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    DZ Chaika Ukraine

    This dropzone is located only 15Km from the center of Kiev in a very cosy environment. It has a calm pace of loads (between 5-10 loads a day with 25 skydivers per load). Rental gear is of a great quality and staff is very friendly and helpful. They can also organize for you jumping a two/three ways, film you and provide you very good instructors and usually you don't have to pay extra for those services. ticket to 13000ft is around 17 EUR. Rig rental around 10EUR per jump. Packing ticket 2,5EUR. Prior the first jump you must pass medical examination (located on the airport) and fill in several forms. Main manifest staff and instructor do speak English very well. Other staff does not. The DZ can be reached by taxi which is relatively expensive. Return trip will cost you around 2 jump tickets. You can also choose for more adventures options and go by public transport which is extremely cheap. It costs less than 1EUR for return ticket. To reach the dropzone from the city center: 1) take the RED metro line metro to station "svyatoshino" 2) on svyatoshino metro station walk through the last metro exit and you'll get out under the bridge - which is the bus station (very dirty one) 3) on the bus station take the bus #37 to Chaika / make clear to the busdriver you're going to airport and he'll let you know where to get out of the bus. The bus makes kind of "circle" so don't worry if you see it turning in the middle of the road and going back. It will at some point come very close to airport 300m. 4) when you get out of the bus ask someone for the airport (body language helps if you don't speak Russian or Ukranian). Go to a big gray iron gate with an arrow on it and walk through the gate and you're on the airoport. 5) walk all the way until you reach small building with a parking lot in front of it - turn left to the building beside it (of the same size) and meet your fellow skydivers... Wish you a lot of fun @ Chaika!