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  1. It was myself that Gopro sent the above reply to. I have taken a refund for the black edition. Back to using the 2. There are so many things I liked about the back, but the .05 exposure lock I cant live with. Once they sort that out I will get another or I might wait for the hero 4, in the hope they have learnt there lesson
  2. yes my 3 also went back to the shop, I am back using the 2 also
  3. If you just wanted to shoot video or time lapse of .02sec intervals , It would be a fine camera
  4. I brought the black 2 months ago, took it back last week, because gopro told me the silver was not locked, then after I brought the silver which came sat, I got another email telling me the silver was locked the same as the black, so I wont even take it out of its case, and will be taking it back also, but all this time I have had no problem whats so ever getting a full refund, They came from John lewis, which also came with a 2yr standard waranty. So its back to using the hero 2 for me. where as a friend of mine who brought his from the states, is stuck with it.
  5. I had a email from Gopro telling me this exposure lock problem does not happen with the silver, so took the black back, now waiting for the silver to arrive. Time will tell, if its a problem with the silver as well, then thats going back as well.
  6. I have the black and the exposure lock problem means I cant go from inside the plane to outside without washout, it this exposure lock just on the black, or on all Hero 3 models. ie white, Silver.
  7. This is what I have read on some gopro forum sites. Any of you heard the same.
  8. Sorry about the problems with exposure locking in the two shortest time lapse intervals. Would you believe that was intended as a feature and it's not a bug? My understanding is that some folks in the skydiving community asked for it, but since then we've heard lots of complaints from other skydivers, so we've asked the engineering folks to make it an option you can turn on or off. For now be aware that in the two shortest time lapse modes, 0.5 and 1.0 seconds, the exposure will latch on to the values encountered at the first frame. For time lapse intervals of 2.0 seconds and longer each frame will be imaged using auto exposure. Remember that if auto-exposure results in flickering you can improve and smooth out the assembled video by invoking the De-flicker filter from the Advanced Settings menu of our free Cineform Studio software. Keep an eye on the forums and check in to the firmware update page every few weeks for when the update hits. Thank you so much for your feedback.
  9. Thanks for that, just out of interest, does this happen with the white and silver edition cameras.
  10. Time Lapse Interval 0.5 sec Spray and pray! Take two pictures a second during your skydive and sort them out at the end of the day. Adjust to your needs. 2 second interval and above does not have the exposure lock issue. Does anyone know if there is a update or if one is coming out to sort this exposure lock problem out as I want 0.5 intervals starting from inside the plane. Thanks
  11. I dont think its just the Skydiving industry, its the same as Skiing instructors, Scuba instructors, the list goes on. The same wages are being payed today as 20yrs ago, as long as somebody is happy to get there board and food and beer money, the boss will not loose any sleep. I would'nt mind my boss living in a castle and driving a ferrari with a dump blonde sat by his side, as long as he payed a fare wage, which brings the million $$$$$$ question, what do you call a fare wage to do a tandem. its not like the cost of doing a tandem jump has gone up 3 fold. Bosses will always have alot more, thats why there bosses. And if he got there by hard work and looked after his staff, good luck to him.
  12. I dont know if you can do this, but can you do a full format of the card while in the camera, connected via USB lead, and use a good card formating software.
  13. My main reason for getting the 3 black, is smaller housing, more mp stills, a remote, so no more , is it on or off, wrist remote used as a cameye. Won't stop the camera from freezing up or getting a mind of its own. But like alot of people in europe have found, if it needs to be sent to gopro, you could be in for a very long wait, up to 3 months in some cases.