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  1. andym148

    Are Earplugs Dangerous to Use in Freefall?

    Im with the majority, and Baz Leherman and it shouldn't have been wear sunscreen. It should have been wear ear plugs! The problem with sound is its not what you can hear, its the high frequency sounds you cant hear thats the problem. Wearing ear plugs on the way up is to be recommended, for obvious reasons. Anyone who's says other wise hasn't had hearing problems (tinnitus, noise induced/age related hearing loss), i was 33 when i was recommend hearing aids. And i used to have what the military term H1 (excellent) hearing, now my hearings shot and i've got excruciating ringing in my ears. That ringing in your ears you get from being in a night club listening to loud music, thats tinnitus. Theres NO CURE, its like genital herpes...its a friend for life! I wear those little yellow ones you get in the tunnels, all the time when jumping, i sometimes take out the right one (audible side), and sometimes i leave it in. When i do i'm hyper vigilant of people under canopy. Also have you heard how loud your audible is on the ground, thats going off right to your ear as well. It's going to do damage over many years, and 1000's of jumps. Look after your hearing, you'll miss it when its gone!
  2. andym148

    Questions - just did AFF Level 1

    Think of it this way... go for a run on a really windy day. Run with the wind behind you (DOWN WIND), you'll find it easy and cover a load of ground (if you look between your feet 'quickly' under canopy you'll see the ground going under you faster). Hence why the holding area is always up wind. Now run with the wind in your face (IN TO WIND), you'll find it harder and won't you won't cover as much ground (again look down at the ground below, it should be moving slower). Disclaimer.... Don't spend too much time looking down and forget about clearing your airspace.
  3. andym148

    AFF Level 4, failed twice

    Hey Ninja, Don't sweat the little things. That was not bad at me i've had worse students! (And i failed level 4 twice and lets not get started on lvl 5!) Apart from your crazy arms... try and look in the direction you want to go in. Unless your a barn owl the body has to stop or else your head will unscrew (hence pick your heading). You look like your looking under your (left?) arm try looking over it and keeping your head up will help your arch as well. Have fun in the frosty UK. Andy
  4. andym148

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    The bloke is a tool of the highest order and should have been swallowed instead..... How ever, he's a tool worth upwards of $30million so he's doing something right? Prior to watching the video i was expecting the same as the last idiot who flew in to the power lines, but he looked stable on pull. I thought he chopped due to low twists and unable to get his head back, he pulled, he counted, he chopped, FairPlay to him, most students don't count. And he did the right thing. Now the instructor... I'm not very knowledgable on Perris but unless he was deep and low there is no excuse for pulling under the student for this very reason. He got lucky, now he gets screwed. As dip shit's post goes viral, and everyone see's it.
  5. andym148

    You Know Nothing About Seatbelts - Part 3

    Hey Annette, nice article. Lets not take all the 'glory' away from the pilots. Without them all the above listed accidents would have ended up as smoking holes, and no amount of seat belts will save you from pounding into the earth at 120mph. Sorry for detracting away from your article.
  6. andym148

    Hearing Safety For Skydivers: It’s A Thing

    Hey, Great article! I can speak on authority on this. My hearing has been wavering/going over the past couple of years (I'm 36 years young), admittedly jumping wasn't the biggest cause. My hearing really took a kick in the nuts during my time in the military, ever since then its been gradually getting worse. It's now got to the point were i have to wear hearing aids, i no longer hear birds singing. My phone can ring in my pocket and i only know due to the vibration, i have 24/7 tinnitus to really give me an added kick in the nuts. If you remember partying when you were younger and your ears would ring on your way home, but by morning it would be gone again? Well tinnitus is like that, always there. I haven't experienced 100% quietness in 12years, i know longer remember what it's like. Psychologically, it's horrendous. You miss conversations, my wife is amazing and has learned to cope with my often random answers. She might ask what do i want for dinner? I'll think she's asked me the time, 'yes, is 1pm', and she knows I've guessed what she's asked. You can be part of a group conversation, all of a sudden people will start laughing. You've missed the punch line, but because your not laughing people look at you. You then think you're the butt of the joke, and cue an uncalled for response or a feeling of expulsion as you missed the punchline and no longer feel part of the joke. Trust me, you don't want to end up loosing your hearing. Wear ear plugs, even you don't think it's loud, it is. I would give my left leg to have my once perfect hearing back, and i know in a few years my hearing will degrade to such an extent that it's possible i won't hear anything at all.
  7. andym148

