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  1. We are just gutted to hear of Hal's accident. He was such a happy and fun loving guy, and so smart. He will be greatly missed. http://www.exitshot.com
  2. Haha, had to resurrect this thread... I can't believe I wrote this 10+ yrs ago. Remember when we jumped TAPES!! Some things have changed, some have stayed the same. What are all the new little things with all this modern technology? http://www.exitshot.com
  3. It's all about room for error, for which now you have none. And you will make an error in judgement someday. http://www.exitshot.com
  4. & femur, don't forget that one http://www.exitshot.com
  5. I sent you a facebook message... http://www.exitshot.com
  6. Montana would make a great teammate. Just sayin. http://www.exitshot.com
  7. Your coach should have been able to figure that out without a camera. Most likely you de-arched and dropped a knee. Perris uses gopro video for debrief purposes on all AFF and Coach jumps, no extra charge. http://www.exitshot.com
  8. Ditto. I just helped someone get a CX100 off ebay for $178. It's EIS and has the card slot easily accessible behind the display screen. My cx100's have lasted 3 yrs, thousands of jumps. http://www.exitshot.com
  9. They have a complex relationship. oh get real. http://www.exitshot.com
  10. perfect! thanks for the good laugh! http://www.exitshot.com
  11. Really Right Stuff. It's heavy, but only because it's the best. It doesn't budge. Ever. The camera L-bracket is custom for each camera so no twisting and has designed in access all the necessary cables, and is easily switched back and forth from vertical to horizontal mount. I have it on my Wes flattop. http://www.exitshot.com
  12. Thanks. I need one with both mounting screw and locking pin, which is why I'm specifically looking for the "video" plate. I like that to keep it from twisting a whole lot better than the corkboard. Thanks! Anyone else have one? http://www.exitshot.com
  13. Still can't find any. Anyone have any old ones they don't need anymore? http://www.exitshot.com