you're talking about 'FF1'. Won't mean much to our colleagues stateside. Freeflying well is time-consuming and difficult and to be honest the way to get good quickly is to hammer the tunnel and then take it to the sky. Once you can sit fly safely then you can share with 2 or 3 people and it brings the cost down considerably. Also when learning, try to learn dynamic stuff (back carving, belly carving, layouts, belly and back flares) as this does help in the long-term even though in the short term it seems like a diversion to becoming a sky-ninja. Good luck!
  8. adamUK

    Vortex recall progress????

    Had a couple of friends get their Vortexes back. So roughly on schedule.
  9. adamUK

    Ty Baird - In Loving Memory

    Yep. Gutted. Flew in in the tunnel the week before I got the news. Inspirational guy.
  10. adamUK

    First serious tunnel time

    Good idea but you'll wear out pretty quickly flying static all the time. Mix it up a bit - there's a huge amount you can do back flying including back carving which will eventually lead you into head down carving plus transitions/layouts and other stuff. Have fun
  11. adamUK

    Vortex customer service problems

    A friend of mine had a vortex container that they made the wrong size harness. Rather than adjusting it they made another one and sent it over. So no complaints from him.
  12. adamUK

    What To Ask Yourself Before You Mess With Your AAD

    Some DZs e.g. Skydive Spain don't allow fun jumpers to have their AADs set to higher firing attitudes than default. Worth considering.
  13. adamUK

    2way VFS comps

    The UK has one but it's an unofficial event. It's in place to try to bridge the gap between 4 way VFS and FS. The blocks and randoms in it are close to those you'd see on 4 way.
  14. adamUK

    Wings semistowlees D-bag

    I have one. The shock cord bungees that come with it don't have enough elasticity so putting the line stows in tough but you can change them to bungees with out problem. The lines are stowed in a pocket a bit like the infinity 'party bag' which isn't as easy as the vector bag - it's just a bit more fiddly. If I was buying a new rig I'd get the normal bag, sent it to vector and get them to make you a semi-stowless bag for it as it's just a bit better. HTH Adam.
  15. adamUK

    Exit Order Safety

    I thought big groups exited before small groups because large formations tend to fall slower than individual skydivers. I thought freeflyers went out last because they don't like getting cold near the door in winter ;-)