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  1. Good write up, but I think it's uncouth to subjectively classify certain manufacturers as preferred. That being said, I'm going to go ahead and put in a good word for Peregrine Manufacturing, or "Perigrees". The staff there builds a quality product and has Tier-A service. They have decades of experience in the sport. I personally jump one of their containers.
  2. By "Best" I mean prettiest, best weather, surrounding area, etc. What's your favourite sunset load?
  3. Congratulations, and welcome! You'll find a ton of great people here in Colorado and yes - iFly right up 25 from the Springs is a luxury that many don't have.
  4. Another thing you should (IMO) take into consideration... Where is your home DZ? Are you jumping near sea level, or are you jumping at higher altitudes? At my home DZ, I've seen the density altitude in the summer hit 8,700'... I'm sure it has been even higher. There have been many hot and humid days when I'm OK with flying my 210 sky barge.
  5. I know many people with Harness/Container systems DOM late nineties. My main DOM is 1998 and I just had it relined. The best thing for you to do is research and then absolutely insist that any potential seller ship the item to your trusted rigger for a complete inspection prior to sale. Then take that advice and talk to someone who knows how much all that gear SHOULD be worth, then start negotiating. You'll have more wiggle room with price, generally, with older systems as opposed to newer ones.
  6. You are starting to sound like Kim Gibbs, championing a lost cause to the point of self destruction. You don't want to be like her, do you? Just accept the lesson to be learned, give yourself extra time when traveling, bring your x-ray card (which you already said you'll do) and go be a kick-ass skydiver
  7. Because ALL international agreements/treaties/shit like that are drafted in French. Has always been. I'm not trying to be obtuse, but I knew about the X-Ray card before I even owned my own rig. I think you just didn't plan very well and, as a result, had this unfortunate experience.
  8. Just another perk of living in Colorado, waterlogged to bone dry overnight - hanging inside. Now as far as hot dog buns go... :-/
  9. I washed my main toggles... and the sink looked like it had backed-up sewer water. TOGGLES.
  10. Prepare to be grossed out. You'll be amazed at the amount of nastiness to come out of that H/C.
  11. Thanks Indeed it was in Phoenix, just goes to show that suck factor is contagious.
  12. Yeah... My kids always manage. My daughter likes helping pack and then comes out to the landing area to see if it worked. It's the visitors that I see on a weekly basis...
  13. The Rockies are secondary background entertainment at Coors Field. The food, drink, atmosphere, and Dinger are primary. The Rox are AAA grade at best and don't deserve the ballpark they play in. I used to get upset at people like that who went to the game and weren't engaged, because I was the guy who had season tickets and kept score and stuck by them until the Montforts ruined the franchise piece by piece. To hell with the Rockies. They are in the same category as my ex-girlfriend. I hope they slowly and painfully disintegrate into oblivion after breaking my heart so many times. To hell with them all.
  14. I've seen it more times than I personally think I should. Kids at the dropzone, bored to tears but still soldiering through it. Usually they're just glued to an electronic device, plugged into the wall. Sometimes they're playing with whomever will give them the time of day. Other times a Jumper might bring the wife/girlfriend/S.O. and there's just not a lot to really do. Now obviously I'm not thinking about anything ridiculously elaborate, but are there any dropzones with a reputation for being a place that spectators and family members have more to do than watch and wait?