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  1. I work with gear sales on a daily basis. I think you're getting the best info from the people steering you to the Pilot. The low bulk options allow you ton have a larger canopy if you want and keep a smaller rig. If not the standard is fine. Good luck. Worrying about your landings has an effect of your freefall and the enjoyment of the sport. You need to be able to relax.
  2. Most RDS systems are for cross braced canopies, and I know NZA is still working on the design of an RDS for the CrossFire 3 but wondering if anyone is using aftermarket RDS with a CrossFire 3?? Thanks.
  3. Its best if RSL ends up on the right side. Years ago Vector did test on the loads risers endure during openings and the left riser takes about 75% or more of the load (if memory serves), due to the typical body position of left shoulder low during the pull. If a riser ever breaks, its likely to be the left one.
  4. Pulse and Pilot are the go to canopies for low bulk. I'm a dealer for both, and you are welcome to send any questions my way at [email protected] Hard to argue with a canopy you got to try and loved though.
  5. Lots of good advice here for you. If you are referring more to a rig versus accessories there are several things that will affect the decision of what to buy. Consider things like your age, how many jumps you expect to make annually, the speed of you progression, the ground elevation where you jump and your own level of aggressiveness. Your instructors can lead you in the right direction to deciding what models to choose but it will take a fair bit of time and research to find what you need in used gear. Its the best way to go if you can find what you need. The cost of rental gear can get pretty high though and sometimes you have to go with new or at least some new pieces. If you decide to go new check out StockVectorRigs.com.
  6. As a dealer I'm usually see a request for 6" extra length on chest strap but have seen one at 9". Let me know if you want to place an order.
  7. How a canopy packs up can be affected by your location quite a bit. In humid locations like Florida it will pack tighter and small while in the dessert air of AZ or CA it will pack larger. Any other 190 will be a better fit and remember that loose is dangerous. Anything from a 348 to a 351 will be better for the Pulse 190, but will require smaller reserves.
  8. Hi Jim, welcome back to the sport. Lots of good comments on this thread for you about the Sabre-2 and from what I can see all pretty accurate. I like the Sabre-2 for a lot of jumpers at your level, but I didn't see anyone recommend that you try to demo one and some other models to be sure before you spend a bunch of money. For a nominal fee (mostly used for shipping and inspection upon return), most manufacturers will send you a demo canopy to try for up to 2 weeks. Besides the Sabre-2, you might like a Safire 3, S-Fire or Pilot. They tend to have nicer openings but a little less power, speed and flare. I've been teaching canopy control for years and can assist you with that if you want.
  9. The advise on reply 1 and 2 is spot on, especially #2 talking about your toggle settings. I have conducted canopy pilot courses for over 10 years and have found that problem repeatedly. Look for a canopy course near you and sign up. You cannot enjoy or even focus completely on your freefall time if you are worried about your landing.
  10. Hello swreefer. I have to agree with almost everything you said, but you are not correct to include Carey Whitley in your criticism. Carey left the company long before any of the trouble started and he has been screwed by Doug and Yvonne more than anyone else but 1 investor. Carey left the company about 6 years ago and sold out to Doug and Yvonne. They stopped his monthly payments for his shares after about a year later and still owe him about 100K. The company was in great shape when he left and did not have any debt at the time. Carey has now been my partner for 4 years and I can honestly he is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met. He puts our customers above himself and our profits and has been the partner I always wanted. There is no doubt that Doug and Yvonne are as crooked as they come but to include Carey in that after he has already lost so much and done nothing wrong is completely unfair. This is not just my opinion, it is fact. The first judgement against Doug and Yvonne is for almost 900K and all their possessions in Sun Path;'s building have been awarded to a plaintiff that will remain unnamed until they decide to speak out for themselves, but the fact is that Carey is in NC right now being given anything he wants from these possessions as the plaintiff is well aware that Carey was not involved in the fraud and theft and that he got completely screwed over in the deal. This can all be verified if anyone really wants to check it out. UPT got ripped off on event tents that they ordered and never received, but they do business with Carey and I daily. We also do business with the investor that just won their lawsuit. A big chunk of that investment was meant to pay Carey off but Doug used for a lavish lifestyle, private schools and horses for his daughters.
  11. Hey Gang; The Canopy Piloting event is not being held with the rest of the 2006 Nationals in Eloy due to inadequate facities. By that, I only mean to infer that they do not have a pond that is up to IPC/USPA standards. Anyone who attended the 2004 World Cup (held in LW in early 2005), knows why the correct pond is an absolute must.... we would have had serious injuries to some of the world's best swoopers and at least one certain fatality. I was the meet director at the event and I am proud to be the meet director for these Nationals. Plesae note that there will be 2 seperate divisions at Nationals, although the IPC is now down to just one division. Minimum requirements have yet to be determined, but I understand that will happen by May 1st. This event could pave the way for future entire Nationals and possibly even World Meets to be held in public. A cash purse is nice, and I do agree that it is deserved but in the big picture, what we get by doing this is to improve all individual athletes ability to secure their own sponsorship regardless of their placing. I urge all competitors to use the value of a public national competition to find these sponsors, and for many of you there are hometown businesses that can help. A good start is a large local car dealership. They have $$$$ and they can use the support they give you in local advertising. Getting on the podium at Nationals has always been about bragging rights and getting a slot at the next world meet. Lyle Presse
  12. Attention competitors and all interested parties: The Go Fast CP Challenge starts 11 days from now. Mile Hi Skydiving's awesome new pond is nearing completion just in time for the BIG event. Although local swoopers have already been using the pond, this weekend final grading and water level adjustments will be made and the venue will start to take on a new look. Everything is coming together nicely, a bit behind schedule but in time for the BIG event. I've attached the event schedule here, which includes registration deadlines, and the qualifications needed for each competition event. More information is available at www.milehiskydiving.com/gofastchallenge The high altitude and crisp dry air are great conditions for extremely fast flight. IPC and USPA judges will be on site to officially dociument any new records. Don't miss this year's best event!!! Many thanks to Frank for funding the pond and much of the purse. Thanks also to Go Fast, Sun Path, PD and Relative Workshop for their support. See you there... Lyle Presse Organizer