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  1. Unfortunately, weekends are tied up the next few weeks I I can’t make it to the nearest DZ. I need a reserve packed in a new container before a trip Memorial Day weekend so I can jump it. Anyone near the NH/MA border I can grab and I&R from?
  2. jgilbs06


    Shy did you stop jumping the Argus?
  3. jgilbs06


    I’m very curious .... is anyone jumping Argus AAD in their rigs? I know after they shutdown some containers banned them some containers said they were okay with new cutters. Is anyone jumping them?
  4. Just wondering if there are any riggers near Haverhill, MA. My rig just went out of expiration and I need a repack. I just moved to the area and have not utilized any DZ riggers, and didn't want to make a drive to a dropzone not to jump today. If anyone is close by and want to do a repack and earn so $ PM me.
  5. Anyone know is CPI open to jump Christmas Eve. It's too late too call and I need to find out before I get to drunk.
  6. I'm in New England for the next week. Got some new gear and wanna jump I know Jumptown opens next Saturday. Is there any dropzones in the massaxhusetts/maine area that are open all yr round to jump?
  7. These canopies sound exactly like Sabre 1s. Has anyone had a bad experience with them minus brisk openings? I recently purshased a pro 135 in just curious because there were no minimal reviews on them.
  8. I have a simple question and I have not been able to find the exact Anwser yet. Flight concepts made a canopy called the pro series. Are these canopies f-111 or zP?
  9. Hello everyone! Just got a little pay bump from work and I'm in the market for a new container. I don't want to spend a ton of money my wife and I need every penny at the moment. However, I saw wings is currently offering 40% off stock wings containers. I'm currently flying a Sabre 150 with a little over 200 jumps so looking to downsize to a 135 in the very near future. Thinking of buying a wings w-8 stock rig looks like this will fit my 150 Sabre and 150 tempo.... Someone correct me if I'm wrong! Anyways anyone have ny input on the stock rigs ???? I'm flying a old dolphin at the moment so just about anything is an upgrade. Also anyone know if the best dealer to buy from is who around is going to give me the fairest price :)??? Thanks everyone
  10. Hi anyone know of an extra shields floating around for the bonehead boomerang helmet? I contacted bonehead but because it's been out of production for so long they have no spare visors.
  11. Awesome two hours to make some jumps is well worth the drive thank u!!
  12. Hi I'm visiting new England this week specifically around boston. Was wondering of any dropzones will be open Friday or Saturday? Seems like a lot of dropzones up this way are closed for the winter. Anyone know of any dropzones open black Friday or sarurday?
  13. I know all out the sim just didn't know bout the correct address that's all.
  14. Thanks everyone I had a feeling it was old...just didn't know if they had more than one address/building. Scanning ad emailing it now so they get it in the morning.