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  1. While you might be able to get a better price somewhere else, whatever small amount you might be saving is worth paying for the outstanding customer service Mike and his team is offering.. especially if there is a problem with whatever custom-made gear you bought... Mike will go out of his way to solve it for you! I've bought 2 complete systems from Mike and I think we probably reached 60-70 emails both times from contact was initiated until gear was in hand - all of the mails were more than timely replied to, often within the hour (as many others also point out) and always with the feeling that they were happy to help.. I won't go anywhere else for new gear, even if there a buck or two to save... Alex
  2. axelandr

    The usual where to go 11-26/12-7

    I've never heard of the 50 jumps / 1000$-deal. Can you confirm this and maybe provide a bit more info, please? What's the time limit, are they all full-alti-jumps, any drawbacks except the time-limit..? Do they have special on hop n' pops aswell if you buy them in blocks of 50? Thanks, Alex.
  3. axelandr

    Canopy control courses?!?!?!

    Chuck, do you mind updating your link? It just takes me to the standard news-feed page on facebook.. Alternatively, provide som more info on what and who you are refering to.. Thanks, Alex.
  4. axelandr

    First windtunnel in Belgium on Int'Airport

    wow, even better! :) can't wait for this to open. btw, are you guys hiring? A.
  5. axelandr

    Tonfly order question

    and good choice of helmet - the 2X is by far the most comfy helmet I ever tried, and I tried a lot of em before going for the Tonfly one..
  6. axelandr

    First windtunnel in Belgium on Int'Airport

    and btw, the subscribe function doesn't work - might wanna ix that if you (or they) want ppl on their mailinglist.. tried with both chrome and safari.. A.
  7. axelandr

    First windtunnel in Belgium on Int'Airport

    wow, that is brilliant news for those of us who pass trough brussels on a regular basis.. any more info on the tunnel itself? Skyventure, Bottrop/Voss-copy..?? Alex.
  8. axelandr

    Canopy coaching in Lodi, CA

    Thanks, I checked it out but unfortunately it didn't seem to be much going on in California around the time I will be there.. Looks like a nice course, though - thanks for the link! A.
  9. axelandr

    Canopy coaching in Lodi

    My intentions is basically what I wrote in the original post - getting 1:1 coaching from a coach, not necessarily from anyone able to swoop. Not all swoopers are coaches, which is also why I asked for your help to point me in the direction of someone who belongs to both categories. As for following a normal canopy course, I'm not at all against the idea and is definitely something I'm considering to do as well. I do however believe that a personalized approach covering a longer period of time and/or more jumps might help my progression. I find it hard to believe that a custom made approach would not be better than a generic group session, as it will leave more time for discussion, debrief, to-the-point Q&As etc. I might of course be wrong, but prior experience tells me otherwise, which is why I wanted to check out this possibility. I'm focused on having a safe approach to my progression and at the same time avoid picking up bad habits I might have to "unlearn" 500 jumps down the line. As for my choice of DZ, I see that the name Lodi kicks up the regular sparks; Personally, I like the vibe, I have already done quite a few of my jumps there and somewhat know the place and I will be in that area anyway. Of course there are other DZs in the neighborhood which I might check out, but Lodi will remain my main choice because of other factors than jumping. I do appreciate the input and would once again like to ask if someone could point me in the direction of someone who does coaching there.. It seems to be the only thing this thread hasn't generated yet..
  10. axelandr

    Canopy coaching in Lodi

    Re-posting this as my prior post on the same subject didn't really generate much in Safety and Training / maybe you guys are able to help me out
  11. axelandr

    Canopy coaching in Lodi, CA

    Sorry for the late reply, been out of range for a couple of weeks - thanks for answering to my questions! What am I looking for? I'm looking into becoming a safer canopy pilot, all the while approaching more high-speed maneuvers. I would like to be able to safely conduct front-riser approaches, both straight in and 90 degrees and get to know the early basics of high-speed landings.. My plan was to invest in a canopy coach who could follow me throughout 50-100 hop and pops with both pre-jump briefing / definition on what to work on and video debrief of my landings. Not on every jump, but someone who could define a progression plan for say 100 jumps and then follow up every now and then with useful input.. What I'm looking for is basically whatever the coach deems necessary, as I have never had any 1:1 coaching on CP and would like to start off learning the right stuff straight away instead of correcting bad habits 500 jumps down the line.. Anybody know of any good names to contact in Lodi? Alex.
  12. axelandr

    Canopy coaching in Lodi, CA

    Don't know if this post should go here or in Swooping and Canopy Control, but I was wondering if someone knows about ppl offering to do personalized canopy coaching in Lodi? If so, please feel free to point me in the right direction, either by replying here or sending me a PM. I already know about TJ, but I'm currently checking out the possibilities for a 3-4 week stint across the pond later this summer and would like as many alternatives (in Lodi) as possible..! Thanks, Alex.
  13. axelandr

    Helmet for stills, Sony CX and GoPro

    The setup you're asking for can easily be done with for instance a Tonfly 2X helmet combined with the Zkulls Hero Overkill mount.. See pics here: and here if you want more options on the mount, by using the Zkulls Hero Overkill PRO mount, here: The Tonfly helmets are, IMO, by far the comfiest helmets I have ever tried, but as helmets are put on your melon they are prone to the individual shape of it.. try before you buy! Alex.
  14. axelandr

    New VOODOO Curv

    Does anybody know what the canopy range is on it.. how big can you go? Alex.
  15. axelandr

    Best Freefly suit?

    what do you mean - you have 5 jumps on the new V3? any more information to share..? or even better, photos? Seems like you have some inside info here - do you mind sharing when Sonic think they will release it to the market..? Thanks, Alex.