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  1. crowbar


    container was lost/stolen from the USPS Norfolk Virginia post office on 5/27/17.
  2. crowbar


    container was lost/stolen from the USPS Norfolk Virginia post office on 5/27/17.
  3. I've meant to update this post after I received the new custom set of risers that Kelly and his team had built for me. I am very happy with the outcome.. Put a good 200+ jumps on them so far and they are real nice.. thank you again.
  4. Just wanted to post that Kelly got in contact with me today and was a very understanding guy about everything that was going on.. A lot of mixed information has gone on leading to the uncertainty I felt about their customer care but he has put that to rest.. We are also working on a solution to fix the problem i was having with the risers..I thank him for taking the time to work with me on this.
  5. Thats nice to hear im glad your Another person that likes there infinity rigs BUT ONCE AGAIN im not here on this thread saying that infinity is a crappy container I have 2 myself and still jump them as we speak. All im saying is that the way they handled this problem with there hardware was wrong. To temporary fix a problem and send the rig back not 100% and say its fine after being a month old is just bad business in my eyes. Others may think different but all i ask is that kelly call me and we talk about the problem but still nothing. The fact that i had to post a tread to get a response about this is crazy. and the first time hearing from him is not to my personal email or a phone call but on the thread trying to put the blame on me for the cause of the fraying?? come on seriously.. But hey everyone out there has there own opinion even when they have NO clue of everything involved in the situation... You can sit there and say all you want about me ..I do find it real unprofessional that a DZO(Abbie Mashaal) can respond on the forum and bash someone who is just trying to bring forward a problem a company may be having with their hardware ...Hey if I save one life by keeping people more aware of their gear, it being infinity, vector, mirage, javelin or any other company out there then the jokes on you...
  6. Hey... Nice to finally hear from you, all it takes is a couple weeks and a post on a forum, huh? Anyway, why don't you call me so that we can discuss the multiple issues that we disagree on instead of going back and forth on a forum? If you'd have called me in the first place this all could have been avoided. Tony has my phone number and it's in that original email that was lost in your Outlook. Blue Skies!
  7. All of this you have just mentioned "JerryBaumchen" they were aware of when i talk to them on the phone and when i emailed them... this was all before I sent the rig back to get fixed but was told it was all fine..
  8. OK to clear things up...its the Cutaway hard housing ... The grommet on top of the right side got a burred edge. There was no burr on it when i received it NEW.. Now then the risers where stowed the right side grommet on the "cutaway" housing grommet would turn clockwise 180'ish when it laid at rest under the riser when packed.. hope that is easier to understand And i am a little mad to the fact that i called and wrote emails to talk to kelly about this and i still haven't heard from him. It would of been fine if when i sent it to get fixed it was done right the first time. But what i got back was a Useless pair of risers and how i have to spend more money to get a New pair or risers that wont break on me. BUT Once again Im NOT stating that in anyway or form that the company sucks and that there containers are bad. "Im still jumping mine"... ALL im saying is that I had a BIG problem with my gear which is brand new and they DIDN'T handle it right. If i owned this rig for away and and a couple hundred jumps then i wouldn't be a big deal BUT thats not the case. It is surprising to me that when i was talking on the phone with them he did state to me that he hasn't seen fraying like that before but look now seems like im not the only one..
  9. it was on the cut away housing..but part of the riser housing was worn form the reserve lug of the cutaway housing.
  10. yes the title may be alittle dramatic but if you read the post im not stating that the gear is crap and im not trying to bash the company.. i state that i like the container its more the way they handled it ... I tried getting in contact with kelly. I left messages for him on the phone and sending email to his personal email address and Nothing. I wrote that title so people would want to open the post up and see whats up. sorry if its a little to dramatic for you.. If kelly is ok with how it was handled and how is workers can send back a riser that is frayed and say its minor wear and it ok to jump, in my opinion doest care much for his customer safety and that i have a problem with. I sent the whole rig back and they didnt do the right thing.. Im just posting this so people keep an eye out and this doesnt happen to someone else
  11. sorry wrote it in word and cut and pasted it...
  12. the shipping charges weren't the big issue here i did ship it out ups on my dime.. it was the way he handled it and the comments he said . like, Dont worry if it would of broke it would of happened on opening .. and being to laid back about it seemed to me like the lack of care... he also told me if i want it done faster just to have my rigger put a new grommet on the reserve hard housing. wouldn't you think for something like this you would want the rig back to fine out what caused it and that it cant happen to anyone else??
