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  1. I have seen this behavior time and time again. It is rude to treat customers this way. One of the main reasons I got my AFF was because of the way current instructors were behaving toward female students. It is a shame that professionals act like kindergarteners! I personally don't invite certain friends to the dz. Some of my friends would not appreciate the language, dress or other behaviors of some skydivers. We want to be respected by law enforcement personnel, politicians, FAA, etc.. but we don't command respect in our behavior!
  2. Great Job Jen! Informative, yet not overwhelming. It works as an introduction and a review tool. My son will soon be 15 and he is interested in learning. I never pushed him about the sport and have let him develop his own interest. I let him review your FJC and I was amazed at the relevant and educated questions that he asked. Sometimes the best tool is the one that promotes questions that lead to a greater understanding. I am teaching a FJC tomorrow and will refer students to view your course after they leave and before they jump again. So much nicer than a book to read! Jenn
  3. Good Bye Gary, thanks for all the emails, laughs and caring heart. You will be missed dearly.
  4. Glen was a wonderful and funny guy that I will miss tremendously. He always brightened my day, no matter how bad the joke was! He was very supportive of JumpForTheCause and my participation in JFTC. His open offer "to help anyway he could" was just a prime example of who he was behind the jokes. Nick and I will miss you very much. Tell Pawpaw "HI" for us. Miss u Jenn
  5. Great News! No Cast; I have a lovey new black boot. Should be released in 3 weeks. No tendon or ligament damage. Off work this week to elevate. I am very lucky and very thankful.
  6. Hi Tash! Of course I remember my docking buddy from JFTC! Thanks for your well wishes. I finally arrived home with the camper and went to the doc. Looks like I broke my fibula just above the ankle. It is a clean break. It was too late to set it today and since I have already waited so long, I am going tomorrow to have it set and casted. I am glad I was able to keep jumping without injuring it further. Thanks to a fantastic staff at Tsr and most importantly to Barb for keeping my foot taped. Also to my son for picking up my scooter at the plane and to all those wonderful people in the trucks and four wheelers that drove out to get me so I didn't have to walk. This was one of the best events ever, the nicest people, jumpers and non-jumpers; what could have been a ruined vacation turned out to be one of the best times ever!
  7. There is another scam out there from " Cherry D"; I had suspicions on the first contact, but a reputable dealer told me to sell the rig so I sent my information. Then I got one from the guy in this forum and sent [email protected] a copy of the Cherry email and received no response from dz com, but another email from Cherry D. Yesterday I received 5 us postal money orders that are going to the feds today. Attached is a copy of the email that she/he sent me Hello Pink , Thanks for the mail , the price is okay by me and i am ready to purchase from you immediately, and i want you to delete the ad from the website, i have a reputable shipper that will take care of shipping from your end......As you know i am presently in the Southern Africa and as regard payment this is what i am going to do, i have a client in the US that is owing me the sum of $3,200 , i will instruct him to issue you a certified cashier's cheque/Money Order on my behalf to you and as soon as it arrives, you hold out your amount and send the difference to me via Western Union because part of it will be used for the pick up and shipment in your place, i hope i can trust you with my balance and also you will be contacting my shipper with all neccesary information needed for pick up the item in your place i.e the actual weight and exact dimension of item . if this terms are okay by you, do get back to me with the following details which payment will be made out to you like this Home Address... Full Name on cheque... State... Zipcode... Country... Telephone Number... Mobilephone number... Fax Number... Do get back to me asap with this details so, we can complete this in a timely fashion . Waiting to hear from you. Cherry. I eventually replied that I had another offer and for her to do business elsewhere that is when I got the following email and just a few days later, the money orders: Hello Jennifer , sorry for gettin to you lately,i just confirmed that payment would be delievered to you Monday Morning by UPS and here is the tracking number '' 1z3698rw2210013627 '',pls,it is all line with my present predicament, but very importantly i will appreciate if you could CASH THE MONEY FOR ME as soon as you recieve it on Monday in your BANK as i have an urgent matter arising. I just lost my sister in far away hong kong yesterday due to fibroid,leaving behind