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  1. Been fighting the weather and my work schedule. Jump 3 I actually nailed a good arch. Was pumped the whole day! Jump 4 I reverted to "Dead Walrus" mode. Still I was more in tune and aware of the moment to moment flow of the jump. Getting lots of encouragement from the instructors and members at Maytown Sport Parachute Club.
  2. New to skydiving, but old guy here. Worked multiple fields. I truly think it is better to struggle at the beginning, especially with difficult and dangerous things. I've seen people in other occupations/pursuits who seemed to lead a charmed progression. Until they hit a real problem. Then, although they are undeniably technically proficient and possess the physical skills, they freeze in the moment because they never 'struggled' with it before. They have the knowledge by rote, but never had to rapidly think their way out of a box. Also, bilbliwho makes an outstanding point. You only have a 2 minute window to learn. Sort of like never even hearing of chess, then learning by playing the best speed hustler in Central Park at 200 bucks a game. jmho ymmv
  3. Papa Gold, I only have 3 IAD jumps, totally appreciate what you are going through. Especially the internal dialogue. "We're doing this again? What's wrong with learning to crochet as a hobby?" Now I'm finding I'm nervous in the airplane until the door opens. Then I'm good. Maybe I don't like airplanes? ;-) Your instructors are well trained. Listen to the training. Focus on them. You'll be fine.
  4. Jumped again IAD at Maytown 7/27/19. Still the dead walrus but instructor said my exit was improved. And my landing was better. My biggest issues right now is between the heat and the jumpsuit, I'm ready to heatstroke by the time I jump and my glasses and goggles are so full of sweat I'm virtually blind. Still having a blast tho!
  5. Hello, My name is neal. My last jumps were at New Hanover ~1986ish...Always missed it, but you know, time, money, responsibilities.... Jumped again IAD at Maytown on 7/7/19.. My "Arch, Arch, Arch" was "Arse, Arse, Arse". Exited like a dead walrus kicked out of a hunter's airplane on account of the smell. My PLF looked like the same dead walrus landing. Absolutely Wonderful Day!!! Going again 7/27. Excellent people, excellent class/instructors. Everyone of all ages and experience very encouraging to newcomers and returnees.