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  1. JAVELIN ODYSSEY black and blue with neon Paraclete shield, serial #26195 PDR RESERVE 113 serial #017907 CYPRES 2 serial #05419 Cutter Assembly #41291 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151164558263738&l=e38fd89bce https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151164558683738&l=22fea26dbf Infinity I-23 Orange, Blue, Neon Yellow: "Thing 1" on cutaway handle. PD Optimum 143R: Comp Velocity 84 Orange, green, black cross bracing: Cypres2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151164563748738&l=d0090c5604 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151164564558738&l=77b44a415a
  2. Good stuff. Just for the record (for future posters), Cat and Pinecone (her husband) are back in VA, based out of Orange. We do have a few deaf jumpers come through somewhat on the reg aside from Cat.
  3. ...like this ? exactly :) looking forward to it!
  4. Let's just do a flysight v2 and maybe it dytter-sized with an internal speaker ;)
  5. Eh, let them lower it to 50 jumps but require a C license ;)
  6. That's not the experience that I had at all with Vlady and Vertical... I love my Vertical and they've been great to deal with.
  7. UVA...booooooooo UVA girls are WAY hotter than VT girls :p ASU is 45 from Eloy. One of many perks...
  8. You bet your ass we do! It's not meant as an insult, but I LOVE meeting people all over the country that have jumped there... once ;) Can't wait to jump there again this winter. It should be a fun challenge of the accuracy skills Karl taught me.
  9. Hey Sonic, Met you briefly at bridge day. Who's making your flash bracket? I have a concept, but no access to tools or materials on this coast. Dave
  10. It's funny, I actually think Lodi's landing area is relatively large (at least average). I mean, it's not Eloy or the Farm, but there's plenty of space! I did grow up at a DZ with a small, terrible landing area though. It makes even the most experienced skydivers cringe if they're on anything remotely high performance. I just love that 'tip' as last time I was there, there was a small corner of the whiteboard with a small section called 'info' or something with only that statement.
  11. 100% agree on both points. Also, a consideration for Lodi: Don't land out ;)
  12. He must be a swooper. Always trust your rears! ;)
  13. If the 7D and 5D2 would just make beautiful babies, it'd be some sort of super camera...
  14. Skydive Orange actually helped develop the current AFF course, just saying. shhhhhhhh. Both DZ's are awesome. Can;t wait to see WP in it's new iteration in Dinwiddie. I hope they have a nice long swoop lane for me. Well the pond by the campgrounds should make a killer swoop pond :p I'm also looking forward to partying with the WP crew at the Halloween boogie @ Delmarva, and later checking out Dinwiddie. Should be amazing...
  15. I don't really know anything about what mounts are available for them, unfortunately. I also have a hotshoe mount that can put a gopro on top of the still camera if i feel like getting silly. maybe they make something similar for a drift or you can rig one up. Orrrr, you could cut your losses and get a gopro ;)