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  1. VTmotoMike08


    I had one in my Mirage for several years. Got a deal on it when my cypress expired. It was annoying to change the batteries so much and the display died once and I picked up a new one a rigger who had it laying around. I think chuting star still does the maintenance on them. Anyway I would have kept jumping it but I got a new rig and just got a vigil as part of the package, it was good to have something more reliable but I was tight on cash when I got the Argus and it worked well enough for a while.
  2. VTmotoMike08

    Windtunnel at DZ Krutitcy Russia

    Is the tunnel fast enough for an average sized guy to learn freefly in? Is it a recirculating tunnel?
  3. VTmotoMike08

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    It is somewhat rare, but if we are doing anecdotes now, then I can think of at least six people I know who have lost a canopy in a chop (myself included). Canopies are pretty expensive these days, even if it only gives a little better odds of getting it back, a cheap GPS based tracker could really be useful. And they are pretty cheap.
  4. VTmotoMike08

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    Following. I picked up a tile tracker in a target a couple weeks ago, haven't had the motivation to start playing with it yet. Small pocket sewn into your main deployment bag would probably be the way to go. https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/
  5. All that would do would be to tell you the most popular type of helmet and googles.
  6. VTmotoMike08

    Wings Reserve PC in tow

  7. VTmotoMike08

    Vixen canopy from Parachute Systems

    I heard they are only selling it to cute girls. Gotta send in a pic with the order form.
  8. VTmotoMike08

    Liability insurance

    Not that I know of, and I wouldn't want it even if it was available. If they know you have insurance, they are more likely to sue since they know you (your insurance) have the ability to pay. I know several people who have turned in their rating or choose not to get it because of personal liability.
  9. VTmotoMike08

    Financial Viability

    Plan on about half your income for the rest of your life if you are considering getting serious about skydiving
  10. I'm pretty sure its 8000 at our DZ because we want our students to feel like they got their money's worth. Might be 8500, I forget.
  11. VTmotoMike08

    Careers within Skydiving

    Of all the industries you could work in with that degree, skydiving probably would pay the worst. Of course, pay is not the only consideration. Consider getting a senior rigger's ticket too, it can only help your chances. Good luck in the search.
  12. VTmotoMike08

    Tunnel Wages

    Should be an interesting thread. My guess is about as much as a decent waiter/ waitress. Keep in mind that there's a line out the door of people who would do it for less, as every unemployed skydiver would love to do it for a couple months. I also heard, second hand, that you don't get hired just for being a badass flyer. They hire someone who they think will be good at teaching and interacting, then teach them how to fly. Much easier to take a "people person" and teach them to fly than to try to teach a skygod to be a people person. Then they have a contract that requires them to work at the tunnel that just invested a ton of money in their training for X amount of time. Or the guy telling me that could have lied.
  13. VTmotoMike08

    Which Wings

    I love my tony suit C-wing jacket. Just be aware that you will have to find what works best for you personally in regard to clipping in the wings. I had a ring sewn onto the matching freefly pants that I clip mine into. Many others sew a ring into their harness. IMO, get the RSL clip because it is much easier to use than the cheap fastex clip and worth the $30.
  14. VTmotoMike08

    Factory Diver Fogging

    Never used the anti fog spray stuff but here's what works for me. Your results may vary and sometimes weather and outside humidity can do strange things. -Most importantly, breathe only thru the mouth hole (no nose breaths) -Take it completely off your head in the plane (after takeoff), don't rest it on top of your head. This lets it get some cold air flow over the inside of the visor and it won't get as much "temperature shock" when you leave. -Don't put it on early for the same reason as above. 30 seconds before exit should be fine. -There is some play in the visor when you install it, so leaving a small gap at the bottom helps. Sometimes you do everything right, and the damn thing still fogs over. Then you gotta unsnap it and put on top of your head under canopy. I've done this about 4 times in almost 500 jumps with my factory diver and its never fallen off. You could get a helmet with a visor, but that's another post. My personal feelings are that visors are more trouble than they are worth and they are just another failure point.
  15. VTmotoMike08

    Another 1 day sale

    Got it