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  1. I remember when I signed on more than once every couple years. Hi all you wonderful people.
  2. Scott, Just signed in today in who knows how long. so can't answer your question, but I will say way to many posts in bonfire since I last posted..... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  3. It is not that there is a wingnut, it is that I am THE WINGNUT....... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  4. wingnut

    RIP Rev Jim

    Gone for a while from here and come back to find out about this.... makes me sad to loose touch with people... Blue skies Rev....... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  5. wingnut

    Deuce Matters

    Just got a real office and the only pictures I have in there duece took in eloy back in 2004. He could tell one hell of a story, one about a man with no feet sticks out in my mind....... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  6. Ummmmm I think you are wrong dave.. been about 13 years now.... damn that makes me feel old....... Oh and hi everyone.... I miss you all.. even the new ones... got me a respectable post college job, maybe ill show back up more now..... I don't get it. @Noob who's noob?? or am I noob?? That joke started about 10 years ago on You've been registered for less than 10-weeks. Yup, you're the noob. ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  7. last i saw of the plane it was not. had been striped off for structural repair. this was 2004. ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  8. little late dude... original post was way old like over 8 years old.... met and jumped with sangiro many times since then...... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  9. as a bus driver (40 ft. city bus type) i can say, there is enough going on to not be texting while driving..... hell just keeping the bus between the lines (only got a little room on each side) is hard enough.. and that "bus" hell... that was a large van in my opinion..... now when it's 13k gross empty weight we'll and then pack on a full standing load of around 70 people.. now that's a bus (with 70 people only hit speeds of 35 mph for me) woo hoo i still remember how to do links.... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  10. still alive, married and i passed calculus..... got married in celebration (okay so the wedding was planned beforei found out if i passed, but it works..) gona get current with the help of my trusty friend/goomsman/ coach/ tandem instructor eric.... think i'm gona finally work on my pro rating this summer..... if traveling south on I-71 (ohio) around mile marker 143 look to your right and down, you might see me out working in the yard.... (the freeway noise isnt bad actually)... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  11. happy birthday "mom" ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  12. its all good... over the last 8 years it's been fun...... lots of new friends.... still new ones to make.... life has just got in the way.. and bigger isn't always better, but so is the way of progress....... if in ohio look me up.. or pasing on I-71 south i'm about 100 ft. off the interstate about mile marker 144... almost ran up one day as phreezone and daizey were passing by.. lol.. and i'll take care... i'm in the af.. we're pretty safe..... still stuck in qatar... the 3 beer limit needs to go up about 3 or 4!!! to bad no beer in iraq.... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  13. got off active in 2005, went to the reserves, now in the ohio air national guard. either way the uniform still says u.s. Air Force.... it's fun.. and the break from college now is nice... eventhough i do need to study my calc for next quarter... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  14. trip f, dude, went squirel hunting last week for the first time, got two of thos little suckers. they are pretty fast so i'm pretty sure i could get a slow human, even with the bolt action 20 ga. i have... lol. sorry you got robbed, glad to hear you are out of the hospital though! ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"
  15. howdy folks, just droped in to say hi.... so i relized i've been gona a while.. 1844564 new posts since i signed in last.. aint that crazy.. well life goes on and school and a new fiance get in the way.. but i got some time now... waiting on a flight into iraq right now and relaxing in the sandy resort country of quatar now..... so who knows when i'lkl get back on but with nothing to do i might posthwore a bit tommorow and then disapear for another 6 months. who knows...... see ya guys on the flip side.... ______________________________________ "i have no reader's digest version"