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  1. Interesting post. Thanks for taking the time to voice your thoughts
  2. But you were an extremely proficient flyer then, so i'm sure you made a good decision.
  3. stoopid? no scary? yes I led the trail plane jumpers to close on a 16 way CReW diamond to complete a 25 way diamond. at night lotta pressure to find the base not a lot of fun chose to not do that again. craig
  4. Questions 1 and 3 can be answered by Squirrel and or your container manufacturer. They know more than most of us here typing on the internet. Squirrel in particular is willing to provide info. #1 - Squirrel will tell you the cubic inch volume and your rig manufacturer can provide info. #2 - Probably yes with your experience level. #3 - Squirrel Danger zone here - your comment "get something faster later.".
  5. thanks Ray https://www.dropzone.com/forums/topic/273347-my-second-first-jump-story/
  6. isopropanol works. common problem with Ferrari switches on the cars from late 90s to about 2012...............
  7. Looks like I joined 27 Aug 2002, or maybe that was the new forum cross over date?? I'm still current, (barely), but impending retirement will increase jump freq. Craig Fenstermaker
  8. Great minds think alike. I just posted this on Friday. https://www.dropzone.com/forums/topic/278535-skydive-ralphs-ralph-hatley-eagle-creek-or/?tab=comments#comment-4980203
  9. excellent info regarding tension knots read it https://docs.google.com/document/d/13FS-69F2ExGxwBw_nes_M1B5A9ENia8k-RQxgknw32U/edit think form your own conclusions. I'm going to have some 6 grommet sliders made.
  10. Long gone? or Still around? I had an awesome 2nd first jump experience there many years ago.
  11. Matt, let me tell you about the time I saw an AFF 1st timer reach across to the right side with her left arm................................. errrr try to reach.
  12. perhaps to keep peoples feet out of the ports = torn ribs? but I only have about 6000 jumps on lightnings so.............................?
  13. "What are the basic requirements for skydiving? Answer Time / Money / Interest
  14. I would love to see the entire collection (I may see mee!!) but look forward to what you post. Thank you Craig
  15. pinball can certainly be fun. i prefer the electro-mechanical models from the 70's. check out this image of one that I own / play
  16. the house from the original movie has been refurbished and is sitting in the courtyard of a "resort" hotel. I think they sell ice cream and cookies out of it. Yes, the movie is very good, I've seen it twice. "And the actors are actually flying the planes!" mmmmm cough cough, the actors are flying IN the planes (back seat), though the lead actor may have some actual flying scenes.
  17. Kudos to the original poster for mentioning chrysler HEMI. I made ~ 800 CReW jumps on Django / Fury 220, some with the OP. I used it for CReW / BASE / FF. It was worn out when retired. = Very Safe Then another 600 on ZP Triathlon 150 = Very Safe Modern experimentation leads me to believe Epicene Pro 150 is bestest / safest thus far. I weigh 142 lbs naked, bet you really wanted to hear that. Re viking superlight, I inherited one in a complete rig years ago. I could not give it away for cost of shipping
  18. wow. out of touch, you are says Yoda.
  19. doing some research for possible trip next year. google returns hits on vendors that obviously cater the the $$$ tandem market. Who do you recommend that I contact as an experienced jumper? I suspect many of those listed below may be the same / similar company, but unsure. Thank you https://mysticadventureholidays.com/everest-skydiving https://www.abenakiextreme.com/you-can-skydive-mt-everest-for-25000/ https://www.everestskydive.com/ Craig
  20. Here is the preliminary NTSB report for the February incident. I encourage you to read it and continue educating yourself. Craig Oside crash Feb 2022 prelim report.pdf
  21. I'm wondering the same. Dave doesn't reply to comm's right now, so must be busy with other things. Hoping all is good with family.
  22. Yo Matt. try this https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lunatic-fringe-tribute-to-moe-viletto/id1450627318?i=1000557870661