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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I'll definitely be sending your posts to the carrier, so please share your thoughts! Good and Bad! Thank you, Joel
  2. 15%. But 2 % gets taken away before I ever see it, so really just 13%. DZ's would be encouraged to include administration fee's in with the premium so DZ's would make money on every policy that's sold through their DZ as well.
  3. Hi DZ Owners, My name is Joel Dempsey and I took my first tandem skydive last Memorial Day. I was scared out of my mind, which is what led me to try to create and insurance program specifically for tandem skydivers. Without going into too much detail in a public forum, the policy is an accidental death policy for tandem skydivers. The cost for $25,000 of insurance would only be $4.00 and for $250,000 the cost would be $26.00. So my question is, is this something that you, the DZ owner, would be interested in providing your tandem clients? I appreciate your response either way. Best, Joel Dempsey