  13. Within the last year I started jumping Infinity containers after being a Vector 3 fan for the last five years. I bought a used Infinity container last year as a backup rig, had it resized and, in general, was really pleased with the quality of the work and turn-around time. When it was time for me to buy a new rig I decided to go with Infinity – the build time was only six weeks. This one, like the used one, looked and fit well and upon receipt my master rigger and I looked it over and saw absolutely nothing wrong with it aside from the right-side reserve grommet on the cutaway housing, which sometimes flipped 180 over on itself. Since the season started I’ve put approximately 100-150 jumps on it. In that small span of time I’ve had more issues with Infinity than I ever did in my five years of owning multiple Vector containers. I’ve got over 4500 jumps and do 1000 plus jumps a year as a videographer. You could almost classify me as OCD concerning the condition of my gear, from the dirt on my lens all the way up to the wear on my rig. I’ve had only two cutaways in all those jumps... Infinity’s safety problems stem from the design of the risers. From the pictures below you can see that Infinity connects the riser grommet to the hard housing. Because the reserve grommet flipped, I was concerned that it would wear faster than normal, so I checked it regularly, literally before every jump. At work about a week and a half ago my day started like it does every other day. I checked my gear, did a few jumps and throughout them saw nothing had changed. Halfway through the day I got down from a jump and went to pack my rig and saw wear on the right-side white loop. When I looked closer I saw that the white loop was frayed more than halfway through!! I was shocked and scared because I had just checked it and there was nothing. After such a short amount of time no one would think that there’d be such a defect on a rig that you can, a) get any such damage after only 100-150 jumps, and b) that such an extreme amount of damage could happen in only one jump!! It would have snapped on the next jump for sure. If I was lucky it might happen on opening and I could hopefully recover. If I were less lucky that day it would have snapped in my hook turn and I’d be dead or a vegetable. After checking out the setup of the risers I could tell, as could everyone else on my drop zone, that the grommets and housing were apparently scraping together and they developed a sharp edge. This edge is what cut through the loop. I was obviously upset, but shit happens, sometimes products have defects and need to have parts of them repaired or replaced. I went to Infinity with my problem, showed them pictures and was looking for them to fix it so that it was safe, and to do it quickly since I depend on that rig for half of my livelihood. The rep I spoke with was friendly enough, but wouldn’t take any sort of accountability for the product that he’s representing. He basically said he’d never seen anything this bad and didn’t believe me when I told him that it happened in one jump. His way of trying to make me feel better was to tell me that if it snapped, it would have happened on opening, never showing concern that the loop shouldn’t have had damage like that in the first place. He didn’t even wait until he saw the rig with his own eyes before he essentially blamed me for letting it get that far. I asked that Infinity pay to have it overnighted there and back for obvious reasons. He nickel-and-dimed me, said that he couldn’t justify the expense. He’d pay for three day shipping, but I had to pay the difference. After paying more than two grand a couple months ago for the container, now I had to pay out of my own pocket to ship it there so that they could fix their own defect. I thought it was hilarious when I read on their website that, “VSE has grown year after year by building a quality product and backing it up with fair and fast service.” It was so funny to me because not only did I have to pay to have it overnighted when I did nothing wrong, but also when I got the rig back from them “fixed” they hadn’t replaced anything but the one loop and a single grommet. They left the worn and used riser and didn’t even change my left-side white loop that also was wearing after hardly any jumps. This loop, he said, “showed a little wear, but nothing major. That wear looks to me more like an indication of use, most likely from packing or handling the rig. No biggie.” Infinity states on their website, “There are many requirements when shopping for gear but the two that should never be compromised are safety and quality.” Seriously?? This from a company whose rigger will let a riser out of his factory worn and frayed as if it was 100% ok to jump?! My old Vector risers show less wear after 1000+ jumps than these Infinity risers do after 150!! It is a shame because, although the rig fits well and looks good, the lack of care and concern that went into this hardware flaw that could’ve killed me is most likely going to make me sell these rigs and go with a company that actually puts pride in making sure that there product safety and customer service is #1 and doesn’t just pay lip service to them.