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  1. We are just gutted to hear of Hal's accident. He was such a happy and fun loving guy, and so smart. He will be greatly missed. http://www.exitshot.com
  2. Haha, had to resurrect this thread... I can't believe I wrote this 10+ yrs ago. Remember when we jumped TAPES!! Some things have changed, some have stayed the same. What are all the new little things with all this modern technology? http://www.exitshot.com
  3. It's all about room for error, for which now you have none. And you will make an error in judgement someday. http://www.exitshot.com
  4. & femur, don't forget that one http://www.exitshot.com
  5. I sent you a facebook message... http://www.exitshot.com
  6. Montana would make a great teammate. Just sayin. http://www.exitshot.com
  7. Your coach should have been able to figure that out without a camera. Most likely you de-arched and dropped a knee. Perris uses gopro video for debrief purposes on all AFF and Coach jumps, no extra charge. http://www.exitshot.com
  8. Ditto. I just helped someone get a CX100 off ebay for $178. It's EIS and has the card slot easily accessible behind the display screen. My cx100's have lasted 3 yrs, thousands of jumps. http://www.exitshot.com
  9. They have a complex relationship. oh get real. http://www.exitshot.com
  10. perfect! thanks for the good laugh! http://www.exitshot.com
  11. Really Right Stuff. It's heavy, but only because it's the best. It doesn't budge. Ever. The camera L-bracket is custom for each camera so no twisting and has designed in access all the necessary cables, and is easily switched back and forth from vertical to horizontal mount. I have it on my Wes flattop. http://www.exitshot.com
  12. Thanks. I need one with both mounting screw and locking pin, which is why I'm specifically looking for the "video" plate. I like that to keep it from twisting a whole lot better than the corkboard. Thanks! Anyone else have one? http://www.exitshot.com
  13. Still can't find any. Anyone have any old ones they don't need anymore? http://www.exitshot.com
  14. Doesn't VSE outsource the construction of their risers? http://www.exitshot.com
  15. I've done that, years ago. Makes you think fast, and never look that way for too long ever again. http://www.exitshot.com
  16. lol, ya buddy... but here's my take: living in a van at the dz: Canon kit lens 18-55 (taped on 18mm) living in a nice trailer on the dz: Canon 10-22 renting a room in a decent house nearby but too cheap to pony up for the canon 15: Sigma 15mm after a year of the Sigma 15, frustrated with the not-quite-so-good photos, pony up for the: Canon 15 been doing this way too long, live in a house, photographing some celebrity: Canon L-series 16-35 top mount only All that being said, I prefer the canon 15 for regular tandems. It's worth the extra $ over the Sigma. http://www.exitshot.com
  17. Thanks Eric. I still can't find any in the retailers though. Any other ideas? http://www.exitshot.com
  18. I have one from a few years ago, but can't seem to find any more online. Anyone have any video specific stroboframe anti-twist plate (shoe) that they want to sell? It's not the corkboard universal mount. The video plate has a post, much like a tripod shoe, that fits in the hole on the bottom of the video camera. Thanks http://www.exitshot.com
  19. Any update Rich? I'm hoping it all works out, would love to do some jumps by the beach. btw, I think your URL should be: http://therealskydiveoceanside.com/ http://www.exitshot.com
  20. I'm 5'13" and a C17 fits me perfect. But I also have a 36" inseem, so I'm all legs, average torso. Height gives you an idea of fit, but it's all torso size that matters. I know someone 4 inches shorter than me that wears a c20. I also like my hip rings at the tops of my hips (pelvis), not low around the head of the femur. How long are your legs? (that's 6'1" for anyone who missed the joke) http://www.exitshot.com
  21. I don't want to start a completely different discussion, but I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions... a more professional camera does not necessary mean better photos.. Better glass does... Go Canon 15mm like Lew said already I agree with this actually. I watched a professional landscape photographer shoot multiple frames to stitch together with good glass on a T2i. And he sells wall-size landscape, very high quality prints. I giggled when I met him with his T2i on a tripod. All that being said, any camera and lens is only as good as the person using it. http://www.exitshot.com
  22. Rich said it better than I could. All Pat wanted to be in this world was the best father a man could be. He was. The world is a better place because of him. http://www.exitshot.com
  23. Whoa, do you mean the Canon 15mm? The Canon 14mm is huge, heavy and pricey$$$, but an L-series so should be super sharp. The Sigma isn't even in the same league. If you meant the Canon 15 vs. the Sigma 15, I'd definitely say spend the extra $70 on the Canon. That's my standard tandem lens. i've also used a 10-22 and like the 15 better. http://www.exitshot.com