    V319 with Optimum 126

    Hi, I'm not a rigger. But i had a V319 for a few years with an OP126 in, it fitted nice and looked ok(main was Xfire2 119). Ive now got a V306 with the same reserve in it, and its packed to the extreme and tight. Hope this helps?
  8. andym148

    Dubai Boogie Dec 28- Jan 3 (Help)

    Hey Buddy, You don't need any injections to come here. Its not a third world country, and Dubai is pretty flash. But saying that, its not really that expensive to eat and drink (alcohol excluded) here, you can get a full meal for less than $20/30. Bottled water cost cents, and you can spend within your means. At the Plam DZ, you need 500 jumps (this was reduced to 300 for a trial period) and you ned to do a H+P for your first jump. Other than that its just like any other DZ in the world...except with a kick ass view! Jump tickets are AED130 and i think they are pretty standard to the rest of the world? The desert is the school house, jump tickets cost AED100 and the turn round is pretty fast. For Accom, id suggest staying at the Premier Inn at Silicon Oasis as it's easy to get to the Palm and the desert DZ. It's cheap and it has a bar and restaurant and as pool on the roof. Its a 15min ride in a taxi to the Palm or you can drive if you feel up to it?
  9. I received this this week in reply to a canopy i have for sale... it sounded fish to me! On 17-Sep-2014 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => leonwjwritter75 URL => Name => Leon J Witter FromEmail => City => Country => Comments => Hello Seller, My name is Mr Leon J Witter . I am interested in your Main Canopies for sale ,Kindly mail me back if its for sale 1. How long have you owned it? 2. Have you owned it from new? If not how many previous owner? 3. In your opinion, what sort of condition is it? 4 Last Asking Price? Reply ----------------- If you suspect this is a scam: 1) Visit the Security Forum to see if it has already been reported: 2) If not, forward the entire email to
  10. andym148

    Share your pics please!

    Any particular types of images or jumps?
  11. andym148

    Army Parachute Association - Netheravon

    I've read lot's of reviews on here ref Nethers, some good and some bad. But a lot of the negative post's are over 2 years old, I thought I'd try and give an up to date review. First thing's first, I am a regular Nether's jumper and have been for some years and I'm there most weekends, so you could say I am bias towards the DZ, but I'm going to be fair. The DZ is housed in a grade 2 listed building, with lots of scaffolding holding it up. But as long as you don't intend in living in there it serves it's purpose adequately. The instructors are mostly military, so surprise surprise they act in a military manner OCCASIONALLY! If you are rude to them don't expect them to kiss your ar*e, but again there is no reason for them to be rude to customers. As for local cliques, yes there are groups of friends that jump there who have known each other for some time. If you were visiting from another DZ and don't make the slightest effort to talk to the local jumpers, then the blame cannot be laid squarely on us. What if it was reversed and I came to your DZ would come up to me if I was sat on my own?? And for none jumpers, do you go up to random strangers in your local pub, and drag them into your group when your with your friends? If both party's make an effort which does happen LOTS, everyone is made to feel welcome. We have a good cafe serving hot and cold food, run by a lovely lady called Den. We currently have 4 planes,1x grand caravan, 1x caravan and 2x Islander's. But even with much lift capacity you still have to wait occasionally, thats just life. As for preferential treatment, if you plan on doing 1 to 2 fun jumps a day, and say a team needs to do 10 lift's a day and there their every weekend, training for a competition then of course they are going to get on the lift first... it's the same at every DZ. We have load organiser's for FS,big ways,FF and wingsuits. The emphasis is now to try and bring back freeflying to the DZ with coaching from Team Euphoria. There are tunnel coach's for FS and FF available every weekend, if you want to do tunnel and sky coaching. I hope this is a fair balanced view? Every DZ has it's fault's if you dig deep enough and nethers is no exception. So come and give Nether's a try, what have you got to loose?? And if you think there's a click you can always come freeflying with me!
  12. andym148

