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  1. Just renewed my annual USPA membership online, still $55. Their confirmation email mentions delivery time up to four weeks. I never remembered them ever being speedy about memberships or licenses, but I'm glad I have a winter renewal date. Plan ahead gang. _______________________________________________ CURRENT MEMBERSHIP PROCESSING TIMEFRAME: We are currently running about 4 weeks behind. All applications (memberships, licenses, ratings and awards) are being processed in the order they were received. We ask for your continued patience while we work through the glitches experienced by the new system. Expedite service (processed within two working days) can be requested by checking the appropriate box or writing it on the application and remitting the expedite fee. If you are ordering a membership, normal submission online is handled the same as if faxed. Charges to your account and changes to the database can take up to two weeks to appear, and receipt of your membership card can take up to four weeks. Expedited charges will be processed within 48 working hours. This includes charges to your credit card and updates to the database. An e-mail or fax confirmation will be sent and can be used until your membership card is received. Please review the below information to ensure its accuracy:
  2. The DZ altitude is at 39 feet. The landing area is highlighted in the picture. Very similar to Perris' landing area, but slightly larger and with soft grass. Standard rectangular patterns apply, but the final leg of your pattern must be parallel with the runway. No diagonal crap like at Elsinore. You will receive a thorough DZ briefing in broken English, so pay attention and ask questions. Don't fuck up like someone did last week...now their DZ is closed. Skydiving fees there are generally double what you would pay at Elsinore. That goes for packing and gear rental too. You don't have to buy a annual club membership...instead you can buy the shorter term membership which is cheaper. You'll have to buy insurance too. Email them ahead of time. Sending them money for this was the tricky part. Luckily I had a friend in Japan do it for me. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The regular jumpers are too. The DZ is tricky to find, and a bit of a walk if you're taking the bus like me. I got lost and literally followed canopies to the DZ. I'm glad I didn't bring my gear. The plane is in great condition, but lacks seats. Jumprun can be confusing, so let the natives spot and communicate with the pilot. Have fun and be safe.
  3. +1 for Mel Lancaster. You can send him a PM. He is active here on the forums under the username: masterrigger1 http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?username=masterrigger1; He shipped me a lineset for my Viper last year...saved me time and money. Pete Swan is also an excellent rigger, but he prefers that you ship the canopy to him for the install. So you still have some good options for Atair relines
  4. I went through one of my ext hard drives and found some of these pics from my HC. Nothing fancy, but perhaps you know one of these people and can pass them along. Perris, summer of 2006.
  5. My HC-42 is side mounted in a 2kcomposites FF2. I had to cut(dremel) out several sections of the camera housing in the helmet to make it fit.
  6. I already removed the hand strap first thing. I've contacted 2kComposites and apparently a FF2 has not been made for a HC42 before. The design is off the HC40. I'm not sure how much different the cameras are, but enough I guess because mine didn't fit as they and me thought it should. I've sent them more pics and I'm still waiting on them to instruct me what to. Thanks for all the replys, FF2 owners.
  7. Can you take some pics and post here...? Even if you have only got the camcorder....takes some footage pointing it into a mirror and get a couple of screen grabs to show us here Here are a couple pics. What I am pointing at in the first pic is a section of the housing that's sticking out and shifting my camera to the left. The other pic just shows the side of the box. Each side contacts my camera when I close it. I have maneuvered the camera in all directions to try for a better fit. It still lacks clearance. I was thinking of using a dremel to shave/file down these areas to make more clearance for my HC42. That's why I had originally posted because I thought others may have had to do the same. Fortunately for you guys, everybodys seem to fit fine. Maybe it's just a problem with the HC line. I ordered the helmet directly from 2kcomposites so I'll contact them and see what to do.
  8. No. I'm trying to position the camera so that the lens is centered in the camera lens hole...naturally. The right side of the camera is contacting a section inside the camera housing causing the camera to be shifted off to the left slightly. This is only 1 of the 2 problems. The sides of the "box" as it closes, contacts both the battery(back) and the mic area(front)...and also contact my Sony lens. I don't think I could even fit a Diamond/Stealth with the way this is looking. The box is still able to close around the camera, but I'm forcing the box around it.
  9. I have the standard battery. I've adjusted plate in different positions, but my camera is about a .5 inch too long. The door will close fine; however, when the foam presses against the camera...it shifts the camera out of line. I don't have enough clearance on the inside or the box either.
  10. I finally received mine. The helmet fits my head very well, but not my camera. I have a HC42 which I had 2kcomposites make the helmet for. So my questions for you guys starts here. What cameras did you have your helmet made for and did they fit well? I've played around with the position of the bracket. When I try to close the camera housing "door", it's rubbing on the battery and also the front of the camera and lens...knocking my camera around too. It's driving me crazy. Have any of you had to shave down sections of the camera housing to make more clearance for your cameras? Have you modified it in any way? If so would reply in detail please?
  11. Yep. Same thing happened to me...13 weeks.
  12. Start looking for a new job...in Southern California.
  13. I would pick Perris. I have been to all four dropzones and they are all great. Any of them are fine for tandems and AFF. Pacific Coast has a 206 and will most likely only go to 10k feet. It will be cheaper most likely, but sounds as if $$ isn't a problem for your first jump. But if you are going to become a skydiver, Perris may be better for these reasons: They have world class instructing as mentioned above. They also have a wind tunnel which is a great teaching tool while going through AFF as well as after you get your license. Some of your AFF instructors will also be instructing in the tunnel. You can jump any day of the week. There are plenty of teams and fun jumpers there even on weekdays for planes to turn. This is why I picked Perris to finish my student training and why it's my home DZ. All of them are good, and I would jump at any of them. I hope this helps.
  14. 1985! Jeez, call Kelly at Velocity Sports already, and move into the new century. You'd love a new Infinity, trust me. That's exacly what I'll be doing soon. 89 container 2000 main 95 reserve