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  1. Skyper


    I agree that body position and folding play important role. But I just cannot believe that those two (particular) canopies I used can ever open softly without significant modifications. Hard (ening f. up ;) from time to time is okay but hard openings as default mode of a canopy is simply not acceptable for me.
  2. Skyper


    Untill now I had hard openings only with Sabre.
  3. Skyper


    sabre1 - 190. first jump, master rigger packed. HARD opening. second jump, DZ packer packed. HARD opening. third jump, I packed with all advices I got for soft openings. HARD opening. sabre2 - 150. first jump. A friend of mine packed it for himself. Not as hard as sabre 1 but pretty hard opening. I'm convinced that I'll never jump sabre again except if my life really rely upon it.
  4. Skyper


    how do you deal with hard openings with Sabre1?
  5. Skyper


    cut the crap and buy yourself a decent canopy.
  6. Skyper

    static line training videos

    what's wrong with pimp mustaches?
  7. Skyper

    what do if pilot becomes unconscious?

    I don't think that would be possible. Cell phone umts network can in extreme cases reach 1000m (3000ft). In most cases the network signal is non existant above 300m (1000ft).
  8. If unbiased, and proper and consistent data collection and criteria used, statistics can be very useful. some time ago I came across the statistical report regarding the fatal skydiving accidents in US. I cannot find it now, but what I can recall was: Chance of fatal accident per 1000 particpants: Motorbike driving 0,2% per year Skydiving 1,1% per year IMHO, one of the flaws of that report was the fact that they've calculated all registered motorbike drivers and not only the active population of them.
  9. Skyper

    what do if pilot becomes unconscious?

    true, but she's not a skydiver
  10. Skyper


    you mean something like this?
  11. Skyper

    what do if pilot becomes unconscious?

    there was a "Myth Bastards" episode on NatGeo channel. They tried to land the Boeing 747 only by following the instructions from the ground. Of course they did this on the training model on the ground and both tries were successfull. I've also read in the news some times ago that one old lady landed some small aircraft after her husband had a hart attack during the flight. She had some previous flight experience however and was guided from the ground. But anywayz, I would consider consuming the pilot, prior the bail out @1.10
  12. just send a PM and I'll push you for free. btw. doing a tandem to learn skydiving is like being attached to a swimmer to learn swimming.
  13. Skydiverek, following this research earplugs rated class 3 and higher would be enough for 10 jumps a day. The intensity of sound is very high (up to 115dB), but the duration is very short. I've been looking for the values for that "class 3 rating" and it appears that it is about 19dB (only). 26dB damping, (which is very close to class 5 rating) would be more than enough, at least following the research results mentioned above. 33dB is usually worn if you work in very noisy environment (above 100dB) 8 hours per day... :)
  14. Skydiverek, i use the ones with average of 33dB damping. But, there is one important detail: earplugs must fit well. In other words, if ear plugs are not custom made or made of very soft material which fits well it's damping power is lower than it should be. I consider now buying the custom made (very expensive) ones.