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  1. lilchief

    New Skysystems Vapor Released!

    The first version was glas fiber with a top plate of carbon. The second version was full carbon. The top plate is detachable.
  2. lilchief

    GoPro 6 Premiere Pro CC crash

    I just manged to solve the issue using Media Encoder. One prompt came up when I copied the file into Media Encoder asking if it was OK to install the HEVC plugin. After that..good to go in VLC and Premiere Pro.
  3. lilchief

    GoPro 6 Premiere Pro CC crash topic! Tried to import a PAL 1080p 200fps (440mb) GoPro 6 clip to Premiere Pro CC (recently updated). Premiere apparently did not like it and just hung up. Rebooted the computer and tried to open Premiere and it just didn't want to load. After a wile, the yellow screen saying "Media Pending" appeared, but nothing else. A youtube clip in Chrome also stopped working. Killed Premiere and Chrome, tried the youtube clip and it played as normal. The computer is a fully packed Dell Precision with a Quadro M4000 GPU. Any ideas? I was told recently that apparently, Apple and Adobe are having a MPG4/H.264/AVI war going and therefore Adobe does not support GoPro MPG4 codec. Could this be something? Also, the new GoPro editing program does not have the old neat feature of exporting the file from MPG4 to AVi -=:: EDIT ::=- It opened fine now. Not sure why, but the GoPro file is not in the project file. I did however move it from the folder I imported it to in a hope to break the link. Maybe it worked...?
  4. lilchief

    L & B support time?

    sounds strange...I usually get a reply during the day or over the weekend. Hit'em up again on monday. :)
  5. how much on lines are left free after the last linestow? I got a tip from PDFT to leave 3-4ft from the bag to the riseres when I had a linetwist on my stiletto ones. just my 2 cents.....
  6. lilchief

    Dropzone Prostejov

    stayed there one week as a cameraman for a 4wy FS team. The DZ is nice with an enormous landingarea and many outs if you're landing out. Thay also have a terrace where people may sit and watch others jump and land. The food is also nice and the cafe turns into a bar after jumping. There's always people at the DZ sharing beer after the last load. I didn't sleep at the DZ so I can't comment the bunkhous facility. But they also have a nice packingarea. It's very active during weekends with many tandems, but duing the weekdays is more slow and relaxed. If you show up as a funjmper the weekends would be best. But if you're a team you could do many jumps in a week. Check with them when you plan your trip and see if there's any others teams around when you plan on going there. It will help you out getting more jumps since the plane will be fuller. I did enjoy the stay and would recommend the DZ for everyone.
  7. lilchief

    Sigma main D-bag wear at drogue attach point

    Can you determine how many jumps the rigs have or how many jumps from innstalling a new droige/bag before ear begins?
  8. lilchief

    Skydive Expo 2010 DeLand

    The seven sounds interresting. But how would this expo compete with PIA? Seems much nicer to have it at a DZ close to the the factories then in a casino. You may see, fell talk with the different mfg and maybe try it out there and then. It also seemd to attract more civilian brands then at the PIA. Plus...Florida has several nice DZ' with facilities close by and mostly good wather. Why not?
  9. lilchief

    Photos of broken lines

    We had an incident this summer where a skydiver tried a Velo 84. It may be debated whether it was mostly the hard opening, or wear. If you don't find my post relevant to this thread, let me know by PM, and I'll delete it.
  10. lilchief

    split sliders

    can't you just install softlinks without slider stoppers and pull the slider down behind your neck? You could also install a removable slider, but that requires a little more caution when packing.
  11. lilchief

    mounting my cx100

    THe quadlock and goldmember have some play inbewteen the base and plate. Add 1 or 2 layers of standard transparent tape you use on regular paper and it should work perfectly =) I've got a Sony PC350 on it and it holds with 2 layers.
  12. lilchief

    does riser length effect trim?

    No, but it will affect the recovery arc. Shorter risers will reduce, and longer will extend the recovery arc.
  13. lilchief

    Unpacking the reserve

    I think you'll risk more by having the reserve container opened then leaving the spring under tension. Remember, the reserve PC is made with the intention that it'll keep it's strength for many years, maybe even 20 years. Icon are fairly new rigs, so it won't matter if it's packed another 9 months. Btw...when packing a reserve, the PC only get's some rest for 2-4 hours and then gets packed again..
  14. lilchief

    6mm nikkor

    dude! that thing is sick! Imagine a Sabre/stiletto opening with that one!
  15. that's right! you need to swoop the the way of the Samura firsti(BUY OF MINE!) to become a Sensei.