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  1. Perris/Eloy probably...but you list Spokane as your location. Maybe Kapowsin or nearby. I don't know Washington well.
  2. Elisha

    Sky Surfing

    While you say you don't need "beginner detail", it sure would help your credibility here if you filled out your profile more. Just a friendly reminder.
  3. Elisha

    California@Oct-Nov: Where's best weather?

    1) and 2) are both good. I go to 2) the most.
  4. Elisha

    RIP Ashby Hart

    Memory Eternal. I did several jumps at Skydive SF in Cloverdale when Ashby was there. I hadn't seen him in a couple of years (just didn't jump where he was), but had been wondering where/what he was up to. He was one of the few (maybe only?) people I knew that jumped a Vengeance.
  5. Looks nice. The "mini-grips" are a different twist though for a freefly suit.
  6. Elisha

    That crazy russian!

    That would be nasdarovya
  7. Elisha

    Steve Stuntz

    Thanks for making a mention for one of those that most of never knew (me included). It is nice to know that EVERYONE who has touched the sport is remembered.
  8. Elisha


    I've been there a few times this year - I usually jump in Byron but visit Cloverdale occasionally. They now have a turbo 206, which holds 6 and you usually get 13K since it climbs faster. I might stop by Sat or Sun.
  9. Elisha

    Who enforces BSRs?

    What are BSRs? kidding (but you said you're an asshole now, so this should be trivial by comparison)
  10. Elisha

    Skydive San Diego Cinco de Mayo Boogie

    I hate all you people who will be there since I can't.
  11. Elisha

    stock canopy

    As in...the dealer is paying YOU for it? Sure! If you are the buyer, then heck no!
  12. Elisha

    Lodi March 27 to 31

    Yes...or so I've heard. I'm sure something turbine-ish will be running most of those days if not every day that week.
  13. Addicted after 1 jump? Finish AFF and then you can say you're addicted. I'll let others answer the manifest job question. I would just say "it depends".
  14. Elisha

    Coming back after 6 months off

    Do a coach jump with an instructor. If you are uncomfortable, then talk to the instructor about it if you want something more remedial. Most importantly, TALK TO THE INSTRUCTOR.
  15. Elisha

    I had a malfunction and...

    I think I've had line twists a few times....maybe even 4 or 5 once, but I cleared them pretty easily. I think my WL was around 0.9 at the time. Oh, and my brain has malfunctioned a few times causing me to make some poor decisions.