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  1. Definitely crowds are cleared now. Lol. I said it before and I'll say it again weather in Florida during summer is a crap shoot and miserable.
  2. Who's going to take control if not the governments? I wonder???
  3. After December Carolina weather is a crapshoot till March. Best time here is October to December and March till May.
  4. Incorrect?? I lived in Florida for 8 years and got my private pilot license there. As I said before, you can't predict the summer time weather in Florida.Unfortunately it's the worst tome of the year and a crap shoot.
  5. Friends called from overseas. They would like to come and spend two weeks in the US skydiving in a place where they can jump weekdays,too. I told them probably North East but definitely not South East where I'm struggling to get trough my AFF because of weather. Anywhere else? maybe Mid West? North West?
  6. I have no idea how was it but I can bet it was HOT!!!!
  7. Weather in Florida is a crap shoot in August. I hope you can jump. Good Luck.
  8. Summer weather being perfect in Florida????? LOL I lived and flew my plane there seven years. Thank you very much.
  9. This recent hot weather makes jumping real challenging if not impossible pretty much for the whole mid Atlantic states. How are things up in the New England area? I'm planning to go somewhere in the North-East to finish my AFF training.
  10. I guess when you have your A license you jump at your own time not on the instructors time.I'm not asking for "personal time", I'm asking more time with the instructor! It did not feel right to wait for the instructors when I was ready to go so that they could finish with their tandem jumps and wait for 2-3 loads. I could have get done at least one hour earlier. Also as I stated I did not feel unsafe at anytime otherwise I would not made the jump. I'm a pilot and I know what safety means. Thanks for the input though.
  11. I did and passed my first three levels of AFF at a big name DZ on the West Coast. I enjoyed the experience and planning to carry on with the remaining levels and eventually getting my A license. The place I did my training is one of the busiest DZ's around and have a ton of tandem passengers every day. Except the initial ground training and first jump, every other jump I did (B and C) was with different instructors who were also jumping as tandem instructors while I was waiting for my load. It felt a little bit rushed even though at no point I felt unsafe. Second and last jump(C) of the second day my reserve side instructor landed from camera work, dropped his container grabbed a new one barely made it to our load still trying to adjust his container? Is this normal? I would much prefer getting to know my instructor and stay with him throughout the training. Now I'm back on the East Coast I'm looking for a DZ where I'll be doing rest of my training and get my A license. Distance is not a problem and I'm willing to travel for the right place. Should I look for smaller DZ's where I can get more personal attention? Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Really????? That's why ER's are overburdened by uninsured and can't function to care real emergencies. That's why thousands of people are being rejected by the insurance companies even if they are willing to pay. Systems in place? I bet you have never been to a country where real system is in place or never had to buy insurance for yourself or young and or naive.
  13. What I understand from this thread is: Our vote does not count Our tax system sucks Our military is overspending Our president and vp are worthless Yet last time I looked we are still the number one economy and military in the world by far and people are lining up by the thousands to come here. Go Figure.
  14. If I were you I would go to a wind tunnel and and spend some time and money. You'll quickly find out if you have the needed physical attributes for sky diving and learn a ton. I have about 30 minutes in the tunnel and planning to do another 30 minutes before I start my AFF soon. BTW I'm 53 years old. Good Luck