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  1. Its a DZ in Pennsylvania, but they are apparently moving their operation down to Belize for winter. Was hoping someone knew more about it.
  2. What's the deal with STL in Belize? is it happening?
  3. My brother's friend made me put on a bailout rig before he'd take me up in his Extra 300L. Told me if something happens, the glass canopy opens or whatever, look back. If he's not in his seat, get out and jump. Considering we were flying around over Monterey Bay, CA I didn't like that option. Thankfully I didn't have to bail. I flew aerobatics in an Extra 300 once. The guy told me that nobody has ever had to bail from one before. I wasn't totally against the idea of something going wrong.
  4. Mach1dmb

    Dust Devil

    I didn't believe in dust devils until I went on vacation to Perris a few weeks ago. I was so excited to see one on the ground, until I saw 3 under canopy.
  5. I look at it as a metaphor. They all were at freedom until they leaped.
  6. Seconded. Duane is solid. I was emailing him. Originally I was mostly interested in getting my B while I'm out there and I saw on the website Perris advertising a B license progression course if some sort. But Duane doesn't offer water training and he gave me another guy's email, but they haven't got back to me. I'm still considering taking Duane's course, but it is pricy compared to what is offered out here, I was wondering if it really is worth it.
  7. Anyone ever take a canopy course at Perris? I'm going to California soon and was considering taking one, although it was a little pricy compared to whats offered in my region, but I'm willing to pay for it if I know its worth it. If anyone could give any input or some names that would be great.
  8. Title sounds like a band name
  9. My best was Limp Bizkit this past summer at The Stone Pony. Probably my favorite venue, and ironically while playing at such a tiny place a decade after their prime, they said it was one of their best shows they ever played. They only played their older stuff and we got to hear one they NEVER played live before. I guess if I had to pick a worst it would be a Dave Matthews Band show where all they played was their garbage like "You and Me" and "Satellite"
  10. Why would they allow that many tandems to schedule at the same time Iin the first place?
  11. I renewed mine last month a few weeks before I went on vacation to jump. The manifest had to call USPA and they were able to find my renewal, and the. I confirmed it by showing them my confirmation email. So it's not the end of the world if you think you NEED it right away.
  12. We'll I'm still scared of heights, so being strapped in by a thin belt and climbing up a track a few 100ft gets me. I was freaking out on Kinda Ka at 6 flags once. My sister-in-law was like "you skydive..". But seeing the very top of the track and following it down to see I'm attached to it is scary. Don't get me started on Enchanted Tea Cups.
  13. He was great in Twister and Almost Famous
  14. Freeflying doesn't have to be expensive. If you want to be alone it will work in your benefit while your learning as nobody wants to freefly with someone who doesn't know what they are doing. As far as learning, all you need to do is experiment and ask for advice on the ground.