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  1. no viddy @ that location according to youtube
  2. not enough? too many? hard to say. To those that listen to the SDR podcast, you may remember my voicemail to them in memory of Mark Vickers. Circa 1982 we had a "competition" at the local DZ in Canton Ohio to see who would "sleep" with the most students during one summer season (Memorial Day - Labor Day). Mark won. Ps, we had two females also competing. I think they finished #2 and #?.
  3. Mick, I was just looking at that photo last month. The "goofy smile" on Ed's face is heartwarming. I still remember fun times @ Perris 81 / 82. Specially when Ed docked me, wrapped his legs around me, licked my goggles so I couldn't see, but he was the one that ended up kicking out so we could save ourselves. We probably had ~ 60 total jumps combined at that point. BSBD.
  4. you should have spent more time initiating the plummeting association :-)
  5. kleggo


    interesting, thanks BVN
  6. well any large boogie (you just missed PAI which would have been ideal) should have vendors with wares. US Nationals? Eloy has a firebird center that may be of interest? Go to Z hills / Deland? Perris used to have a GREAT gear store, now = blech
  7. I plan on attending. I can't help but think that Jeremy and Al were running towards something that likely later showed up in an incident report.
  8. Distance from pupil to pupil. Importance specification when having glasses made. I have "beady eyes" with an IPD of 57..................
  9. is there a way to put users on an "ignore" list?
  10. interesting article in Sundays NYT (from an avid hunter) who postulates that some / many AR15 owners do so for "lifestyle" reasons and might take the place of other hobbies like darkroom photography or wrenching on cars. I fired m16's a few times in USMC decades ago. I don't need to relive that lifestyle.
  11. what about this item? Project Obsidian https://www.aon2.co.uk/products/project-obsidian/
  12. Somewhat surprised there doesn't seem to be any discussion about this newish product by AON2 https://www.aon2.co.uk/products/project-obsidian/ Current design won't work for me since I have tiny IPD, but some might find it interesting (wingsuit flight) Did you see them at the most recent PAI convention. I listened to their principal discuss the product on a recent RSUK podcast
  13. I'll bet that you've never been in terminal freefall below 1500 feet. Trust me, there are visual differences. Magical? That's up to the observer.
  14. I recently received exceptional customer service from Sunpath Products Inc. Their responsiveness, service and support far exceeded my expectations. It started over a year ago when I was shopping for a new “rig” to be used for WS (95%) and belly (5%) Even though I wasn’t really a fan of the Aurora’s aesthetics, I decided that Function was more important the Form so called them directly to order (one challenge in being in the sport for 40+ years, is that my favorite gear vendors have either sold out, retired, or otherwise timed out). We discussed my needs, they looked up my current Javelin’s dimensions and they said, nope, won’t make you an Aurora, we don’t make them in your yoke size and you won’t be happy with fitment. That was disappointing, but also spoke volumes of Sunpath’s business ethics. We agreed on a new Javelin with some WS specific features would be appropriate. Fast forward 20+ weeks and the rig was delivered. I’m a picky ass mechanical engineer and I wasn’t really happy with the way the side flaps , main flap and closing tab were cut and sewn. Not a functional issue, but to my eye an aesthetic one. My rigger agreed so it wasn’t just me. I took some photo’s, wrote and email and sent it to Sunpath. I got a call the NEXT MORNING from Robbie R and his colleague in their repairs dept. We discussed and agreed design wasn’t ideal and they asked me to return the entire packed rig so they could size container flaps appropriately. A few weeks later they delivered upgraded product that looks great and I’m anxious to go out and fly. Robbie and Sunpath’s service was exceptional and I will continue to buy my harness / container systems from them and would advise others to do so without reservation.