    Skydive Sebastian

    Skydive Sebastian is a very friendly DZ. We arrived on a Sunday morning to do some team training,a quick doc's check and we were on the next load. We spent the last 3 weeks on and off at Sebastian and we have been made to feel very welcome by the staff and other jumpers. I have seen no local clique, after finishing team jumping for the day we were invited on lots of jumps by the locals. Having jumped at Eloy and been made to feel less than welcome, it was the opposite feeling here. The only downside to Sebastian is it can be quite during the week, i would recommend ringing first to see if they have any tandems booked in. But overall an AWESOME DZ!!!
  13. andym148


    I picked up a second hand Sabre2 150 a few weeks back from a friend. I'd previously flown a 190 and a 170 sabre2 so I had an idea of what to expect. The canopy had shrunken brake lines so the canopy was unable to achieve full forward drive, but the canopy was still responsive and produced a good flare. After a new set of brake lines were fitted the differance in the canopy was massive! If I thought the canopy was snappy before, this was like giving it fuel injection. The canopy is only wing loaded at 1.3, and landings in all wind conditions were fantastically soft. I bet given a bit more riser pressure im sure you could easily perform a modest swoop landing!! The openings are soft and on heading, evan after a bit of trash packing. In the last couple of weeks Ive jumped - Pilots,Safire2,Spectre's and a sabre all 150, and I can say I enjoy flying the Sabre2.. well in PD.
  14. andym148

    Icon Sport

    I've had my Icon for a little over 2 yrs, it is the second one that ive had. I finally got my rig just before xmas 05 with a look to jump it over the xmas boogie in Seville. Initally I was impressed with the rig, all looked good and I was quite happy. Over the first few jumps with it i noticed that there was a slight delay on openings, up to 4/5 seconds on some occasions.On getting the rig inspected by the rigger at seville we came to the conclusion that the pilot chute was at fault, so I payed for a new pilot chute to be made out of ZP, the original was made from F111. This cured the problem. My rig was one of three that me and some friends had made. While I was busy working through my problem in spain they were busy jumping in the uk. One container was fine but the other was having the same problem, and becuse of this delay it caused him to cut away when he got to around 6/7k on his count, and the bag was still firmly lodged on his back. The problem we found out was the pilot chute had been made too small and egg shaped (manufacturing fault). One of the Aerodyne guys came to see us in the uk over easter to look at the problem. They looked at the PC and agreed to send us new ones. This took at least 12 weeks to happen but when we got them we had new PC, bag and freefly pad, all for free so quite happy there. How ever I was still financally out of pocket due to paying for the new PC from spain. Now the rigs have been jumped for a year or two, the stitching is coming away on all 3 rigs, and all in the same places. The mud cover on one of the rigs was put too high on one shoulder. This was replaced free of charge by Aerodyne with free shipping. Also my rig was made to measure but it moves around alot when im freeflying and back tracking/back flying and is not what you want happening. Could be cured by cut in latterals, maybe? I leave it up to individuals to decide on what container to get, but im not going to get a third one when i order my new container. That should speak volumes!
  15. andym148


    I ordered my Freedom plus from Chris who runs headsheild over a year ago, and i have to say i have had no dramas at all with the helmet. I used the on line order form to submit the initial order, and this was followed up by a telephone call to talk about what the paint job would look like. The fur lining is a nice touch and it keeps your head warm on those long rides to altitude. The chin cup holds the helmet securley in place and the ratchet is easy to use, even with thick gloves on. A nice helmet, and one happy customer.