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  1. If you buy an airline ticket from priceline, there is a box you can check to purchase accident insurance during your trip. It does not mention any aviation related exclusions and is generally reasonable priced. I have bought it a couple times, but I can't seem to remember what company it is thru.
  2. VTmotoMike08

    Full-face helmets

    I understood quite clearly what you said, perhaps negligible does not mean what you think it does. negligible: so small or unimportant as to be not worth considering; insignificant. If I was going to take a low turn into the ground or smash into a guy who corked out of a sit, I'll take my G3 over nothing. Therefore, it is not "negligible" compared to an impact rated helmet. It provides less protection than an impact rated helmet for sure, but its better than nothing. This is not hard to understand.
  3. VTmotoMike08

    Full-face helmets

    That's what gets me- a non-impacted rated helmet is not "negligible". If you were going to get hit in the head with a baseball bat, would you put on your G3 first, or just say "No thanks, this non-impact rated helmet provides negligible protection". It clearly still protects you, just not to the same degree. It's not worthless or for good looks only when it clearly does provide some protection. By adequate, I mean that it protects against the issues that I have a better than not chance of encountering, such as feet to the face.
  4. VTmotoMike08

    Full-face helmets

    What exactly to do mean by warranty? I get that it is "impact rated" and that means a lot to some people but that is different than a warranty. Personally, I don't get too excited about the impact rating. All that means is that it passed a particular test. Lack of impact rating doesn't mean that other helmets are useless, it just means that it simply wasn't tested to the same standard. I've found my G3 to be quite adequate without any type of impact rating.
  5. VTmotoMike08

    Full-face helmets

    How do you know it is premium? The G4 isn't even out yet, so no one has tried it on unless you are a sponsored athlete or test jumper. Cookie must have some incredible marketing in place for the entire skydiving community to be stoked on this helmet months before it even comes out, but maybe we should wait until we actually get our hands on it before determining that it is the best helmet ever. Don't get me wrong, I like my G3, and the pictures of the G4 look good, but that is all we have at this point- pictures and cool diagrams.
  6. VTmotoMike08

    RDS for CrossFire 3

    I am using a fluid wings RDS (slider only) on my Crossfire3 129 (loaded at 1.7) and it works great. No issues, and it still opens beautify. I just like being able to get the slider completely out of my way.
  7. VTmotoMike08


    I had one in my Mirage for several years. Got a deal on it when my cypress expired. It was annoying to change the batteries so much and the display died once and I picked up a new one a rigger who had it laying around. I think chuting star still does the maintenance on them. Anyway I would have kept jumping it but I got a new rig and just got a vigil as part of the package, it was good to have something more reliable but I was tight on cash when I got the Argus and it worked well enough for a while.
  8. VTmotoMike08

    Windtunnel at DZ Krutitcy Russia

    Is the tunnel fast enough for an average sized guy to learn freefly in? Is it a recirculating tunnel?
  9. VTmotoMike08

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    It is somewhat rare, but if we are doing anecdotes now, then I can think of at least six people I know who have lost a canopy in a chop (myself included). Canopies are pretty expensive these days, even if it only gives a little better odds of getting it back, a cheap GPS based tracker could really be useful. And they are pretty cheap.
  10. VTmotoMike08

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    Following. I picked up a tile tracker in a target a couple weeks ago, haven't had the motivation to start playing with it yet. Small pocket sewn into your main deployment bag would probably be the way to go. https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/
  11. All that would do would be to tell you the most popular type of helmet and googles.
  12. VTmotoMike08

    Wings Reserve PC in tow

  13. That sounds like a really great program that I wish more DZs had. Unfortunately, most are too cheap to throw an occasional free slot to experienced jumpers who would like to mentor others who actually want to improve.
  14. Probably a little bit of all of that. First, newer jumpers seem less interested in getting on more technical jumps and also more experienced jumpers seem less interested in bringing along a newer guy who might screw it up. I'm more confused as to why newer jumpers seem to be less interested in challenging skydives and more content to just flounder around in the sky. But I guess more of the "blame" lies with experienced jumpers who don't reach out to newbies. Everyone was new once and it can indeed be hard to reach out to someone much more experienced than you and ask to be on their jump that you might screw up. It just seems to be there are fewer intermediate and advanced skydivers reaching out to newbies and also fewer newbies that actually want to learn technical skills than there used to be. Classic chicken and egg problem, I'm not sure which came first.
  15. Right, its supposed to be fun, I just can't understand how that is fun after you have done it more than a handful of times. To me, it used to seem that most people enjoyed a hot, multi point 4-way or smooth big way with a couple points. Developing this level of skill was the goal for most jumpers and how they had fun. Now it seems like most people definition of fun has changed in the last couple of years and I'm trying to understand why. It seems what used to be considered an unsuccessful jump (just fly around trying to be near to some random guy and making goofy faces) is now almost what people try to do.