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  1. Good one :-) ... ok, on a serious note does "Outdoor sports (Parachuting) & tourism" carry any negative conotation in Norway?
  2. Anyone here needed to take a VISA for going to Norway (Stavengar) ? What did you state was the purpose of your trip?
  3. So far I have mostly jumped 300 to 800ft objectives (S and A). Plan to jump Kjerag this july. Will probably we taking the course offered in Norway. Wanted to know what else should I be doing to prepare for this as I still have time. Also, is it a good idea to get tracking pants/jacket, put some Skydives on them and then actually use them on the first jump. Or do you recommend to instead just focus on tracking skills for the first couple of jumps
  4. How do I know if I made the 1st Hundred or not?
  5. Thanks Jason. By the way, has anyone managed to complete the registration? I can't seem to go past the site.
  6. Speak to APEX and they should be able to help. Just to point out, the tabs on my Rock Dragon (bought 2 years back) are off by a bit from where they should be. I had shown this to Jimmy and he had made a note of it for future canopies.
  7. vented and 244 Rock Dragon
  8. I know there's been a lot of debate around this so I'll keep the question simple. It's a 300 feet jump off an 'A'. The landing area is big with outs. The jump is a Hand held 1sec delay. I've done this earlier with a 47". How does a 42" Apex vented compare with the 47" for this jump?
  9. When you talk about delays how do you measure one. For instance is a 2 sec delay measured as the time lapse from launch to just before you reach out for the PC (or let the PC go as in hand held) or is it 2 sec from launch to canopy extraction?
  10. I've been trying to look for some stuff around Delhi but haven't found anything yet. I'm quite sure there are options, I just haven't had the time to explore each time I've been there.
  11. Got a few questions that I need some experienced insights into. There are probably no generic answers to these two questions but I'd still like to hear of what people have experienced. quesitons: 1.) What kind of security measures should one normally expect for a building that is still under construction? It's a condominium building in a built up area and will at some point be at 30 floors. 2.) What kind of access options are normally available on such buildings while their superstructure is still under construction?
  12. I don't think it's quite that simple. I don't think it's about whether or not life is coming to an end but about the timing of it all. Like you can manage your risk in BASE and mitigate it, you can do the same in your regular life and hope to prolong it. Getting into BASE is not a step towards reducing your risk exposure in life. The fact remains, if you get into BASE you are substantially increasing your risk of a serious injury or death no matter how careful you are. From there on it's a matter of perspective and personal choices.