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  1. Anyone know the current turnaround time? My rigger sent my Cypres 2 in on August 25th and still no word back. Their phone number is an answering machine, I left a message and will hopefully hear back.
  2. What is the song called? I can't find a copy of it anywhere. It's also in a French base video called.. Trollspiret I think.
  3. Zorbing is dangerous!
  4. Tandem standing seems pretty dumb but the chin camera, that is GREAT! No hazard of shit getting snagged on top of your helmet, unless you deploy on your back. For some reason with the various jokes in here I couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes That was quite the interesting skydive would be even more so if the link worked. Link works for me. It shows a mr bill tandemjump with drogue-rider and some other jumpers (2 of which never even come close), plus the most interesting way of mounting 3 camera's on your chin (?) I've ever seen
  5. ***No room? That looks like a pretty densely-packed airport property. There is more then enough compliant areas on that field, for some licensed and TDM's, students would be really tight. It's my understanding they were told no they couldn't land on that federal funded airport because of the sailplanes and UL traffic and they choose to go off airport to be nice and accommodating to the other airport users. Now the county is going to be forcing the business owner and the City of Boulder into a tight spot... I think in the near future there will an airport access case with lawyers involved, I base that on research, not just what I think. If they win and I'm sure they can with enough $$$, then Kim Gibbs can bitch all she likes about the noise and there won't be shit she can do about it, nor the county denial of landing on an airport as a land use issue. I think this would be an optimal solution in that we wouldn't have to drive back. But there is a lot of traffic at the airport with gliders, UL's etc. I would be concerned about hitting one under canopy. I want to jump here again
  6. If you don't do up your chest strap, I hear it is not easy to do up in free-fall. I have also heard of putting your arm across and grabbing the main lift web on the other side, while pulling your PC with other hand. Truth to this?
  7. What can I do to help? I live in Boulder. The letters weren't enough I take it?
  8. I want to get it to coach skydiving club students, and not as a job, I probably won't charge them. I don't currently work in skydiving. I am a grad student and money is an issue, second time I'm considering the course. I guess I'm somewhat annoyed to have to pay more than anywhere else (I checked 2 other places offering the course. edit: no jumps included for $350, it's two evenings (3.5hr/evening) + practical jumps on a weekend.
  9. Insightful replies, everyone. I will decide if its worth it to me. I am interested in teaching students occasionally but not as a job, on some weekends. It is a uspa, no jumps included. There may be a second instructor, which would make sense. I appreciate the post about not making financial decisions based on what they make.. it might be worth it to me. I checked a few other places and its definitely the most expensive.. the joys of still being a student.
  10. I realize these posts were a while ago, but I am looking at: $350 coach course fee $55 book with shipping $112 at least in jumping $35 USPA Rating Fee ------ $552 Edit: Inflation isin't this much. Is that the going rate? Should I go elsewhere?
  11. I signed up for a coach course and the "fee" is $350. It seems like with a class of 8, the instructor makes a killing on it. I even pay for my own materials, they get the space for free... they are making $2800 for 2 nights and 8 hours' work? Am I missing something here? I have seen another coach course at Snohomish for $175... half the price. Is it completely arbitrary / how much robbery the rating giver wants to commit? I'm talking about the USPA coach course.. Canada is even worse don't get me started. Thoughts?
  12. Well, I did 2 jumps out of an R44 in Moab last weekend, then came across this thread today I definitely wouldn't want to practice getting out of the chopper on the ground,looked like a good way to get your head chopped off! We were warned not to push off the chopper, rather just fall off. The pilot didn't say anything about not standing on the strut, and I stood on it both times. The R44 seemed fine at altitude, it shook the same there as on the ground. The pilot even gave us a cool canyon tour before we went to altitude, buzzing rock formations! Overall a good experience for me. I would do it again... it didn't seem to sketchy. Just don't catch your stuff on anything on the way out. One thing the pilot did do was remove all the doors except for his door. And he did not have a parachute!
  13. I did the B-Rels and they were kind of a pain in the ass. It was hard to get people to jump with you (doing that kind of thing), and hard to organize the four-way at the end. I went to Australia with 30 jumps, and left with about 85.. I did my last B-rel with a cool bloke.. Pricey I think. At Picton, I didn't have any trouble finding people to jump with, although we mostly did tons of atmo. Just get with a group and jump with them all day. I remember some fun fairly big atmo jumps, rows of people jumping backwards out the skyvan