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  1. Infinity all the way, the owner Kelly Farrington, is one of the best in the industry in regards to gear, attention to detail and he is there working at the shop every day. I have such a great respect for him and the team there and how well everything is made. Highly recommend hip articulation and floating laterals and love how secure the main and reserve pin cover flaps are. Good luck in your search!
  2. Pilot 188 will fit well in an I-45 if it is ZPX. Typically a regular Pilot (not ZPX) will pack one size higher. PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  3. 20! PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  4. I did my first jump at 20, then started my AFF immediately after that. I did pay my own bills, but I didn't exactly let them know until I had about 25 jumps.
  5. Our company (Velocity Sports Equipment) built a mock Infinity for the SF Bay Tunnel. If you're on the west coast you could try that!
  6. We made it! Velocity Sports Equiment (makers of the Infinity harness/container system) To Infinity and Beyond!
  7. About 4 years ago I broke my ankle, foot, and leg and was non-weight bearing for 4-5 months. I ended up picking up guitar, volunteered at an Improv comedy club, took improv lessons, volunteered at the canoe shop, got a job picking stitches in a rigging loft and even traveled a bit on crutches. Enjoy the time, take the time to make new friends, learn a new hobby and seize the moment!
  8. Hi Flying Portagee, Here at Velocity Sports Equipment, we make Infinity containers in all shapes and sizes. We do have an I-6 and I-7 series that would fit those main canopies. It would depend on your reserve to what it would be. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Good luck! Blue Skies, Gail
  9. Hey Scott, I ship out all of the containers for Velocity Sports Equipment and am always pricing shipments. I have found that by far the cheapest way to ship to Australia is via DHL. UPS and Fedex were charging me at least $200-$300 more! Hope this helps. Warm Regards, Gail Lovelace Velocity Sports Equipment
  10. I've found DHL to be very economical compared to UPS and Fedex. Something to check out :-)
  11. If you shoot me the serial number, I can look up all the options it has and the current pricing. You could figure out depreciation from there with how many jumps/condition etc. PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  12. With Infinity containers (made by Velocity Sports Equipment) if you write Spectre 190 on your order form. You will not be able to put a 210 in there. You would be able to put a 190 in there, a 170, and possibly down to a 150, but we suggest for you to check the pin tension if you go down two sizes. Other companies may go one up one down, but we try to make it where you can go two down as long as the tensions are checked. Hope this helps! :-) Blue Skies, Gail Lovelace Velocity Sports Equipment
  13. First off, the Red Bull Stratos Mission is on and happening in 2012! Felix will be jumping an Infinity on his back... yes! Secondly, Infinity containers are in Outside Magazine this month with Rex and Melissa Pemberton! Super awesome! Enjoy their story here: That's it, enjoy :-) Blue Skies, Gail