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  1. I think there is one currently at the Camarillo CA airport for repairs. It had an issue near Bridgeport (???) on the 395 and landed on the HWY. They took up a truck n trailer, took the wings off and are prepping for repairs. It did NOT crash
  2. not going to read this entire thread. Will just say that I was a "dedicated" NPR listener / member for many years. Not so much any more. It's not so much their politics and mine have diverged, it's more what I call the all black, all gay, all day programming (yes, that's hyperbole, but makes my point). It's rare for me to hear an interesting piece on NPR anymore that isn't pure breaking news. i'm a 65 year old trump despising WASP and I obviously am not their target audience. so be it, I've found many interesting podcasts. Craig
  3. listen and discover for yourself?
  4. I certainly did. From Carl's Masters of the Sky? Music and fil gives me spine chills to this day.
  5. Hi Matt and others following this thread. The closest I got to Visions / Coors was occasionally sharing the DC3 with them. (and buying a Dactyl from Ken Crabtree, nice step up from my Hank Ascuitto (sp?) round) They were professional, efficient, friendly. Al was certainly the "face" of the team to my knowledge, but I don't know who the leader was, when.
  6. It did not work out so well for the locals once they experienced nightfall for the first time
  7. emergency handles? Best practice IMO = Loop for cutaway, D ring for reserve - belly fly and WS, though I do use a soft cutaway handle for CReW
  8. primary changes since 2000? Automatic activation devices are mostly mandated and are socially acceptable (i have one). Canopy flight mode training has stopped many people (not all) from killing themselves
  9. useless since paywall. but thanks anyway
  10. check this out, specially if you're around Skydive Byron. https://pivotal.aero/
  11. LOL so obtuse. I never mentioned bias. It's all part of the learning process. One either puts their time into learning so that they can make intelligent decisions, or they follow the masses and take their chances.
  12. Ask your rigger to describe their thoughts on +/- of various systems. If you don't have a "relationship" with a rigger, I advise you to initiate one. It will pay dividends over your time in the sport.
  13. I do know it means 2 valve / cylinder heads, but don't know all the details of the "euro spec) engine. Enjoy your shark
  14. i'm an older hotrodder and "do not scoff at the idea that software could make a car faster." The performance improvements kinda fall onto two sides of the razor 1) Hardware only for those cars that were carbueurated and had no control SW. 2) SW tunes for all else (and to take advantage of HW improvements) I do know how to utilize SW tunes to improve performance. I pay a SME to write a new file that I apply !
  15. I'd like to know more about this as I was recently wondering how well all the Teslas lived in Norway, a county known for serious weather AND a boatload of ecars
  16. hmmmmmmm interesting thread??? I'm > 60 and gasoline ICE cars have been a big part of my life 17 MOPARS ranging from 340s to 426 HEMIs More recently Audi V10 R8 Ferrar1 360 Modena 9 Porsches of various flavors including track only cars I have nothing against EVs and see that for many they are a good choice. If I had solar at my house, I'd buy a Bolt or Volt or similar, but electricity = too expensive in So Cal. I'll own them eventually, but for now I just ordered an Audi A4 Avant and am shopping for a used RS6 Avant. Onwards into the future? Craig
  17. raw dawgs crew https://www.rawdogscrw.com/
  18. i'd be willing to buy a ticket and ride a bicycle off it!
  19. "damn that evil wind "Wind ripped Nicole Cadiz’s harness off during free fall, The Bee reported at the time.".
  20. thanks. hadn't seen this for a LONG time
  21. No, I was referencing the wooden ladder shown in the photo. We always used the procedure you describe. Be safeish
  22. Agreed, this was the base of the original KFI mast. I can just imaging how much EMF is crackling. (so mind boggling one day ~ 20 years ago when I drove by and it WAS GONE!!!!, knocked over by a small plane impact) https://www.oldradio.com/archives/warstories/640.htm I hope that wooden ladder was truly a non-conductor.