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  1. I'm not doing that. I just needed a good pick like that so the artist could draw up something. Plus I'm adding some kickass additions to it but not telling my plan
  2. I need some really cool shots of freestyle swoop shots carving over the pond and dragging the foot. I really like the Tj langren shot with the xaos 27 by Steve utter. I need it pretty clear because I'm getting a tattoo of it and need to be able to blow it up. Thanks
  3. I was at best buy the other day and was looking at the new sonys. There is one on there new cameras that still accepts a external lens that is like the cx models. But they did do away with it on the others they had there
  4. Thanks Chris. Yes I've jumped for a while and have set my helmet up in different ways. I'm just getting ideas on the best way to mount it vertically behind my camera but it has to set up a little off the plate. I would like to mount it that way and not have o worry about it comin off the helmet. Gettin ideas from someone is not silly. They have tested it and I have not. Looking Gina good way is all. I don't have time to make things that's why I ask.
  5. I'm wanting to mount mine like that.virtical behind my camera and video. I have lots if room back there. What did u use under the flash to raise it up so its above the camera. Is the strap to help it stay on and where did u get That
  6. This may have been done before. But I'm trying to come up with a good way to mount my flag in my helmet. So if you would please post your camera helmet with a flash on it. I jump a flat top pro with both stills and video mounted on top. Thanks
  7. I have an older flat top pro which did not come with the buckle. So I bought the retro fit kit so I could have the buckle and it came with a new cutaway system. I really need some close up pictures o the back of a flattop pro that has these on them so I cne make sure it gets out on correctly. The pictures they sent doesnt have a clear view. Thanks
  8. How many and what dropzones have and use these canopies? I really like the sigma2. 340 myself but the dz don't have any.
  9. Sounds like a fun canopy. The turbulent thing is scary as hell. Don't want to be broke up
  10. I'm looking for some great information from those of you who have flown or ate flying these canopies. I need everything you can give me. A dzo purchased them and I've never jumped them. The goods and bass.
  11. Have you had any problems with the button snap ever coming undone or snagged on anything? That was my only concern but it sounds as people really like this glove. When I do tandems if I wear gloves its a med. But thats only when its colder outside. During warmer months i don't use gloves at all. Should I get the med?
  12. There are three different types of go pro gloves and I was wondering which is the best of which one do you people like more? Is more secure better delivery time and etc.
  13. Has anyone seen what the gopro 3d setup looks like when done?
  14. Yeah I seen that one. That's the one I probably will get now. I'm asking I was going to get a Canon. But its disountiued. Why was it and what's Canon doing. That's a great lens.
  15. I was getting ready to buy a Canon fisheye lens and have noticed that it is discontinued for some reason. Is Canon going to produce another 15mm fisheye or is there any place I can get one. What's up?