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  1. Elisha

    Douchy dilemma...

    I took Vskydiver to her HS reunion a few years back. Not 10 feet from the rental car before I met the first of many guys who had a "thing" for her. She even had a former stalker come up and confess to following her through all of her classes.. . She pretended to remember him. Wow that's funny.
  2. Elisha

    Douchy dilemma...

    +1!!! I'm thinking the guy is probably excited that Nat is giving him a second chance. +1
  3. Elisha


    I like animals...just generally don't have a schedule and residence that is good for having pets. I have a 20lb orange tabby named Falafel. He's very friendly and low maintenance.
  4. Stop being selfish. I think we ALL want that. The question is whether she will actually heed that or continue to futilely pursue her "quest" and annoy everyone further. Unfortunately, I suspect the latter.
  5. Elisha

    Thank you!!!

    Wow! Really beautiful wedding pics!
  6. Elisha

    New type of powered paraglider?

    gotcha, thanks.
  7. Elisha

    New type of powered paraglider?

    A whuffo friend just posted this to FB. How is this actually different from current powered paragliders other than several small fans and not one big one. Not that I really know much about powered paragliding though. https://www.facebook.com/Kickstarter/videos/10154628225129885/
  8. Elisha

    chocolate farts?

    Reason this is in General Skydiving and not the Bonfire?
  9. Perris/Eloy probably...but you list Spokane as your location. Maybe Kapowsin or nearby. I don't know Washington well.
  10. Elisha

    Sky Surfing

    While you say you don't need "beginner detail", it sure would help your credibility here if you filled out your profile more. Just a friendly reminder.
  11. Elisha

    Odd siding in Santa Rosa train station

    Actually, no...I meant what I wrote about two trains passing each other, but obviously from billvon's picture, this is impossible with those specific type of tracks. I think most of the trains passing each other tracks (which I posted from the SMART website) are in longer stretches between stations.
  12. Elisha

    Odd siding in Santa Rosa train station

    Oh, and would that be the Santa Rosa North station by Guerneville Rd? That's by the Coddingtown Mall with the Whole Foods with the awesome beer bar.
  13. Elisha

    Odd siding in Santa Rosa train station

    billvon, I thought you were referring to the following (from their brochure), but I guess not. Speed ▪ Top speed of 79 mph; average speed (including stops) of 40 mph ▪ Strategically placed double track allow trains to operate and pass in both directions at standard speeds Btw, I'm a 5 min walk around the corner from the Rohnert Park station. What were you doing up in Santa Rosa?