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  1. I wanted to send a holiday card of sorts ;-) Happy holidays everyone. XO Ski, you're funny.
  2. I have an idea but I'm not sure, so I'll stay quiet. Very nice however I must say!
  3. Thanks so much everyone :-) Squeak, you paying? JimmyTavino, my guess is that you're smart enough to figure it out. It's not difficult ;-) edited to correct the spelling of Jimmy's name.~Skymama
  4. Hi all! I've been on for a bit (some of you know me from the 'guess the rack' thread) but finally got my A license this weekend so I finally feel legit. I'm so excited to be part of the sport and can't wait to keep learning. Special thanks to everyone at my home DZ Virginia Skydiving Center for being so ridiculously awesome. Blue skies everyone :)
  5. I don't, but that's probably because I'm new. Who DOESN'T have a picture of it.....
  6. Agreed re: Florida. I took two weeks there in November expecting to rock star through AFF and got hosed by the wind.
  7. Another reason to love the Garden State.
  8. Ask theonlyski about his horn! When I moved to VA, a friend did this while I was a passenger in her car. She calls it 'picking her bitch' which is kind of funny and now I find myself calling it that too. I've been pulled over more times that I care to admit since moving to a more rural area, and it sucks. To that point, I started really obeying speed limits in certain areas that I know are speed traps. I'm always amazed at how many drivers who see the same posted speed limit signs that I do, are up my ass in frustration. I almost want to get a custom car magnet bumper sticker explaining that if you see me strictly following posted speed limits, there's a reason. Or this one...
  9. This newbie has been wondering the same thing. Although I'm just a student, I've been around the sport now for a good two years and have been at several drop zones. I get that tandems are the bread and butter etc. etc. but as a AFF student, I need to get up more than 1x/day. That seems to be very difficult to accomplish (especially while you still need two instructors). Only putting two AFF's on a load also slows it down. I keep thinking that there has to be a better way. I know people cancel/don't show up, and I know it can be hard when you're short intructors etc. but should you really prioritize walk-in tandems over paid up AFF students?
  10. Only if they give me a really good book.
  11. It was my fault for resurrecting an old thread, have been searching for AFF related threads etc. As noted above, I appreciated the advice.
  12. Really helpful advice (re: helping train to achieve strong exit and relaxing during freefall). Thanks.