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  1. Lots of views and no replies.. come on
  2. aeroflyer

    Hip Rings Webbing Rubbing - Wings

    Since I can't edit from my phone, I'll add that frankly the wings hip rings are an inferior design, unlike vectors where the leg strap webbing is separate from the other webbing loops at the hip ring. I think its time for wings to wake up and switch to the D ring hip ring design. Other than selling my rig, I'm not sure there's anything I can do.
  3. aeroflyer

    Atmonauti MOPs and PASA

    This is really long.. has anyone read it?
  4. aeroflyer

    186 mph in Speed Tracking.

    From your website, I see that you're not going for glide ratio but horizontal speed. It's interesting. To get faster, I think you need to focus on minimizing drag and more weight. I think the phoenix-fly suit (I though that's in your photos) is pretty good for minimizing drag. You could look at this helmet or something similar to get rid of the energy-sapping vortices from a normal helmet: Or try a full-face, I think those are pretty good at pushing the air out of the way. Also streamlining would help, getting rid of the camera on your helmet and any other blocky things. It would be good if tracking pants had a butt pillow like wingsuits, too.. The butt pillow on wingsuits reduces the low pressure zone behind the rig, where air goes from rig to nothing with that big jump over the bottom of the container. It's an aerodynamic inefficiency. If you're just going for all out horizontal speed and not sustained, you could try diving and then pulling out into a steep track.. I'm sure you've done this already. I would like to do something similar but try to get the best glide.. 1.7:1 should be achievable with a tracking suit and skill. the real barrier will be 2:1, which i think will require more technology in tracking suits.
  5. aeroflyer

    Jumping Down Under

    Go to the forum on and ask those guys, thats kind of the aussie equivalent of
  6. aeroflyer

    Hurricane canopy anyone?

    I know 2 people that have jumped them, both 170's. I haven't jumped it. I heard it was a fully elliptical like a stiletto. The material is usually the South African ZP, which isin't slippery like normal ZP and easy to pack. I don't know how they handle or perform though..
  7. aeroflyer

    Just Jump

  8. aeroflyer

    Picton Sunset

  9. aeroflyer

    Vector 3 V348 DOM 1997

    I don't know what the restriction is in your country but in Australia it is something around that age.. 15 years. Why are you looking at something so old when you could get newer used gear at a decent price? I would keep looking!
  10. aeroflyer

    Webbing / Harness wear

    more attachments.. will only let me put 2 in the first post 1 in the reply
  11. Technically I think it's only a downplane if you have two parachutes out and they are both pointing towards the ground. One opening pointing down is just a dive. I've watched tandems from the ground and they seem to do it a fair bit, not very severe, my pilot's never really done it. I'm not sure what causes it maybe lack of symmetry in the pack job?
  12. aeroflyer

    catAgory vs catEgory

    Looked it up and catagory appears to be wrong
  13. aeroflyer

    Stowing brakes on Wings?

    I saw this thread here:;search_string=wings%20brake%20stow;#994294 which says to stow it under the bottom toggle keeper. Plan is to take a look at my rig tomorrow to see if this would work.. I think the wings risers have changed since that thread ^ in 2004.