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  1. Hey all Thnx again for the info and pm's. I realize now that concentrating on disciplines is totally pointless right now. I know many of u said "just go jump" and I would have started already but its been too cold here. So i just figured I would ask a few questions in the meantime. I can also certainly understand that noob questions can be frustrating for those of u who see them all the time. I did actually try to search for an answer to my question about jumping solo but everything that came up was AFF related. I now know that i shouldnt discount anything cuz i dont know anything yet. Gotta keep an open mind and just see where thisvtakes me. To Mike...ill just say this and im done. Apparently we got off on the wrong foot. Its obvious that u have alot of experience and u probly get sick of the same ol questions. But do u really have to be so sarcastic and come up with all this elaborate crap....your like a dropzone forum bully....haha. A simple "dont even bother thinking about that right now" would have sufficed. But i guess your one of those people who get off on making others look stupid. Anyways....thats all i have to say about that....done. Thnx for all the advice everyone....its much appreciated. I guess the only thing to do now is go jump...lol.
  2. Thnx lukasz.... That was exactly the kind of advice i was looking for. Btw...im not a war junkie or anything....I was just doin what i was told and tryin to stay alive. I shouldnt have even mentioned it....I apologize for flyin off the handle like that.....just hate bein punked....haha.
  3. Thnx to those of you who replied with a helpful response. Very much appreciated. I was unaware that it takes that long to focus on a discipline. To Mike Stafford....if u arent going to help...why dont u just keep your stupid ass comments to yourself. I really hope all skydivers arent such a snooty bunch of know it alls like you. And being prepared is not a waste of time....attention to detail is what got me thru 2 tours in Iraq so go fuck yourself asshole!
  4. Hello all I posted about a weekago with some newbie questions about gear and cost, etc......thnx very much for all your input. Since then i have been trying to read up more on the sport. Since its soooo frickin cold here lately thats about all i could do. I did stop into the DZ last saturday (they are still open weekends in offseason) and spoke with them for a lil bit. He explained the way they do their school, how to stay current, and some other basic stuff that prospective students probly ask about. Anyways....I never realized that skydiving had so many disciplines. Actually never even knew it was a sport....lol. Always thought u just jump out and enjoy the ride. So that got me thinking....what discipline would i be interested in? Relative work? I dont think so.....this might sound kinda weird but i enjoy doing most activities alone. Mountain biking, working out, kayak fishing, backpacking....always enjoy more by myself.....just kind of a loner I guess. Freeflying? From what ive read....seems like one needs to be very very experienced and have plenty of disposable income for a coach or tunnel time....i have neither... Freestyle?...nah Swooping? not sure but probly not Crew? See above under RW Base? Yes but isnt it illegal pretty much everywhere in the states? Classics? Honestly...this is the one that appeals to me the most. But does anyone even do these anymore? Also...im not sure im understanding "Style" completely. Is it performing manuevers as fast as possible or "cleanly" or both? I think id like "accuracy" alot. It sounds like it would appeal to my meticulous nature. Although it doesnt seem like quite as much fun....i think i would take great pride in being able to have pinpoint control of my canopy. So obviously the first 25 jumps are just getting your feet wet....learning the basics. I assume the next 100 at least are just doing the same....but getting better at it. But I know the way I am....I have a hard time getting into something unless there is a goal ahead that im working towards.....like a specific discipline....u follow me? So i guess what im asking is what was it that u all worked towards in those first 100 jumps? Or even the next couple 100? Also...what about for people like me who would prefer to jump alone? It seems like alot of this sport is based on obtaining enough skill to jump with others at a particular skill level....is that a correct assumption? Im sure im getting ahead of myself here...but i feel like these are valid questions even for a newb like me. I dont want to get into a sport and spend all that time and money and it turns out its not for me. Thnx for the help. Id really like to hear your opinions and advice whatever they may be. It will go a long way into my decision on how id like to proceed.
  5. Skydiver crack? Ive seen videos of wind tunnels....looks fun....but meh.. Thnx all for the replies. Dave....u make a good point. I didnt even think about resale. I think the general consensus though....is that im getting way ahead of myself....and i agree. I havent even taken lesson 1 yet....haha. I hope i dont love it too much though....I think i can only afford about 100 jumps a year....lol. Thnx again for the advice. I think it might be a lil while before i can start training. Its very cold here....but ill keep browsing the site to try qnd learn as i go along here.
  6. Hey thnx for the advice. I filled in the profile a lil bit. im on the IL/WI border...Id be going to skydive milwaukee / sky knights. ...its only about 25 miles from me. I hope i didnt make it sound like i was planning to buy gear while in training...i know they provide everything i need. I just wanted to get a headstart so i know how much i would need to save. Im sure im gonna love it but man....this is an expensive sport!
  7. Hey all Sorry if these questions are beating a dead horse but my internet is down so im using my phone and its a pita to search with it....ha. Anyways...im very green with all this. I have only done 2 tandem jumps....both over 5 years ago. I obviously loved it and have wanted to go back and get certified but life and money got in the way. I have saved up enough for the training....but im concerned with the gear. Ive heard to buy used up until one has about 100 jumps....but to be honest...I dont even know what im looking at when im reading a classified ad fr a rig....ha. im 5'9"...160... could u guys point me in the right direction for what i need in a starter rig. I know i wont need it until i get my license but id like to start looking so i can plan ahead. thnx all!