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  1. The Alliance Sport Parachute Club located at Skydive Rick's in Petersburg, OH was established in 1960 and is still active.
  2. Need some advice. What kind of switch do you use for your camera, a tongue switch or bite switch (2.5mm plug)? and what kind? We have gone through two of the tongue switches that Para-Gear sells and they just don't seem to hold up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Blue skies.
  3. What is normal turn around time to get the suits once ordered?
  4. I think Im seeing a pattern here. Thanks for the info everyone! It's is greatly appreciated. Blu 1's, Bob
  5. I know everyone has their choice in suits but what is the best suit for someone that is just starting? My wife is wanting to get into freeflying more but needs a suit. The baggy clothes aren't getting it any more. recommendations? Blu 1's, Bob
  6. I would have to go with body position on this one then. I did have my feet apart on opening. I tucked up but when I threw I had my legs apart. Im used to my "normal" opening when I fly my camera suit that I didn't think about the legs.
  7. Great video of me pulling with the other guy I was with about ten feet to my right and above me! YIKES!! Very memorible flight.
  8. Jumped an older wingsuit this past weekend. It was a GTI suit. The jump was really fun right up until the opening. I have a 230 Spectre that spun up about six times. It started rotating me out side the spin so I grabbed the handles and started pulling. I really never get line twists with my Spectre. Is this an isuse with wingsuit openings due to my body position or or was it a rare thing and I should write it off to packjob/body pos.? It was still a kick ass ride! Blu 1's, Bob
  9. Cassie sent me a group of scores on how the US team is doing. If you go to www.skydivericks.com you can see what she sent. Bob
  10. Chirs, Thanks for the update. Cassie is going to be sending me the scores so that we can post them on skydivericks.com. It is good to see your updates because we are all chomping at the bit to hear how the S/A guys and girls are doing. Let Jimmy and Jim know that we are all cheering for them and the ENTIRE team here at Skydive Rick's from all the way over the big pond. Hopefully you guys can hear us. Blue 1's Bob
  11. Cassie Drummond (Jimmy Drummond's Wife) is over in Russia with the team. She said that she would email the scores when/if she gets a chance, so we can post them on www.skydivericks.com. Skydive Rick's is the home Drop Zone of Jim Hayhurst and Jimmy Drummond. They had a training camp about a week before heading to Russia. When she emails them I will post them on Rick's for everyone to view. Bob
  12. We have two guys that headed out to Russia yesterday. They are competing in S/A at the meet. I don't know where they fall with the Style and Accuracy diciplines in the World Meet but I do know they headed to Russia. I guess I am really confused.
  13. Does anyone know where we can see scores for the World Meet? I went to the site where it is being held and their "eng" button doesn't change the site from Russian. Seeing how I don't speak Russian, I am going to be a little lost. We have two guys from our DZ competing in the S/A (Jim Hayhurst and Jimmy Drummond) and we want to see how they are doing but no way of doing that. Thanks to anyone that can help. Blue 1s, Bob
  14. We are having trouble finding newer cams with the LANC. Is there any other way to see if the camera is on in freefall if it does't have LANC port. Or, any suggestions for cameras. A lot of people say go with the Sony PC 105, 101, etc, but we are having a hard time finding them. Any suggestions?
  15. We are looking at getting a HC26 and was needing to know if it is possible to set up a CamEye on it. I have a CamEye on my other camcorder and it is GREAT. We want to have that option. Any advice? THANKS!