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  1. lewmonst

    Canon 14mm EF vs Sigma 15mm EX DG

    Whoa, do you mean the Canon 15mm? The Canon 14mm is huge, heavy and pricey$$$, but an L-series so should be super sharp. The Sigma isn't even in the same league. If you meant the Canon 15 vs. the Sigma 15, I'd definitely say spend the extra $70 on the Canon. That's my standard tandem lens. i've also used a 10-22 and like the 15 better.
  2. lewmonst

    What type of mount is this?

  3. lewmonst

    CONTEST! ~Funny tandem photo

    Since we won't be sued...
  4. lewmonst

    Focus Chart

    Thank you for that... Question though, is "8 feet" too much of an assumption? Or are you basing this on a focal range to cover most skydiving scenarios? When I used to shoot more manual focus, I would set my distance for about 3 or 4 feet for tandems, 5 or 6 for 4way and up to infinity the bigger the group got. I'm actually getting good enough results with my current lenses and AF AIServo that I haven't gone back to manual focus for a while now. Just wondering, thanks! Lew
  5. lewmonst


    The Xaos-27 is the best all around cross-braced canopy. It opens soft enough for me to trust it with a heavy camera helmet on thousands of jumps. It is very responsive, as any cross-braced canopy is, and fun to fly. My W/L is between 2.2 and 2.7. The openings are long, around 800ft usually, and soft. Sometimes there is a little bit of left-right shake as the cells inflate, but not enough to call it "rough". It opens better and more predictably in my experience than the Velo or Katana. It does not open as well as a Xaos-21 or Crossfire. I trust it for jumping camera. However, if you have a premature toggle release, it does spin up fast if you don't counter-input before full-inflation. It's trim is steep allowing for a lot of speed and long recovery arc, ideal for swooping. It stays in a dive, like a Velo, so swoops must be initiated high. Yet there is a lot of input on rear risers, for trimming it up and making it back from a long spot or to plane out of a dive exactly when you want to. The front riser pressure is lighter than a Velo, but not as light as a Katana. It's very responsive to harness input and easy to initiate turns and swoops with just harness.
  6. Solder the Focus and Shutter Release wires together, then solder them to one terminal on your switch. Solder the ground to the other terminal. This will set up your camera to focus and take a photo simultaneously. This works pretty well 95% of the time. The only time you might have an issue is with a fast changing focal distance, there could be some hesitation in the shutter release. An alternative is to solder the focus and the ground together on one terminal, and the shutter release on the other. The downside to that is that as long as the switch is plugged in to the camera, it will constantly be focussing, thus draining the battery faster than normal. However it will not hesitate to take the photo when you blow in the switch. Make sense? You can get a basic soldering kit from radio shack for 8 bucks. You can ask the kid there for tips on how to do it or search the internet. (Put the heat shrink somewhere on the wires before soldering - that was my last mistake) Depending on your camera, lens, and knowledge, generally using AutoFucos in AI Servo mode will yield the best results. Also try using all 9 focal points. But yeah, you definitely need to hook up the focus wire. There are occasional situations I will use manual focus, but it's pretty rare. Good luck.
  7. lewmonst

    FTP Fit

    You should be able to take out layers of padding to make the chin cup thinner if it's too bulky. Then baking it and wearing it a lot will then get it to fit well.
  8. lewmonst


  9. I am speechless. Brooke was amazing. This one hits home, hard. Unfathomable. My heart, thoughts and condolences to everyone. Naomi, Laura, Katie... Brooke helped me walk again. Without her, I don't know if I'd be back in the good health that I am. She, and Katie, tied balloons to the rod she got out of my leg, and left it on my lap for when I woke up. I smiled and cried. I've never been able to fully convey my gratitude, especially not now. She had a huge passion for her friends, for helping people, and for skydiving... Blue Skies Brooke, we will miss you. Tremendously. Love Karen
  10. lewmonst

    jumping camera

    Lots of questions... Lots of possible answers. Find a mentor.
  11. Ha, what's up Larry... let's see.... Look up, check canopy, harness turn towards dz Turn video camera to standby Loosen Chest Strap Take wingloops off hands Unclip wing shackles Take off booties (if they were on) Slip Leg pads down a little to sit in harness Collapse slider, stow behind head Take tape off focus ring on still camera, turn counterclockwise to infinity, shoot a test shot Release brakes, hold in deep brakes till others are out of the way... ... Land.
  12. lewmonst

    Muff Muff Johnny Gates...........

    Blue Skies Johnny. We'll miss you. Lew
  13. lewmonst

    Perris September 2006 100-ways formation design

    I have a few pictures on my website: www.shutterfly.com/pro/lew/skydive (I had a camera mal on the one completion) peace lew
  14. lewmonst

    Tunnel photography

    Just think of the shadows as artistic. Like the shot the Sports Illustrated folks took in there that hangs in the tunnel office. peace Karen Lewis aka lew
  15. lewmonst


    ...why camera flyers specifically? because the openings are a dream. Soft, and I mean, really soft, and on heading 99% of the time. Rare 90 degree off heading, but that's it. It doesn't dance and want to spin like other x-braced canopies on opening. Never been slammed by it, used several different packers and packing techniques. Flight characteristics are awesome. It stays in a dive well and very maneuverable in the turn and dive. Good response to harness input, very powerful rear riser input. Strong flare with a long stroke to finish it off. I highly recommend it. Do yourself a favor, just demo jump it before you order anything and you'll see for yourself.