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  1. Thank you . Reading your post helps me more than you know . I will not give up Thanks to you and everyone who replied to my post ! I'm doing this !! :)
  2. Thank you Dan . Im so glad i read your post , your words encourage me to pursue this ! Going for it !! :)
  3. Just want to Thank you . Your words mean a lot to me. Because of people like you, I don't feel so alone and doubtful . I will keep going until I get it right !
  4. Andy, I want to Thank you for your encouragement. I have been so indecisive until i read your post (and others as well ) . You have given me confidence and hope that i ca do this . I don't have any footage , but i have found a coach to help me in the tunnel. I can do this !!
  5. Failed my first two A jumps . Have limited mobility in my left hip . I cant get a good arch because of it . Just curious if anyone has not passed A jumps more than twice. Also if any disabled skydivers have some advice for me. I did some tunnel work that didn't go too smoothly , leaning towards giving up .