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  1. I haven't been to dz.com for years!! Didnt think log in would work... uh.....that's all. Gonna go look for ChileRelleno... ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  2. It's your flag - you can fly it any darned way you want, even upside down! You don't need someone else's permission. I wasn't asking "permission". I was asking about etiquette. ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  3. Was curious if it was any different for home displayed. Mine is. Done. Thanks Quade ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  4. As ordered by the POTUS after Scalias passing, correct to fly my flag at home at half staff also? Thanks ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  5. Had to add a couple things. Spent a good dollar for this truck. Got 2 big ol dogs we take with us which is kind of the reason we went with the crew cab Well, nice leather seats so a cover was in order. Couldnt find anything we liked so tried those portable crates. THAT didnt work. Bernese Mountain Dog and a German Shepherd. Couldnt get both crates in together Sooooo, camper shell it is.... ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  6. A recent road trip to see the wife's Nucks beat my Sharks ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  7. I work a lot of holidays, 48 hour shifts at an ambulance station. Sometimes the schedule rolls around in a crews favor and a lot of holidays are days off. I used to pick up those days when I was single for folks with families. This year Im on duty but it's alright being as the wife is on duty also (she does 72s and 96s ) My sister works at Target and as for working Thanksgiving, it was a "wait and see what WalMart is doing" as far as opening times etc.... As for those working, I make an effort to at least say thanks to folks, have a good holiday. Cops on the street, that ambulance crew posting on the street corner, nurses, the person mopping the floor in the ER, that old lady trying to make ends meet behind the counter at Jack in the Box etc. ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  8. Had my issue of Parachutist (from todays mail) in my truck AND SHE TOOK IT I have GOT to get her to the dropzone. LOVE to hear her tell how it was!! Wondering if theres anyone around here from the maybe early 70's might know her? ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  9. Well, Im kinda helping her deal with the passing of her husband VERY recently so.... (we just today spread his ashes on a mountain overlooking her home) Taft, early 70's is what she shared with me this afternoon. We talked about taking a ride out there to see how its changed since. I think that would be awesome for her! ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  10. Known a very sweet 75 year old lady through work for years and couple days ago she saw a t-shirt I was wearing and she says, "I used to skydive, I still have my skydiving boots". She showed em to me yesterday. What an interesting surprise. ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  11. Was fitted for my Tyvek "suit" etc. day before yesterday. will become part of my required bring to work crap, "just in case".... ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  12. Spur of the moment road tripped to S.F. (from socal) to see my San Francisco Giants play yesterday. ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  13. I used a credit card at a Flying J gas station and soon after had a bunch of charges come up in the Los Angeles area (I was nowhere near LA). I think one of the biggest disappointments was the modern attitude of "Its just part of doing business these days" when I commented to the lady on the phone regarding how easy it was to be reimbursed by the bank. ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  14. So how does one find out just what exactly is in an old box of old coins nowadays? Zero interest in selling, just like to maybe take them somewhere and have someone that knows what they are looking at check em out here in SoCal. Any suggestions? ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -
  15. Expensive truck wash attendant. I bet you had to buy it a house and feed and clothe it too. She makes more than what I do so must be doin SOMETHING right ------------------------------------------ The Dude Abides. -