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  1. Mach1dmb

    Skys The Limit Belize

    Thank you so much!
  2. Mach1dmb

    Skys The Limit Belize

    Its a DZ in Pennsylvania, but they are apparently moving their operation down to Belize for winter. Was hoping someone knew more about it.
  3. Mach1dmb

    Skys The Limit Belize

    What's the deal with STL in Belize? is it happening?
  4. Mach1dmb

    Canopy Course Perris?

    Seconded. Duane is solid. I was emailing him. Originally I was mostly interested in getting my B while I'm out there and I saw on the website Perris advertising a B license progression course if some sort. But Duane doesn't offer water training and he gave me another guy's email, but they haven't got back to me. I'm still considering taking Duane's course, but it is pricy compared to what is offered out here, I was wondering if it really is worth it.
  5. Mach1dmb

    Canopy Course Perris?

    Anyone ever take a canopy course at Perris? I'm going to California soon and was considering taking one, although it was a little pricy compared to whats offered in my region, but I'm willing to pay for it if I know its worth it. If anyone could give any input or some names that would be great.
  6. Mach1dmb

    Manifest Etiquette

    Why would they allow that many tandems to schedule at the same time Iin the first place?
  7. Mach1dmb

    USPA 4 Weeks Behind

    I renewed mine last month a few weeks before I went on vacation to jump. The manifest had to call USPA and they were able to find my renewal, and the. I confirmed it by showing them my confirmation email. So it's not the end of the world if you think you NEED it right away.
  8. Mach1dmb

    Question about disciplines

    Freeflying doesn't have to be expensive. If you want to be alone it will work in your benefit while your learning as nobody wants to freefly with someone who doesn't know what they are doing. As far as learning, all you need to do is experiment and ask for advice on the ground.
  9. Mach1dmb

    How did you get into skydiving?

    A good friend back in high school wanted to go. I always had an interest in skydiving, but never even thought about going. I didn't want him to show me up so I agreed to go. I enjoyed the jump, but I wasn't thrilled. Then a year later another friend wanted to go, and once again I agreed. That's the jump that got me really interested. I decided right there I would get licensed. A year later I was really depressed and came across some money, so I went for it.
  10. Yea, just looked, every car rental place wants to charge $75 extra for being under 25..thats more then the entire cost of renting for 4 days. If anyone is planning on renting a car and would like to carpool and split the cost, please PM me!
  11. Does anyone ever carpool to these events? I'm only 21, I think when your under 25 you get raped in rental car fees.
  12. What would be the closest airport to fly out to? I'm in NY, was thinking about a trip to FL and this seems like a good opportunity.
  13. Mach1dmb

    Skydiving….Why keep doing it?

    I just like every aspect of it. I love airplanes, and the sky, and doing something that boggles my mind. Its a sport, and its challenging physically and mentally, and you can jump for 100 years and never stop learning. I enjoy people's reactions when they find out you skydive, and how were all part of something that only a small percentage of the world experiences. And I like the bonds created between you and other jumpers, even after only meeting them once.
  14. Mach1dmb

    Stupid things I have done

    I was on a load where we didn't fully plan/agree on our landing direction. The wind was low and variable, but we had landed the same direction for the last 3 jumps. Me and another guy planed to land the same way, but we ended up being the only ones landing against everybody else. There was high traffic on my final approach and the wind was gusting, I was scared to land down/crosswind. I saw a break in the traffic and decided to cut across and squeeze in before the next guy landed. We all landed fine, but I probably fucked up the next guy's final approach. I don't think it was fully my fault, but I should have just taken the downwind landing. I panicked.
  15. Mach1dmb

    Advice on rig purchase...

    I would hold off. Even after I got my A I thought I just wanted my own rig that I could safely land. But once you get comfortable, you start to seek performance. You may want a little more after flying for awhile.