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  1. guppie01


    Perris - active jumping weekdays / weekends - wind tunnel if you want or weathered out - bar - swimming pool - bunk house (cheap accomodations) - couple hotels nearby, reasonable rates - nightlife surrounding dz is so/so - tail end of dust devil weather Elsinore - 2nd week of October they will be coming down from Chicks Rock Boogie (too bad - GREAT event), they try to keep the planes runnind during the week but it's based upon the number of jumpers around. Weekends they are busy - bunk house (cheap accomodations) - hotels nearby with rates around $69 - 100 per night - nightlife is better than Perris as far as proximity to different bars / rest, etc. - tail end of dust devil weather San Diego - jumping weekdays depends on the military training going on . Weekends are good - bunkhouse - nightlife meh ~ the DZ is pretty far away from anything - consistant landing pattern / winds Honestly speaking if you're looking to turn and burn AFF I'd suggest Perris. If you're looking for relaxed down to earth AFF I'd go with Elsinore. If you're looking to escape for AFF for 10 days I'd go with San Deigo. Have fun, and THANK YOU for your service!!!
  2. guppie01

    Ryan Job - Fallen SEAL

    Wow, I did not know Ryan, but his story is truly wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!! RIP Ryan, and may your loved ones find peace in your strength. g
  3. Depends... if you're looking for strict professionalism - Perris. If you're looking for professionalism and family vibe - Elsinore. (by the sounds below - sounds more like Perris is your style). I've jumped as a regular at Taft, so I can't form an opinion on the school. I've never jumped at Lompoc - I'm not keen on the landing area. g
  4. guppie01

    TJ Bartlett

    Blue Skies... g
  5. guppie01

    Happy Holidays!

    Right back atcha J! HO HO HO g
  6. Contact Atsaubrey via pm, he has experience with this.... started jumping in SDG/Elsinore. g
  7. guppie01

    Josh''s accident info

    Hi Victoria, I did not know Josh, but your post is proof of the love and courage that surrounded him. My heartfelt condolences to you! May you have peace. Love, g
  8. guppie01

    Kenya Safari Beach Boogie 2006

    WOW, wish I was! hmmmm, maybe next year! Have fun, g