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  1. Thanks to all of you that posted replies and a special thanks to those of you that were polite and didn't bring an ego to the discussion. Blue skies to all of you. I jump to live!
  2. lex5150


  3. Points well taken. I appreciate the responses and look forward to becoming a safe skydiver. I am new to the sport but the one thing I have heard over and over is how quickly things can go to heck during freefall. I wanna live to jump a long long time. I jump to live!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I knew there had to be some reason the USPA took action. I would not argue the rules, but at the same time, I still think 200 jumps is a lot. It also depends on the person. Recently I was fun jumping with a coach and he had some trouble with his GoPro. He could not get it to turn on so he asked me to look at it to make sure it was on. I tried twice to get it working before we both decided it wasn't worth the time or distraction. We simply jumped without video. No biggy. I jump to live!
  5. That would be painful but would not deter some peeps. I understand that it's a distraction but I also think that maybe it should be less than 200 jumps or maybe include training on using cams within the AFF course. I mean you can jump during AFF with a radio strapped to the top of your helmet but you can't jump a cam? Doesn't make much sense to me. I jump to live!
  6. I know you are not supposed to jump with a cam until you have 200 jumps. I have heard that some people still jump a cam with less than 200 jumps. What are the penalties if caught/ I jump to live!
  7. lex5150

    Skydive Alabama

    It's now the place I call home. What a great staff! They really care about the people and the sport. You will not find a better DZ!
  8. lex5150

    Ride the pony

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