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  1. Just stating facts. Oh and you did not cancel our dealership. We decided to never sell your product again. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  2. And AGAIN, Mirage decides not to speak of the danger with their rig and AAD situation. Keep burying your head, it will definitely solve the issue. God forbid if some one dies because of this, it will be proven that you knew and did nothing about it. Another reason why, we are no longer a Mirage dealer is because they STOLE, yes stole orders from us. Orders for Mirage rigs, that they said, because the customer had "emailed" them first that they were 'Mirage' customers and that they should take the orders. This is after the customers had paid us and WE sent the orders to Mirage. I asked Mirage (Eric)"Did the customers pay you?" He said no. I said well they paid us, so who's customers are they? It isn't like a took a person that wanted a Mirage and sold them a different rig. You ask how does that happen. I have multiple emails I should publish, but for now I wont. This is all because the owner is running the company into the ground the way she did her last company in the skydiving industries. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  3. It's for the newer location above the PC. Its on the bottom reserve flap on a 45 degree angle. All AADs were designed for the loop to come out on a 90 angle to the cutter (perpendicular). This is what happens on ALL rigs except the Mirage. We have contacted them when we were a dealer and nothing was done and now since we are no longer a dealer, I've had to go to the PIA Technical and Rigging committees. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  4. The new sizing chart is ALL WRONG!! I have been packing Mirages for 18 years and I know the sizes off the top of my head. Let alone when we were a dealer and one of their best dealers 10+ years ago, I can honestly say I have packed close to 1,000 of them. We are no longer a dealer because the service and product has become horrible. Them putting out this chart is more proof that they now have people running their business that have no clue what they are doing. Some of the sizes listed would be DANGEROUS to pack. Let alone the main sizes are WAY WRONG as well. I recommend going by their original chart on the website. They have also had an issues with AAD's fraying loops, do to the location and orientation of the cutter. We have tried to reach out to Mirage with no response, EVER. The customer service people and owner have been extremely rude to us and refuse to hear what we have to say. I even heard rumors of them going out of business, so I would stay away from them. There's my 2 cents. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  5. I believe they moved the GPS to the remote. Weird but still usable. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  6. Hey Bryan, WELL SAID! It is a problem, big problem. 'Angle Flying' has become very popular here at The Ranch and we've had some incidents as well. Education, is always the answer for better safety. Stay SAFE! SONIC
  7. Buy local. Sometimes the local shop may not be the least expensive but they will be able to 'service' you unlike the online stores. There is a lot of value in that personal service. Plus if you have any issues, it's easy to go the them and have them fix your problem. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  8. Here's a link to my facebook page with my Tonfly Shark 4X top fully loaded. Canon T2i w/15mm lens and a CX150 w/.3 Raynox lens and a 380ex Flash. I made the flash bracket my self and have an extra one if you want to buy it. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  9. Hey Dave, it is sort of how it works. Your correct in some things you say but wrong in others. Yes, most things are custom built but I have some stock rigs for new jumpers and even some used. I have helmets, jumpsuits and accessories for anyone to try on. As far as suits, we have the most popular brands to show styles and options, then they can decide and order their own custom. Then have a professional like myself to measure them. We also have demo canopies/rigs for people just off student status, of the most popular brands, styles and sizes. So, it is sort of how it works. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  10. Come up to one of the greatest dropzones in the US, The Ranch! Then you can come up to the second floor and see our shop, biggest one in the area. The Ranch PROshop. Cya, ya soon! Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  11. As reigning champ of The Ranch Pond Swoop Meet 2011, my opinion might be a little biased. When I started swooping it was guys like Rickster Powell in Antigravity that I wanted to be like. I wanted to drag water and swoop obstacles. So when our little DZ meet turned to be the largest swoop meet in the world ( at the time, over ten years ago ) with 72 competitors and $21,000, I knew we had something. The late and great Bill Ottley, who used to judge the RPSN, said one year, "Don't let USPA get their hands on this, they'll F#%@* it all up. And he was right. I stopped swooping because it lost it's FUN and it got goofy, yeah GOOFY. It is not exciting to watch at all. Actually it's pretty freaking boring. Not The Ranch Pond Swoop meet, that shit is good times. I think it takes a more refined canopy pilot with finesse. Not words you would normally hear when talking about swoopers. And I'm not saying the current swoopers don't have it, I just don't think they can show it as well, like in a Pond Swoop Meet. People worry about the safety factor and I can understand that. But when you are dragging water it is a different sight picture which is safer, I believe. Anyway, the new rules for Canopy Piloting I feel make it a better sport. The older rules were gay, that's all I'm saying. If enough people wanted me to, I would organize and run a pond swoop meet. Yeah, that's right you heard me say it. I'll organize a meet but I'll need to get paid, a lot. Like a real lot ;-) HOOOOOOOKIT!!!! Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  12. We developed the PRO Mouth Switch after years of frustration, like everyone is saying here. You will always eventually chew through your bite switch. The mechanism of the blow switch is huge(you have no where to put it in most helmets) and the tube always gets gunked up. The tongue switches still had to be held between the teeth, so you eventually ruin those. The simplicity of placing the "button" on your tongue and pushing against the roof of your mouth (Behind front teeth) is easy and simple and it will last a loooong time. Also we have replaced any units that have malfunctioned due to manufacturing problems (Not biting problems ) Also a simple suggestion to new photographers out there. Simply spit out your switch before deployment. That is the most common time that people will bite down during a hard opening. All of the major gear stores carry our PRO Mouth switches. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  13. First, I'm glad your OK. Second, I hope your goal of this reaching newbies works. This is a great example of what happens ALL the time everywhere. I'm happy that you are sharing this with the community to hopefully reach someone out there to not make the same mistake. To all the newbies out there, please don't downsize to quickly, if you want to skydive for a long time. Stay SAFE in the New Year! Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  14. We are going to make the GoPro bracket for the larger backs. If you need that just let us know. If you have any questions, you can just contact me. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!
  15. Here's my Tonfly Shark with the full set up, flash included. Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli The Ranch PROshop Buy Baby Buy!