two kids,husband died couples of years back in ONTARIO and i really have to fly down to pick the kids asap .right now i'm really in a state of shock i am really disturbed now Pls i would appreciate it if you could help me get my MONEY ''Balance'' first thing on Monday as soon as you cash the check. So i will want you to go and cash the check on Monday as soon as you get it,when you do that ,i would like for you to go to any Western Union Money Transfer point nearest to you and send me the MONEY ,after you must have deducted the cost of the RIG . I want you to send the money with this instructions after you have cashed the check. you will have to send my Balance to me so i can travel down to hong kong asap make first Western Union transaction payable to my traveling agency AT RECEIVERS NAME; JOHN COKER ADDRESS; 67 TERRY MOORE RD , EASTHAM UK TEST QUESTION: WHO ARE YOU ANSWER; JOHN AMOUNT : $2000 And the remaining balance to my shipping company at.................... RECEIVERS NAME; DORRIS JASON ADDRESS; 90 NEW TOWN ROW, BIRMINGHAM UK . TEST ; WHO ARE YOU ANSWER ; SHIPPING BROKER After you must have sent the money i would require for you to send me the following information that you must have gathered at WESTERN UNION ,they are NAME AND ADDRESS OF SENDER THE MTCN# TO BE PROVIDED TO YOU ON THE RECEIPT AFTER TRANSFER. AND AMOUNT SENT IN $ TO THE SHIPPING BROKER I was made to understand that you are to pay some charges at WESTERN UNION ,pls you can deduct the fees from my balance. deduct all cost of wiring at the WESTERN UNION from the fund. Please if there is anyother information that you require,pls do not hesitate to let me know.I would be hoping that you get this mail on time today so that you would probably help me as soon as possible on Monday. Regards, Cherry. I have to say that I am very happy to have been notified about Derossi, it is what led me to suspect Cherry D. I already had suspicions, but didn't know how to report/handle them. Although this is not an official Sangiro scam alert, take it from me: Cherry D is not going to be happy! jenn
  8. We can all continue to express opinions on what may or may not have happened, but one thing is sure: Airtec stood behind their product 150%. The most impressive occurence was when replacement cypress units showed up the next day and were installed overnight for jumping to continue. A product is only as good as the company willing to stand behind it. I will replace my Cypress I this fall with the newest Cypress technology available based on the company's committment to customer satisfaction and for addressing the situation (rare or not) immediately. blue skies and congratulations to all Super Sector 6 member
  9. After years in the sports and hundreds of AFFs I had my first "no can get" in August, on a level one. Initially the rjm released right after exit, it was that bad...after tumbling, I got the student stable, but on his back as I reached across his chest to flip him, he tucked his knees and went into the fetal position. Not only did we go around, but with only one grip I finally slung off. I was stunned and proceeded after him. The other jm got him, but not stable; as I dove to assist, feet away, the videographer flew in front of me and I had to stop immediately to prevent a collision. As I dove again the student and jm began flipping and ended up in a sit with the student in the lap of the rjm held by a wrestling grip. As my dytter went off I realized I couldn't catch them and watched hopelessly as neither pulled and went lower and lower. Finally I pulled high and immediately started to look for them. As it turned out the rjm let go at 2,000' and pulled; the student saw him and pulled and at the same time the aad fired. The student landed with 2 canopies out, safely. I beat myself up for a long time as to why I couldn't catch them. Sit flying is fast to start with and with 2 of them the speed was too much. The camera man was just doing his job. Lots of things happening here. 2 weeks ago I found myself in the same position, but this time he didn't get away! At the end of the day we found out that three of our affs were making repeated trips to the truck and we know they were drinking after the jumps; we had suspected before. Three affi's tried to figure if they were, but couldn't prove it, that's why we jumped them. One of them could have killed me as he barrel rolled into his pull. I was rjm and trying to ride out the pull after a horrible, horrible dive. I popped off and got out of the way as his lines came toward my face and avoided a potentially hazardous situation. Although an affi should not repeatedly lose students, we do not all know what these students are bringing to the table. They lie, drink and plan stunts and sometimes we are at their mercy. Should we be removed simply because we didn't catch them, no, all factors must be considered and each situation is unique and should be assessed separately. Thanks for letting me air this out!
  10. Also ok: Jennifer Jones, Jean Underwood