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  1. Stephanie Soria at Lodi combined with the iFly SF Bay about an hour away. Killer combo!
  2. axelandr

    Noob question about containers

    most containers will allow for a larger reserve than main, or at least the same size.. don't know which containers you are referring to which won't allow this (although I'm sure they exist), but you will normally don't have any problem finding a container which takes a (much) bigger reserve than your main.. what container are you looking at? Alex.
  3. axelandr

    DZ Middle east area

    There is a least a couple of DZs in Israel, where one is supposed to be more friendly towards fun-jumpers than the other.. all within an hour or so from Tel Aviv.. Except for that I haven't heard much about DZs in that area.. There was some talk about a DZ in Jordan, but don't know if it is permanent or only open every now and then.. For NA there is nothing in Egypt (they're trying to get a commercial DZ going it seems) and Libya. Don't know about Tunisia, Algeria and Marocco but you're probably more likely to find something there than anywhere else in NA. The DZ-locator might help you out further.. Alex.
  4. axelandr

    Florida area - Indoor Skydiving?

    going rate varies from tunnel to tunnel, and when you fly. some places have twilight hours, which allows you to go in after business hours and fly cheaper than if you go in during the day. Friday trough Sunday would normally be more expensive than weekdays as well.. in the area you're talking about you should be able to get to the iFly Orlando fairly easy. It's a 12 feet tunnel where you can easily get the basics of 1:1 coaching done.. not too good for larger groups, though, because of the lack of space. but perfect for 1:1 FS, FF etc.. if you have never flown before, don't get too much time per day, as it is quite tiresome.. you'll come a long way with 15 or 30 minutes.. 15 mins will set you back 215$ during normal operating hours in Orlando. Coaching is nice, but expensive. if you're a newbie and you're mostly doing belly stuff, you might wanna ask if the spotter in the tunnel can coach you. this way you save some money.. but I would check directly with the tunnel first, and most definitely get some time with the spotter before going in, to explain what you are looking for.. if not you can always find coaches in Deland, ZHills, Sebastian, any DZ who would be willing to take you to the tunnel to coach you.. if you're planing on doing 1:1 coaching jumps, go with the same coach to the tunnel. that way he knows you and you can work on the stuff you wanna do in the air.. Alex.
  5. ok, so I read up on this thread and it more or less answered all my Q's.. seems I have to go for an Pilot 188 ZPX if I want a confirmed fit.. anyone know about the Sabre 2/Saffire? Alex.