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  1. Fun laid back place
  2. Fun laid back place
  3. My plane is a '57 182A with a Horton Stol Kit. With the original 0-470, I get from 600 msl to 10000 msl in about 25 minutes and we burn about 8 gallons per load. When I'm cruising at 23 squared I indicate about 120kts and I'm burning about 11gph. I just sent it in for the 280hp pponk upgrade. Can anyone who's had this done give me an idea what I can expect for cruise and climb performance and fuel burn when it comes back?
  4. I got a call from a Hospice nurse today. They have a patient that's really close to dying of lung cancer and she really wants to make a jump before she goes. She can only be without her o2 bottle for a few minutes at a time. Would you jump her?
  5. Small family dz atmosphere with an AMAZING view. The climb to altitude takes you over Lake Michigan and Grand Have State Park and some of the most popular and beautiful beaches our state has to offer.
  6. So how did this end up? Can I put an Icarus 330 in my Dual Hawk container?
  7. Why is that Rob? I'm new to Sigmas but I can tell you my Strong rigs are holding up really well.
  8. Yup I meant it floated away unattached to the rest of the system. The 4th pic is of the broken attachment point. In the video you can see it float away right when we pulled. At first I thought the same thing you said above but the more I think about it I kind of like Tom's theory. Maybe the ball hanging up gave it the extra bit of force it needed to break the worn webbing.
  9. That tube webbing looks like the same stuff they use for the Y-line on Strong drouges. As often as those things break, I'm surprised UPT chose to use just 1 loop of that stuff to attach their drogue to the rest of the system. You're right though. It must have been hanging on by a thread to break loose before it even unstowed the lines. Seems like it should have been caught by the packers/riggers before this happened.
  10. Had a weird thing happen that I've never heard of happening to anyone else and I thought I'd share it here. I just got Sigma cross-trained and I was helping out at a dz I'd never been to before so I hadn't had much chance to inspect the gear. I pull the drogue release at 5500 and it comes completely loose and floats away leaving the dbag bouncing around in my burble. I didn't know what was going on yet and as I'm thinking "wow this is a long trap door" and trying to look back there to see wtf is going on, the canopy deploys into line twists and the left side golf ball is stuck in the lines and still attached down by my ass with the line between the handles running over my left shoulder. So I grab ahold of the line with my handcam hand as I reach for the hook knife with my right. I gave it a good hard yank as I was farting around trying to get between me and the student to grab the hook knife wishing my altimeter was on my left hand where it belongs. Somehow I guess I pulled hard enough that the line snapped at the connection in the middle between the two balls along with the elastic before I even got my knife out. We kicked out of the twists and landed fine. Crazy shit, huh?
  11. I have one of these.https://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/sporty-s-sp-400-handheld-nav-com-aviation-radio.html I love it.
  12. Yeah but the lawyers could make a bunch of money.. Why don't we just go "Hey man I'll bet you your $4 against $25000 that you live through this." And if they don't die we put the $4 in the beer fund and fuck the insurance company?
  13. http://bringmethenews.com/11928439/#.VRUn4iTXxdY.facebook According to this article the dzo is a snitch. If it's true, Fuck him. "That informant is Joseph Johnson, owner of West Side Skydivers in Winsted, Minnesota, and in Houston, Texas, the indictment notes."
  14. Radio can be tricky, but if you get everything just right it can pay off. It's expensive so it's all about demographics, reach, and saturation. At 30 spots for $1000 I assume it was a small market. Small markets don't typically pay off like larger ones. If you draw customers from a major market do your promotions there instead. You'll have to play the game in a bigger way, but the payoff is much better. Trade with stations can hit big but only in big markets where you are getting hundreds or even thousands of dollars in advertising and reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners per giveaway for the hard cost of a single tandem jump. Also, don't waste your time with stations that don't offer the right demographic of listeners. Stick with core skydiving demo's - rock, new rock, top 40, etc. Don't try to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. To minimize cost and maximize potential try these strategies: Conduct the promotions during times when the payoff will be bigger. Early December with a "Christmas gift certificate" theme, just before spring break and summer vacation, etc. The promotion will cost you the same amount of money regardless of when you run it, so stack the odds of success in your favor. Make the winner's certificates non-transferable. That way you get the advertising but folks who win the prize and decide not to jump can't give it to someone else. Be sure to have the radio station put the winners' names on the certificates so they can't be transferred. We provided the stations with a unique-colored pen to be sure we knew the winners' names were written on the certificates before they were given out. List a weight limit on the certificates. Same goes with age, of course. Place a reasonable expiration deadline on the certificates. Have the station give the jumps away along with other prizes. Often the winner has no intention of skydiving but wants tickets to the ball game or concert. Make the certificate part of a "prize pack" that includes discount coupons for the winner to bring friends, and if you use an AFF program offer a discounted "upgrade" for the winner to convert their certificate to an AFF jump for an extra price. During one promotion we gave away 30 tandem jumps and 2 people converted to AFF, went all the way through the program and bought gear. BTW that was in the late 90's and both of those winners still jump today! Are you anywhere near a large market? If so, which one? Thanks Chuck. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Funny thing, I got a call from a sales person from WGRD just after I read your post. I'm going to meet with them on Thursday. I should print out your post and bring it with me. The closest major market to me is Grand Rapids with 1.3M if you include the surrounding metropolitan area. Lansing with 450,000 and Kalamazoo with 320,000 are also about the same distance away.
  15. That's a fantastic idea Chuck. It also gives me an excuse to go hang out at the bar! We did a radio ad last year but we paid cash. $1000 got us 30 30 second spots.I guess it's hard to tell if it had any effect on business but it seems like it was a complete waste of money.