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  1. Hello, does anyone know whether an aerodyne tandem parachute stows both sets of brakes taking excess out of the brake lines or if it is just the yellow primary toggles that has slack stowed. If you don't understand what I mean, I'm basically asking do you stow the brakes like a sigma vectran tandem canopy or like a sigma dacron tandem canopy. Or something totally different!? Thanks a lot!
  2. I have a few questions about swooping safety that I have not been able to get answered sufficiently by just talking around the dropzone. I've, for better or worse, been trying to do high performance landings using a 170 safire 2 and now with my own 150 safire 1 since I had about 80 jumps. I'm not up to about 300 jumps and have the last 175 on the safire 1 150 and I'm very comfortable using the canopy. My post is not to discuss whether me swooping is a good idea, but I had a question about recovery arcs. I've gathered from discussions with more experienced jumpers that swooping canopies typically have long/longer recovery arcs in order to more easily put the canopy into a dive that in conducive to swooping. The canopy I've been using, Safire 1 150, has a very short recovery arc and seems to me to be a 'safer' canopy to swoop because it allows for corrections closer to the ground without worrying as much about putting the canopy into an unrecoverable dive. I realize this can create bad habits for when I would move to a more typical swooping canopy with a longer recovery arc, but as long as one realizes the difference do you think there are merits to swooping with a small recovery arc canopy? I'm not asking which is technically more efficient at getting a long swoop, but rather trying to gather if it would make sense to swoop a shorter recovery arc canopy for someone who wants to swoop recreationally and is willing to give up some of the performance longer recovery arc canopies offer for more safety. I hope this makes sense and is not too convoluted. Any thoughts greatly appreciated! Oh and I weigh about 210 out the door with gear if that matters to anyone commenting.